Thinking out Loud Thursday – Norouz



YAY! It’s Thursday and it’s the first day of SPRIIIIIING! Very excited for today’s Thinking out Loud. Thank You Amanda for hosting!

1. I jumped over fire on Tuesday for Charshambe Soori.

IMG_1523Charshambe Soori is during the night of the last Tuesday/ morning of the last Wednesday before Persian New Year (Norouz, also the beginning of Spring). It is an old Zoroastrian tradition. By jumping over fire, you purify yourself from all the terrible things of the past year and replace them with warmth, energy and light for the next year brought forth by the fire. While jumping you chant: “Sorkhi-ye to az man; Zardi-ye man az to (Give me your beautiful red colour; And take back my sickly pallor)” (source).


This is the first time I partook in this beautiful tradition.

2. Today is Persian New Year, Norouz. Happy 1393 everyone! 😀


For Norouz we set up a table called Haft Sin, seven S. The spread includes things that start with the letter “seen” of the Persian Alphabet. Some things always included are: Sib (apple) symbolizing beauty and health, Sabzeh (lentil sprouts) symbolizing rebirth, Samanu (sweet pudding) symbolizing affluence, Senjed (dried olive fruit) symbolizing love, Sir (garlic) symbolizing medicine, Somaq (sumac fruit) symbolizing the colour of sunrise, Serkeh (vinegar) symbolizing old age and patience.

We also add more things on to our table like a mirror, a book, painted eggs (symbolizing fertilization), an orange in water (symbolizing Earth in the Universe), old Persian coins and gold-fish.

We also cook a wonderful meal of Sabzi Polow (Rice with green herbs) and Mahi (fish). Dessert is always my favourite where we eat loads and loads of Persian treats 🙂 I’ll post a few pictures of tonight’s meal tomorrow!

This is my first Norouz without my parents… I’ll be celebrating tonight with my aunt and tomorrow with a wonderfully fun family friend! Nevertheless, their place will be empty (Persian Proverb)

3. I’ve got the cutest cousin

IMG_1518His name is Felix and he is turning 10 next week!

4. I’ve been in Munich for three weeks now! Time really flies! I’m hoping to stay longer if I can lengthen my internship! Fingers crossed 😀

5. IMG_1471I ordered myself a massive, double cappuccino on Saturday (hangover cure ;)) and it was so big that they served it in a bowl! I technically only wanted an extra shot of espresso and not two cappuccinos, but it was yummy! I couldn’t stop twitching until late into the night though! So perhaps never again?!

6. Now that I’ve been living in Munich, I only get to see my friends on the weekends, i.e barely any sleep and too much partying. I really need to detox again…

7. I have a new favourite nail polish.

IMG_1498It’s called Wonderland! Dior’s brushes are AMAZINGLY soft and the colours are great!

8. I’m unsuccessfully trying to follow the Whole30 Diet. I can’t get away from rice and chocolate, but I’ve been able to dump soy and milk products relatively well!


9. I’ve started jogging! (But haven’t gone to the gym or to dance class in forever) 😦

10. It’s so beautiful and sunny! I’m so happy spring has sprung! 😀

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo