Street Parade Zürich


My life has been overwhelming lately. So overwhelming, that I have a never-ending, ever-growing to do list that gives me the creeps with every quick check… and I also have an increasingly chaotic room back home that should have been tackled and cleaned-out long ago (like before I even thought of leaving for New York last YEAR (I also still haven’t changed my light-bulb….)).

The fact that I put all the “important” things off to be dealt with when in Zürich does not help either. I mean, the things I have to do are all things I could easily complete in Munich from the safety of my own (similarly messy) bedroom. But Munich has become this “non-real” place to me, a place I will be leaving in 2 short weeks, and where I never really attempted to settle in let alone get stuff done because I know I will be returning to my actual life and to “normal me” (as my best friend put it when I spoke to her on the phone on Friday) immediately after my internship.

“Munich me” survives off of peanut butter at my desk, eggs with spinach (green eggs?) and curries, goes to the gym nearly every night and often forgets to use body lotion or a face serum simply due to lack of discipline and energy (the horror, I know). She doesn’t blog often enough, or take frequent pictures, and is constantly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff she technically wants to get done, so she continuously writes a reminder for “Zürich me” to do when back in the real world, i.e. home, i.e where my actual life is.

But you see, what happens when I enter “real world Zürich me” is, I finally get to see my friends, spend too much time cooking because I can’t really do that in Munich and basically get nothing done because I am either: food shopping, eating, out with friends, at my favourite dance class or enjoying the comfort of having a big bed with plenty of wiggle room (if I rolled over in Munich I would land on the floor, on top of shoes and my lap-top).

Problem here: Knowing I only have 2 days to organize things I had been putting off for the rest of the week, I enter a state of even more desperation to get things done and ultimately get NOTHING done because I end up diving deeper under my covers and binge watching Dharma and Greg (which I sadly just finished, so of course immediately began with Weeds). It is a vicious circle I can’t seem to break out of…I mean, I am generally such an organized, do things immediately kind of person, that this “vacation” from needing to use my brain has been kinda nice, but also very tormenting… wish me luck that I can actually get back to “normal” and resume “Zürich me” characteristics ASAP!

Now, having pounced a rather lengthy intro on you, I am finally getting to the point. That being: I haven’t blogged about enough things lately (mainly fun weekend adventures) and will now attempt to cram as much info in to as little words as possible, all of which will be making this long overdue post an absolutely marvelous one!



A few weekends ago, the Swiss celebrated a national holiday on August 1. I had a late dinner by the lake with my dad and friends and scoffed at the basically non-existent display of fireworks before heading home to catch enough rest for Saturday.


This was taken on my way home from Munich, #nofilter

Once a year Zürich hosts one of the largest techno parties similar to the love parade along the lake. It is called the Street Parade, and it is a time where you spend an afternoon in the city barely dressed/in costume, dancing away to electro music blaring from one of the many floats driving by. It is definitely a scene, and I started going when I was 16, and have been 3 times since (in 2 year intervals, funny). As a child I remember being able to hear the base all the way to our home, so I am glad my parents kept me from going sooner. Also, I tend to belong to the more “overdressed” people when I go… yes I know “everyone” is basically naked, and you are meant to wear a costume, but I still don’t feel comfortable exposing too much skin in the city and among large crowds of people. It’s just kind of weird… and brings out my inner conservative prude 😉

I sadly didn’t put any effort at all into my costume this year. I didn’t want to be the Cheshire Cat again and didn’t think anyone would get the joke of my Halloween costume


…so I opted for a cool “cargo pant and tight leather shirt with my Cheshire Cat ears look” that I could’ve also worn out to the club later, if I ended up staying in town that late (people also showed up at Plaza, my fav club, in ridiculous costumes though!). What’s more, it was meant to rain, and I didn’t want to get cold… gee I am starting to sound old!



I borrowed my friends water gun for this pic. Her military costume was amazing!



Since my outfit was “boring” in comparison to others, I tried to go for dramatic eye makeup: dark smokey eyes with a long wing




While looking through these pictures, I realized I wore something similar the very first time I went to the Street Parade 4 years ago with one of my closest guy friends


And it also rained! How much fun is that picture? I really need to learn to be a bit more “fun and care-free” again…

I found a few old pictures from that first parade experience, so bear with me while I take a fun walk down memory lane and start to miss Zürich and my friends again 😉


We met this FABULOUS person

40572_10150234756510245_6527729_n#selfie in the rain, already a thing in 2010

41210_10150234578020245_1126303_nand this wouldn’t be a proper post without me dancing… strong shoulders were needed here, but thankfully most of my (guy) friends are twice my height. 🙂

2 years later, I braved the festival again, this time with my bestest friend and in costume!


Check out my yellow lashes! I was a bumble bee, she was a dead ballerina with face makeup inspired by the “Day of the Dead”. She always goes all out with outfits and will not set food anywhere unless she has achieved the flawless look she had in mind.. very admirable, but I tend to be more of the “ain’t nobody got time for that” type!

Fun Fact: I wore the same costume as on my last day of school before finals week. It is a tradition in Swiss high schools for the graduating class to dress up, which we actually ended up doing twice: once before our exams, and once after officially graduating.



577725_462263147132865_1001277208_n 396146_3410857185738_1684701003_n

Back to the future, erm I mean now…. I spent most of the afternoon in town, but wasn’t really feeling it this year. It was as if for the first time I actually noticed the whole drug consumption and was disgusted by how drunk people behaved.. I must really be getting old… don’t get me wrong, the party really isn’t dangerous and can (and should) be enjoyed without consuming anything, I just seemed to notice the excessiveness much more now that I am older. We also lost one of the girls from our group which annoyed us all because we spent a good part of an hour attempting the impossible by trying to find her in the unruly crowd… put us all in a weird mood… When we decided to finally give up the search, we danced for a few hours before walking to Bellevue to regroup. On our way there I spotted these two idiots dancing on a lamp-post on the bridge


I used the word idiots because a) the drop from those lamps is dangerous and could either end on the concrete floor, railings or in the lake b) there is no way they would safely be able to return down to the bridge because most people would need copious amounts to drink before attempting such a daredevil climb. Up is always easier…

I left town around 7 and head home. I wanted to leave enough time to eat dinner and find an outfit for the after-party at Plaza, as one of my favourite parties from Ibiza was going to be there…



Defected in the House!

I was glad I went with full makeup for the parade, as I ended up losing track of time while stressing over what I wanted to wear (as always..)


It was a great Saturday. I seriously don’t know where I got the energy to party all day, all night and get up the next morning and go to BodyPump but I did. It must be all the dates and nut butter I am eating lately (fantastic combo by the way!)


Obviously, if I put my mind to something, I can do anything, so for some reason I must subconsciously not want to organize my life just yet, because I know I should technically be able to do it…

Oh well…



Thank you Katie for hosting this marvelous weekend recap!

Have a great start to the week!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo






Guess who is doing Laundry again

Photo on 08-12-13 at 20.18

Back to where dreams go to die… or in non-college people terms “I’m doing laundry – again”.

Yet again, I’m sitting right outside of the laundry room, making sure no one steals my underwear and dance clothes while attempting to do something academic like read Keats or Baudelaire. It never works out for me though. Something about the laundry air, the constant battle over the machines and the dryers, the 30 minute wait for the clothes to wash and then the awkward carrying of your wet, freshly washed clothing over to the dryers. It’s all very distracting from your work. So I blog instead… and boy do I have loads to tell you this week!

We left off at my girls day in Bronxville, where I got my nails done and my metabolism soaring high from a major caffeine kick. Those nails were a big part of my outfit just a week later when I went to the Polyball back home in Zürich. Yes, you read that right, I went home for Thanksgiving and joined the über-glamorous jet setter life; I flew in on Wednesday morning, celebrated Thanksgiving Thursday evening, went to a Ball on Saturday and flew back to New York on Sunday.

Let’s backtrack to the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the day I flew back to Zürich.

All packed and ready to go, I made sure I had a couple of snacks for the trip.



I do not enjoy going hungry on a seven hour flight with no access to anything but airplane food (which wasn’t even too bad that time, I ordered the western vegetarian menu and was given rice with vegetables).

The problem with packing snacks though is, if you have nothing else to do, you are going to want to eat it. All. Constantly. Which I did. Instead of sleep. Priorities…..


My failed attempt to portion control the most delicious honey-glazed cashews. I must constantly remind myself not to buy them, as they have become by dinner on too regular a basis.

Also, don’t pack snacks for an overnight plane ride and expect to not eat them before you actually get into your seat. Because waiting happens, and food will start calling out to you and suddenly you will have peanut butter all over your face with the people around you thinking you have gone mad, eating peanut butter with a spoon. Not speaking from experience here…just a suggestion *ahem*

IMG_0776I opted for the precious squeezable packs instead of an entire jar. I attempt to use any type of portion control. Some work, most don’t.

(I didn’t eat all of my stash before the flight. The super cookies for example were devoured by my hungry mom after picking me up, who then started complaining – during and after finishing them – that I shouldn’t have offered her any. Oh, how I had missed home..)

Once in the plane, I checked out all the movies available. The Heat with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock was playing, so I knew I had to watch it, as McCarthy is currently my favourite actress. I also started watching Driving Miss Daisy, but fell asleep somewhere near the beginning, which is great because I had a busy weekend ahead of me and definitely needed a bit of rest!

I awoke to a breakfast for queens



Travelling should not be an excuse to eat terribly, which is why I had packed snacks, but I can never, EVER, pass up on the Swiss Chocolate. It’s the best of the best of chocolate. I honestly don’t know why they’re better than any other chocolate in Switzerland. But the ones on the plane are perfectly sized, cool and creamy and we always ask for two 😉

Back in Zurich, I was picked up by my mom (see above) and taken home to see these little cuties.

IMG_0802I really missed them and proceeded to taking them on walks and snap-chatting every second of it.

IMG_0794I also went into town to see my best friend and eat all of my favourite food.

IMG_0781Vegan-vegetarian food at Tibits with a big mug of Jasmine tea!

Later on I enjoyed my favourite tofu curries at Nagasui with my mom before crashing in my amazingly comfy bed as soon as I got home around 9ish. For not really having slept on the plane, I was proud to not need to succumb to jet lag and got to bed at a relatively normal time! 😉

Stay tuned for Thanksgiving’s happenings…

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo






Almond croissants and whipped gummy bears. Fondus and Frappés. If you didn’t read closely enough you would think this were a food blog?! …which it sometimes is..I’m constantly snacking.. But alas, I’m neither cook, baker, nor recipe extraordinaire.. I frequently eat the same thing for a home-cooked meal and keep my creativity out of the kitchen, confined mainly to the dance studio.

So before I drift off topic completely, talking about favourite foods, then dogs and the weather (which I will eventually do anyways) let’s loop back to the actual post: Swiss German lesson number 3.

Now Swiss German may not be an internationally spoken language, but it is so multifaceted that it can become interesting to many a foreign ear. With 26 Cantons, 4 languages and various cultures, Swiss German is more than just the weird German dialect constantly confused with Danish, Dutch and Swedish.  The more I discover about the various dialects, sayings and words, the more intrigued I get. English idioms are nothing compared to Swiss ones; they might both be smart and witty but the Swiss ones are incomparably weird as well (in a good way).

Today’s lesson embodies yet another descriptive adjective – cute.

Let me start with the translation: a cold. 

So how could a cold be cute? Well the Swiss have found a way.. by naming it d pfnüsel. 🙂

I find that darling, don’t you? So unbelievably darling that I almost want to whip a gummy bear.. tihi 😉

Have a good Saturday afternoon!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Monday

I don’t care if Monday’s BLUE! Cause it is! A beautiful light, Tiffany’s box blue to be exact. Now don’t go rolling your eyes because I’m using the same lyric quote I used a few days ago. The song is awesome. It fits. Get over it (..and read on about this amazing polish!)

Essie - Where's my Chauffeur

Essie – Where’s my Chauffeur

I was in a bit of a pickle because I had forgotten to do my nails after most of it had chipped off (been bitten say potato I say pot-AH-to), and had to hurry to leave for Montreux last Saturday (yes this nail polish is a week old and it still shines bright (like a diamond…).

So I did what anyone would do, I packed the polish to take with me and decided to give myself a manicure in the car (perfectly sane way of handling this conundrum, dontcha think?) I’ve done my nails in moving vehicles before (and in class rooms, much to the joy of my Physics teacher) but that was then and this is now – suddenly I’d lost the touch for nice finger nail painting at high velocity travelling.


It’s sadly not like riding a bike and when you don’t use this skill for very long, you apparently lose it. So instead of arriving in Montreux with beautifully manicured nails, I showed up with one painted hand that could pass as ok as long as you didn’t look at it too closely, and the other with a squiggly line on the thumb and that’s it (no, I will not show you as it is more embarrassing than my chewed up skin around the nails..!) But I will show you a picture of the amazing nail polish I used from Essie.

Taken back at home

Taken back at home

And guess what. It has an awesome name too (duuuh!). It’s called where’s my chauffeur?! Kind of ironic that I chose exactly this polish to use while my dad was driving us to Montreux…hmmmmmm 😀 (I did not realise this at the time)

If I were as well-organized as I wish I one day may be, I would’ve completed the nail painting by now. But alas, I have no sense of getting things done at the moment. I blame it on the too much time I spend watching nonsense shows online, going to dance class and just finding other things to do instead. Discipline, why must you leave me!

So instead of ever having two beautifully manicured nails in blue, I left one hand completely naked and decided to redo my manicure, using a completely new colour later on in the week (which you get to see next Monday).

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo