Manicure Monday!

Did you guys survive Valentine’s Day?


I went out Friday night and noticed a lot of lonely souls drinking their sorrows away while scouting for single significant others. Really depressing guys, really depressing..


Now I’m a major fan of the day of luuurv and have always enjoyed celebrating it. I used to be that girl who drew pink and red hearts in everyone’s diaries, along with a scribble of “VALENTINE’S DAY” in thick, bold letters. I even brought little chocolate hearts along to school to spread the love and joy. Everyone knew me as the love-crazed one, the one who believes in fairytales and Prince Charming – I still do, even when I’m not technically in love…


The power of love is strong and I don’t believe in moping around because I’m single. Love can so easily be translated on to friendships and family, or even on to your pets or a passion for a hobby that you don’t need to focus in on a missing “better half”. It’s a hard adjustment, but remembering to concentrate on all the things and people that make you happy instead of things that might be missing on this commercial holiday really can make up for the lack of materialistic surprise presents of red roses or chocolate.. or Tiffany Blue Boxes.. that you could all technically buy yourself too if that would make you happy..


If you do however need a quick Valentine’s Day blues pick-me-up, but don’t want to spend your money on things you either consume immediately or that wilt away quickly – and makes less of a dent in your budget – I always find nail polish to be quite enchanting.

IMG_1378Especially if it is dubbed Tiffany Blue 😉

IMG_1372As you may have noticed from some of my past manicure posts, I am an absolute fan of OPI’s liquid sand. This was another one of their crowd-pleasers.

IMG_1371A beautiful baby blue. Sparkly, appealing and attention-attracting.. in other words it is PERFECT.

IMG_1377Officially wowed. Again 😉

IMG_1373Now that’s what I call an amazing Valentine’s Day Present 😀 From me, to me 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxox