Manicure (Monday) Sunday – I’m Back!

Helloooooooooooooo blog world. How have you been?? Sorry to have gone MIA these last 2 weeks without a proper goodbye (or maybe my rant was a sign of being burnt out?). I was on holiday (yaay) and my absolute favourite island seemed to have trouble with WIFI everywhere (not so yay) #truestory…

Honestly I was doing pretty well with no internet until my phone magically connected to the non-working WIFI in our house, received a few messages, but then proceeded to not load anymore, leaving me frustrated and longing for 3G. This pretty much happened throughout the island until our last night, where we were at a restaurant with working WIFI…. which meant I only put my phone away to eat my meal… talk about father-daughter bonding (he was on his phone too) “virtual dinner”?

But still, no internet does not forgive my absence from you wonderful people. And then I came back to a short workweek (I had Thursday and Friday off for a pretty spectacular reason 😉 ), and to Germany winning the World Cup (i.e. plenty of late nights) so had LOADS of work to catch up on before heading back home to ZH…I should’ve sent a smoke signal or something to let you know I hadn’t forgotten about you… but I’ll make it up to you by bringing some sunshine and showing you pictures from our stay on the island and of life lately.

But more about that later. Manicure Monday Sunday is long overdue, so my holiday recap can wait – for now


Deborah Lippmann 


I’ve only tested two of her nail polishes so far, and find them to be of great quality: Highly pigmented, long-lasting and shiny even without a top coat.


Overall more than satisfactory. If only the brush were a bit more like that of Dior’s, then it would be a done deal. But that stands for most nail polishes that aren’t made by that house of couture 😉 (Cause we all know ESSIE could use a different brush too…)




I also quite liked the colour “Break 4 Love”. I mean.. it matches my protein smoothie


And I would totally break 4 love.. plus I LUUUURV my boyfriend/car


So overall the nail polish suits me in many different ways possible. Win/Win 😉

Now to keep you guys reading (I have a waterfall of thoughts on life, photos and random quirkiness coming your way), here is a teaser on what is yet to come:








IMG_2273Wishing you a great Sunday 🙂 I’m off to my favourite BodyPump class (another thing I will be posting about ASAP)

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Spill it Sunday Fun

I generally don’t post on Sundays. Especially not since living in Munich… I never find inspiration during the 2 short days I get to spend in Zurich (if I come home) and also tend to be running around most of the time trying to get laundry done, get to my favourite dance classes and eat foods I miss when I’m not at home. I also try to soak up as much quality time with my friends and family as I can (read: turn night in to day) before leaving on the last train back to Munich.

So after reading Arman’s Spill it Sunday post while munching on my (paleo – it’s becoming a regular thing now) brunch, having finished most of my laundry and begun procrastinating the packing process, I thought it was high time I post on a Sunday. So here are 5 x 5 answers to this week’s fun questions 🙂


Five facts about….your family!

1. Like Arman I am also Iranian (but we prefer to say Persian… like the cat… meooow). I’m also 1/4 American and 1/4 Austrian, was born in London, grew up in Zurich, currently live in Munich and hope to live in Paris one day, New York again, and Seattle maybe too 🙂

2. For a very long time, I was the only girl among my cousins – a princess if you will (Insert Ecard that I am in love with and will not add again here). When I was 14 though I gave my “sole-princess” title up (happily) and got to share being a princess with the cutest little girl ever (who now also has a sister, so we are three girls all together now 🙂 ) All in all I have 4 cousins on my Mom’s side and 6 on my Dad’s

The oldest of all the cousins :)

The oldest of all the cousins 🙂


Candid shot of the girls

Candid shot of the girls

All the boys on my Dad's side

All the boys on my Dad’s side

3. Facebook is a thing in my family. My father comments, my Aunt likes his comment and my Grandmother comments on his comment… my friends think they are “cool” for exactly this reason. I not so much.. the dorky comments do make me laugh though and I appreciate that they take time out of their day to stay in touch with me somehow 🙂

4. I have family all over the world. Must be an awesome Persian thing 😉

5. I’m an only child but always wanted to have an older brother.. I was never able to accept that it isn’t biologically possible.

Five facts about…your childhood!

1. I started with Ballet at a very young age and never stopped! I also forced my friends to dance to my choreographies…(still do)

2. I had every child’s dream: My own pony! Her name was Pebbles and I loved her to bits.. she lived an amazingly long life thanks to my mother’s love and care. I stopped riding when I was about 15 in favour of more dance.

3. Growing up in London gave me a British accent. When I met up with my kindergarten friends for the first time after 10 years the first thing I was told was: Oh my god, you are American now! At least I didn’t have a Swiss accent…

4. I played soccer for a short time during primary school – I was goalie. We had tournaments at school and my dad would help me train.

5. I had extreeeeeeeeeeeemely long hair until I decided to cut them “short” (Read: past shoulder-length) when I was 13. My mother still has heart-attacks when I go to the hairdressers… (my hair have never been shorter than past shoulder-length…)

Five facts about…you + school!

1. I didn’t trust myself to speak fluent German until I went to high school because all my friends knew me as the “English” girl. I learned German perfectly well, but only used it either in class or with my friends at after-school activities. It is still weird to speak German to my friends from primary.

2. I went to a maths and science high school. Imagine the disappointment around me when I decided not to pursue a biology or maths degree but a job in beauty.

3. I was a nerd. I had amazing grades and studied hard to get them – I’m proud of it. I lost a bit of that discipline in my last year of school and hope to find it again at Uni.

4. School lunches were the most social activity ever. When we had 2 hours we would go sit by the lake as soon as it was warm enough. I miss those days.

5. I really loved History and Economics, but didn’t enjoy Economics when I attempted to study it for a semester. I started to despise Maths towards the end although I loved it the other few years of school. I blame this on the teachers… either they inspired me or bored me…

Five facts + travel!

1. I love Paris. It is currently my favourite city.



2. I have yet to visit much of Asia or Africa. I have also never set foot on Australian or Canadian soil.

3. I really hope to backpack through Europe with some friends soon.

4. Going to Thailand to eat an authentic Panaeng curry would be a dream come true 😉

5. Despite my family living all over the world, I don’t get out of Zurich often. This must change…

Five facts about…your eating style!

1. I was raised vegetarian. I also went vegan shortly because I thought I could then eat more (I am a major volume eater). Lately I’ve been testing the whole Paleo diet and I find it works quite well. I’ve also started to enjoy fish.

2. I’ve been putting bananas in my smoothies and calling it ice cream before it was cool… #hipstermoment #nanaicecream


3. I could eat tofu curries all day err day

Panaeng Curry

Panaeng Curry #foodporn

4. A week should not pass without eating rice at least once. In true Persian fashion, a meal is NEVER complete without rice.

5. I have recently discovered a love for lemon meringue pie, and I really want to paleofy it so I can enjoy it more often (I try to avoid wheat)

Thanks Arman for hosting! Have a beautiful Sunday everyone.

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Guess who is doing Laundry again

Photo on 08-12-13 at 20.18

Back to where dreams go to die… or in non-college people terms “I’m doing laundry – again”.

Yet again, I’m sitting right outside of the laundry room, making sure no one steals my underwear and dance clothes while attempting to do something academic like read Keats or Baudelaire. It never works out for me though. Something about the laundry air, the constant battle over the machines and the dryers, the 30 minute wait for the clothes to wash and then the awkward carrying of your wet, freshly washed clothing over to the dryers. It’s all very distracting from your work. So I blog instead… and boy do I have loads to tell you this week!

We left off at my girls day in Bronxville, where I got my nails done and my metabolism soaring high from a major caffeine kick. Those nails were a big part of my outfit just a week later when I went to the Polyball back home in Zürich. Yes, you read that right, I went home for Thanksgiving and joined the über-glamorous jet setter life; I flew in on Wednesday morning, celebrated Thanksgiving Thursday evening, went to a Ball on Saturday and flew back to New York on Sunday.

Let’s backtrack to the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the day I flew back to Zürich.

All packed and ready to go, I made sure I had a couple of snacks for the trip.



I do not enjoy going hungry on a seven hour flight with no access to anything but airplane food (which wasn’t even too bad that time, I ordered the western vegetarian menu and was given rice with vegetables).

The problem with packing snacks though is, if you have nothing else to do, you are going to want to eat it. All. Constantly. Which I did. Instead of sleep. Priorities…..


My failed attempt to portion control the most delicious honey-glazed cashews. I must constantly remind myself not to buy them, as they have become by dinner on too regular a basis.

Also, don’t pack snacks for an overnight plane ride and expect to not eat them before you actually get into your seat. Because waiting happens, and food will start calling out to you and suddenly you will have peanut butter all over your face with the people around you thinking you have gone mad, eating peanut butter with a spoon. Not speaking from experience here…just a suggestion *ahem*

IMG_0776I opted for the precious squeezable packs instead of an entire jar. I attempt to use any type of portion control. Some work, most don’t.

(I didn’t eat all of my stash before the flight. The super cookies for example were devoured by my hungry mom after picking me up, who then started complaining – during and after finishing them – that I shouldn’t have offered her any. Oh, how I had missed home..)

Once in the plane, I checked out all the movies available. The Heat with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock was playing, so I knew I had to watch it, as McCarthy is currently my favourite actress. I also started watching Driving Miss Daisy, but fell asleep somewhere near the beginning, which is great because I had a busy weekend ahead of me and definitely needed a bit of rest!

I awoke to a breakfast for queens



Travelling should not be an excuse to eat terribly, which is why I had packed snacks, but I can never, EVER, pass up on the Swiss Chocolate. It’s the best of the best of chocolate. I honestly don’t know why they’re better than any other chocolate in Switzerland. But the ones on the plane are perfectly sized, cool and creamy and we always ask for two 😉

Back in Zurich, I was picked up by my mom (see above) and taken home to see these little cuties.

IMG_0802I really missed them and proceeded to taking them on walks and snap-chatting every second of it.

IMG_0794I also went into town to see my best friend and eat all of my favourite food.

IMG_0781Vegan-vegetarian food at Tibits with a big mug of Jasmine tea!

Later on I enjoyed my favourite tofu curries at Nagasui with my mom before crashing in my amazingly comfy bed as soon as I got home around 9ish. For not really having slept on the plane, I was proud to not need to succumb to jet lag and got to bed at a relatively normal time! 😉

Stay tuned for Thanksgiving’s happenings…

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo





Two final couch potato days..

The weekend. Time to relax, sleep in and run errands. Time to lounge and couch potate, catch up on favorite shows and enjoy long breakfasts. Normally, my weekends are busy; full of plans of things I couldn’t get done during the week, people to see and dogs to walk..

This weekend, the first weekend after I finished my internship, I was in major need of sleep – lots and lots of sleep. Oh and a couple of shows.. I had to watch some shows and be lazy. It felt gooooooooood 🙂 I also finally got to see Despicable Me 2.. let me just say BANANAAA 😀

Source: 9Gag

Source: 9Gag

Since I haven’t had a proper dance class in a while, my dance blogging has come a little short.. that is why I will give you a quick overview of this weekend’s events. (Fear not, dance is back on schedule as of this week..stay tuned!)

Friday I went to see bees doing what they do best at the openair Orange Cinema by the lake. This openair is open annually from July to August, showing movies currently in cinemas, old classics and documentaries. We got to see More than Honey, a documentary about bees.


The backdrop and setting is beautiful. You see the sun set into the lake, and immediately after the screen rises and the movie starts. Also, you can eat dinner there, with food from various restaurants offering a selection for the evening. Since Nagasui was serving, I naturally chose my evening meal there..





Saturday I had a driving lesson and took the dogs for a loooooong walk through the woods. They enjoyed the cold water of the creek on the terribly hot day and constantly tried to drag me in too.


And on Sunday I took a similar walk and later went for dinner to Geeren, with FroYo for dessert 🙂

A highly enjoyable weekend! After all this relaxation, I’m ready for my busy college-planning week! Any tips on what I should take with me end of August?

Happy Monday!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo



The Hungry Ballerina Review – Don Weber

Guacamole. Salsa. Chips.

Macarena. Sombrero. Churros.

Tex-Mex meets traditional Mexican meets Zürich, Switzerland.


Don Weber embodies all you would expect from a Mexican restaurant, and more! Its extensive menu covers everything from nachos con queso, to burgers and fries, from mole and chile relleno, to quesadillas and fajitas.

With two Mexican food loving parents, I’ve had a good deal of encounters with tortillas and Co. – many of which were complete and utter failures! The Tex-Mex style copy-cat restaurants here are nothing in comparison to the real deal in the States. Disappointment after eating Mexican was a regular occurrence…

And then, one day, 3 years ago I was planning my 16th birthday party. My mom and I set off to check out the venue for the party and drove a little too far…but just far enough – we discovered Don Weber.
It’s hidden behind an African restaurant on the same road as the big cinema Abaton, near Escherwyssplatz, in Zurich’s trendy, never-sleeping area, Zurich-West.


Now, we return frequently. The Dons know our order. It’s Nagasui and Tiffins all over again…

Last Sunday we took my Aunt and her daughters there for an early dinner. We ordered too much but happily enjoyed the plethora of chips available to munch on. Tortilla chips need to be eaten authentically (…in a Mexican restaurant) 😉 .


Despite never really eating much cheese, I really enjoy their nachos. The mild, cheesy flavor is barely noticeable, the chips crunchy, under heaps of homemade salsa, guacamole and black beans.
Speaking of black beans, this restaurant is the only place I know serving them in Zürich! That’s reason enough to go there!


We also ordered the vegetarian fajitas for us three adults older girls as a main meal and some quesadillas for the little girls. Both came with extra portions of fresh and garlicky guacamole and salsa which can be refilled as many times as you like. Stuffed and happy, we barely managed half of the generous portion of delicious food. Next time we will probably be getting a smaller portion of the fajitas (it could’ve easily served more than three six)…

Olé! Adios! Ehhhhhh Macarena!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Lucerne, Lake Zurich, and loads of chocolate!

Even the dance obsessed need a break every now and then. Ok, so it wasn’t entirely voluntary; my Auntie and cute cousins are here for a visit and who would pass up a chance to spend time with them?!


Just look at the cuteness.




Besides daily visits to Sprüngli (very legitimate, as it only exists here and why stop if you’ve been going there every day) for chocolate and Luxembourgli, we also went to the lake a couple of times.

Maracuja Chocolate Luxembourgli

Chocolate-Maracuja Luxembourgli


Lemon and Hazelnut



Champagne on the left, Chocolate-Maracuja on the right

Champagne on the left, Chocolate-Maracuja on the right

I took two days off from work to enjoy the time they are here, and probably wouldn’t have been to the lake this Summer if I hadn’t had done so. I am not a big fan of swimming. I go into the ocean merely to cool off on a beachy vacation, and otherwise prefer to relax and read – especially when the water is too cold. As a child I used to have less water issues. I would jump in to the coldest waters, brave and fearless, a friend to freezing lakes and pools…
Oh how things change..

I prefer to stay onboard, like on Thursday when we went on a pedalo.

The family on a Pedalo

The family on a Pedalo

Or on land, like on Friday and Saturday when we went to lakeside beachy places.

We didn’t just go to the lake though. Friday morning I did some Iyengar Yoga with my Aunt. I’ve been practicing Iyengar for over 4 years now, but this past year I neglected it a little. I really hope I can continue when I’m at college!

At night we had tickets to see Sting at Live at Sunset.





He is a great performer and I’m glad I got to see him. I was also extremely surprised how many songs I actually knew; I was able to sing out loud to Roxanne, Desert Rose, Shape of my Heart, Every Breath you Take, Englishman in New York and Fields of Gold.

My Aunt, my Mom and Me

My Aunt, my Mom and Me…and some grumpy woman 😉

Saturday I got to drive in high heels with my grandparents…




Sunday we all went to Lucerne and enjoyed the weather and the views..


The Mountains

The Mountains





And came back to Zürich, ready for a delicious dinner (Review to follow :))

Hope you had a sunny  and eventful weekend too!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo