Gone, going, gone

Hello world, hope your listening..

Do you guys know that One Republic song? For some reason, every single time I start a blog post with “hello world” I can’t get that song out of my head.

GREAT – now I can’t stop thinking of Kylie Minogue in that white leotard singing na na na, na na na na na…

Wow; look at the jumps I just made (all while also listening to this song). Multitasking #forthewin !

Before I move on to the actual topic of the day, let me jump back to the first song I mentioned. I just looked it up as I only ever knew the first two lines and found the second verse sooooo pweeeeetty:

“I get lost in the beauty
Of everything I see
The world ain’t half as bad
As they paint it to be”

Oh and a quick quote I am currently loving before officially moving on:

Definitely something I am trying to live by…

Now on to more superficial things: I HAVE USED UP MY FAVOURITE CHAPSTICKS


I wore these daily – they were the perfect pink hue… natural, yet visibly shiny and creamy as can be.


Now the Bebe chapstick I can easily replace (I just haven’t gotten round to it yet as I have a “pearly white” version of it to use up for the time being). The one I am really mourning is the Labello “Love Therapy” chapstick, as it has been discontinued. When I bought it 3 (!) years ago, I left it in my purse among 50 000000000 others and barely ever touched it. But when I decided to limit my opened products and cleaned out 90 % of my bathroom (extremely necessary again!!) I finally started to use it more (interchangeably with Bebe) and fell in absolute love.

It was slightly less creamy than Bebe, a darker pink and a bit more sparkly – I especially liked its sweet raspberry flavour.

IMG_1873I’ve always been a big fan of milky white/pink lip colours. For some reason I haven’t really ventured out into the realm of bold, “out there” shades yet, because I generally prefer heavier eye makeup. I try to live by the unwritten rule of less is more (so choose either or)… unless I ever learn to cool it with the mascara when I go out (doubt it), my lips will generally stay a creamy, pinkish, nude, sparkly colour at night.

I have however tested darker colours during the day, as I only ever wear discreet winged eye makeup* and can thus legitimize a bolder lip



(*It’s still somehow enough eyeliner to receive witty remarks from my dad like: “You look like Amy Winehouse today”. Seiously? This is how Amy Winehouse did her eyes… this is how I do mine. Spot the difference? Yeah I thought so…)

Anyhow, this is not meant to be yet another winged eyeliner post, but one about a favourite “empty product”… I drift off too much sometimes…



I really hope Labello starts selling Love Therapy again. It’s reasons like this that taught me to buy 5 of everything, if I find something I really like (even though it takes me foreeeeever to finish anything), because you never know when they could be gone, going, gone… (I’m on a roll with including lyrics today. GO ME :))

Have a great Thursday!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo