Manicure Monday – Michael Kors Ingénue

Happy Monday everyone!

On second thought, perhaps not so happy… It was hard to get out of bed this morning. What’s worse: When I finally decided to leave my comfy place of rest *boom* that’s exactly when my roommates chose to take a shower… so I hit the snooze button and continued to count Zs, falling into an immediate deep sleep only to wake up in panic a few minutes later because I was going to be late for work.

Conclusion: Set alarm for an earlier time and DO NOT HIT SNOOZE. And maybe try to get more sleep at the weekend…

Snooze buttons are a recipe for disaster… so is going to bed at 6 am (but more on that some other time #foreveryoung 😉 )


Only nail polish could wake me up this busy Monday morning. I only turn to coffee in dire moments where the power of a beauty product has no effect anymore 😉


Michael Kors nail polish saved me this time.

IMG_1850“Ingénue” is a beautiful light pink that is easy to apply and dries quickly. It is definitely an “innocent” colour: not too bright, but noticeable. I am a big fan of soft pinks. This one is whiter than others that I have tested and is a great “cheer-up” colour for wet and rainy Summer days 🙂



This is my first time testing Michael Kors’ polishes. I was not disappointed and hope to test more (maybe also get a bag one day? A girl can dream..)




I also quite like the packaging. It’s elegant and discreet, while still quite glamorous.


Hope this helped you start your day out right… Pair this nail polish with a Matcha Latte served by a cute barista and you’ll be good to go 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Adorable Good Night!

Good evening! This post is coming from a very comfy place..and this is not just Goldilocks comfy. No…This is not even “sinking in to the clouds, on a magical beany bag with too many fluffy pillows surrounding you” comfy. Nuhh-uuuuuh…! No-suuuur-eeee-bob! It’s not just any kind of comfy….

Queen of the pillows

Queen of the pillows

…its Bala’s standard of comfy!

One can definitely say, she knows all about what is snug and cozy. I mean she has tested it not only once…



Nor twice…

comfortable? I think so

comfortable? I think so

…Three times…

Pillows! My favourite thing!

Pillows! My favourite thing!

Yes, Bala is definitely in the know when it comes to serious issues like where to sleep for maximum comfort!…:)

all she wants, is to sleep

all she wants, is to sleep

Her sister on the other hand, tends to be a bit more unconventional when it comes to preferred sleeping spots:

In my ballet bag (open, with point shoes..), on the couch

In my ballet bag (open, with point shoes..), on the couch

Seti tends to love sleeping on my couch! But of course, she also – like her sister – chooses to sleep near pillows (or in the above case, in my ballet bag!)

all curled up!

all curled up!


On clothes...

On clothes…

Today, though, she decided to take use of my laziness, and decided to sleep on my constantly growing pile of clothes, that never seem to find their way back in to my closet…how revolutionary of her!

But sometimes, she agrees that for ultimate comfort, you need to do things Bala’s way…she is the expert after all..;)

Bala's way

Bala’s way

Now it’s time for me to catch some Z’s. I just hope Bala will let me snuggle in somewhere on the bed! For a small dog, she manages to take up an awfully huge amount of space! (And wont move if you push her either! Uuuugh..wish me luck! 🙂 )

Nighty night,

Anoushé xoxox

Question of the night: Do you have pets? Do you let them sleep on your bed?

By letting my dogs have free use of my bed, they have obviously started taking advantage of my kindness. I mean, Bala gives me evil looks whenever I make her move! My parents were always firm when it came to them jumping on the bed..they were either pushed right back down, or told no, repeatedly.. but I’m just a sucker for those little puppies!