Paris 2015 – Day 1

Happy Monday friendly faces! Hope your weekend was marvelous, and you enjoyed as much sunshine as I got to. Mine was rather low-key, spent “detoxing” (read: eating loads of fruit and veggies) and going to the gym, but I had a few busy days during the week! And as you can tell by the title of this post, those busy days were spent in Paris 🙂


The first glimpse of la Tour Eiffel!

It was a super short, super spontaneous trip; we were there and back in only 2 days, but I enjoyed every single second of it! Paris is definitely my absolute favourite city, and the next trip is already in the works 😉

We landed around 10 in the morning, and took the train to Gare du Nord, munching on Luxembourgli we brought from Zürich. Pure decadence.

Once we got to the station, we figured out what metro we had to take to get to the hotel. We stayed at hotel Ekta. It was right off of Champs Élysées; great for shopping, but also great for safety while walking back at night – the busy main street is always alight with plenty of people walking around.

Upon check-in we took an hour to walk up and down and decide which shops we wanted to visit. The first one on my list was the renovated Guerlain boutique.


They showed me their irresistible new scent, “mon exclusive”. I was told it was made specifically for the boutique, and lucky for me it isn’t as exclusive as I thought it was, as I could hopefully order the ravishing scent online. Although I do hope to make it back to Paris before then…

Our next stop was lunch at one of my favourite cafés in one of my favourite parts of the city.


Breizh Café in Le Marais! Just walking around the area made me too happy for words – all the little boutiques, the bustling alleys, the different colours and scents… it’s just such a vibrant and lively part of Paris and always on my to-do list when I go. I definitely hope to stay around the area next time, as I would love to explore further than just this fine creperie.


I had the goat cheese galette, and for dessert the rhubarb crepe. Galettes are made of buckwheat flour, so a great gluten-free option!





We accompanied this meal with organic cider. Apparently they specialise in ciders and have an entire menu to select from! Personally not being much of a cider-conoisseur I expected it to be slightly sweeter… but it definitely was great with the meal!



After our late lunch (we finished eating around 5) we walked through le Marais to Place des Voges – one of my favourite parks, not just because it is right next to a make up forever 😉



Through that little alley we got to Rue de Rivoli where we took the metro to the Louvre.



Paris to me is a city best walked. So I wanted to walk from the Louvre, through the Jardin des Tuileries, past Place de la Concorde back up Champs Élysées. And so we did!


Which was also when I first glimpsed la Tour Eiffel!



Looking back at the Louvre.IMG_0192The Eiffel Tower, spotted again 🙂


We got back to the hotel around 7.30, where we rested, made use of the wifi and ate a Caramel Fleur de Sel truffel from Sprüngli before heading back out to dinner, to an Italian restaurant called La Fabricca, which was right around the corner from the Arc de Triomphe. Get ready for a few pictures coming your way of the Arc and the sunset!








IMG_0337After dinner, which was around 11 (the Parisians were still eating!) we walked back to the hotel for an “early night”.

I dare say we had a rather marvelous start to our short trip, don’t you think?

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 13.31.10

Stay tuned for day two and three! And don’t forget to check out Katie’s blog for more marvelous posts!

With attitude and nail polish,

Anoushé xoxo



In my Manicure Monday post, I mentioned that I had just returned from a wonderful trip to a much-loved city of mine, Paris. The following posts will revolve around my 5 day trip, and while that could mean they wont have much to do with all things dance and beauty, ballet steps and mascara splurges definitely managed to sneak their way into my short vacay (some more than others…). So without much further ado, let’s see how well my short-term memory functions 😉

Day One

6.00 am wakeup and drive to the airport to catch the 7.45 am flight. Note how tired I look and how animated the boyfriend is..


We landed at 9.30 in gloomy, rainy Paris (Zurich was hot and sunny).


After waiting ages for our luggage, the terribly long taxi drive to get to the hotel and not being able to check in just yet we were really feeling the gloominess of the day..

Since we had been awake for quite some time and hadn’t eaten a proper breakfast, we dropped off  our bags and head out in search of a place for lunch on Rue Cler, which is full of cute cafés and bakeries.


After lunch we returned to check in and were given some tips on what to do in Paris in the summer. This was not my first trip there, so I know my way around a little. What I didn’t know however, was that the Louvre was open until 9 pm on a Wednesday. We immediately decided that we would take advantage of the longer hours, i.e. shorter queues later on in the evening, and jotted that down on our itinerary for the day before mapping out a route and how to walk there.

Our path took us down Champs Elyssées

IMG_0139Avenue des Champs Élyssées is one big avenue leading from the Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde and it is home to many luxurious brands, department stores, car dealerships and more. The photo above was taken outside of the massive Louis Vuitton, where many tourists were posing for pictures in front of the displays.

Our first stop on this famous avenue was the Arc de Triomphe.






The boyfriend and Dietikon

The boyfriend and Dietikon

On the insides, among all of the French battles, we found the Second Battle of Zurich that took place in Dietikon in 1799. Switzerland in Paris! Reason enough for a picture 😉

Not wanting to queue to go to the top, we walked down the Avenue instead and looked at all the stores. Since the weather was slightly off, we decided to go into H&M for some warmer clothing (specifically long trousers for the boyfriend who only brought short ones :)).

At some point we thought it was time to head to the Louvre. We wanted to leave enough time to stand in line and walk around the exhibits, so we took the Métro instead of walking the whole way and got there shortly before 7.

In line for the Louvre

In line for the Louvre

First stop: Mona!


We also took a walk around Napoleon III apartments. The Louvre is breathtaking on its own and we spent a lot of time just looking at the building and walking from area to area.

Dinner was right next to the Louvre at one of my favorite Cafés (be prepared for hearing that a lot)…

IMG_0147Café Marly has a great terrace outside with a wonderful view of the Louvre and the other tourists still standing in line. The weather had cleared up by the evening so we took a seat and enjoyed the temperature change.

IMG_0148The food was amazing. I had a tomato and burrata salad with a side order of French green beans.

IMG_0157After our meal we walked back to the hotel, which is located near the Eiffel Tower. When we got closer we decided to take our first Eiffel Tower pictures (I saw the tower before the boyfriend though, midday upon our drive into the city ;))



IMG_0152When we got back to the hotel we were ready for bed. After a 6am start and long walk through the city we deserved a rest!

IMG_0149Stay tuned for Day 2 🙂


With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo