Manicure Monday – It’s my Year & Teenage Dream

Happy Monday dearest beauties!

I’m keeping it short and simple today, as I still need to finish an assignment! But I am thrilled to finally be sharing a manicure with you guys! But first, let me show you the nail polishes I commented on for Madame Magazine


Some of those were written by MOI 🙂 I am especially in love with the Louboutin polish.. sigh

So on with my manicure:


Do you remember slightly less than a year ago I mentioned getting my nails done with friends. I also mentioned I would be purchasing that very polish by OPI immediately that evening. Well folks, let me present to you a proud acquirement to my polish-possession: It’s my Year, by OPI.


I also varnished my second finger on the left with “Teenage Dream”, which is part of the Katy Perry collection, also by OPI, and reversed the manicure for my right hand. I guess my strain of thought during the process of doing my nails was: It took me 4 weeks to finally do this, might as well go to town and use 2 colours.


I am in awe of both colours. They are both so sparkly. Sparkly is good, sparkly makes me happy…


Gold, purple, pink and silver… match made in heaven


Without a top coat, the colour has held relatively well over the course of the week, especially “It’s my year” (the purple-hued one)



definitely a favourite – definitely a purchase I will never regret and one that is filled with memories of walks through the leaves to the beauty parlour and long talks at Slave to the Grind with a steaming mug full of pumpkin spiced coffee…. Bronxville really is a cute place to live, and I need to make sure to visit my friends at SLC sometime soon…

Memories… memories..

Anyhoo back to work! Wishing you all a beautiful Monday!

With attitude and my favourite nail polish, Anoushé xoxox


Manicure Monday – It Color

Hello, hello!

How was your weekend? I got in a really great workout yesterday and am pumped to start the new work-week! Also I’m moving in to my apartment tonight! So let’s celebrate with a manicure, shall we?

IMG_1037I’m honestly not so sure how I feel about this color. It’s a mix of orange and yellow and makes my skin look kind of weird…


Being me though, I wasn’t scared off by the intensity of the yellow and was intrigued and influenced purely by the name. I’m such a sucker for great marketing..


OPI dubbed this polish the “it” color. Does it deserve such elite status? Not with my skin tone! But the color was easy to apply and only required one coat. OPI never disappoints in terms of quality.



I guess the colour is great for Summer. It is sunshiny and cheerful and goes with well pastels, whites and blacks alike!




This color is extremely subjective. Either you like it or you don’t!

Have a great Monday!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Manicure Monday!

Did you guys survive Valentine’s Day?


I went out Friday night and noticed a lot of lonely souls drinking their sorrows away while scouting for single significant others. Really depressing guys, really depressing..


Now I’m a major fan of the day of luuurv and have always enjoyed celebrating it. I used to be that girl who drew pink and red hearts in everyone’s diaries, along with a scribble of “VALENTINE’S DAY” in thick, bold letters. I even brought little chocolate hearts along to school to spread the love and joy. Everyone knew me as the love-crazed one, the one who believes in fairytales and Prince Charming – I still do, even when I’m not technically in love…


The power of love is strong and I don’t believe in moping around because I’m single. Love can so easily be translated on to friendships and family, or even on to your pets or a passion for a hobby that you don’t need to focus in on a missing “better half”. It’s a hard adjustment, but remembering to concentrate on all the things and people that make you happy instead of things that might be missing on this commercial holiday really can make up for the lack of materialistic surprise presents of red roses or chocolate.. or Tiffany Blue Boxes.. that you could all technically buy yourself too if that would make you happy..


If you do however need a quick Valentine’s Day blues pick-me-up, but don’t want to spend your money on things you either consume immediately or that wilt away quickly – and makes less of a dent in your budget – I always find nail polish to be quite enchanting.

IMG_1378Especially if it is dubbed Tiffany Blue 😉

IMG_1372As you may have noticed from some of my past manicure posts, I am an absolute fan of OPI’s liquid sand. This was another one of their crowd-pleasers.

IMG_1371A beautiful baby blue. Sparkly, appealing and attention-attracting.. in other words it is PERFECT.

IMG_1377Officially wowed. Again 😉

IMG_1373Now that’s what I call an amazing Valentine’s Day Present 😀 From me, to me 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxox


Manicure Monday: Make Him Mine

I lusted after this nail polish from the first moment I first laid eyes on it.

IMG_1214Like most of my favourite OPI polishes, it is liquid sand.


Isn’t it beautiful?

IMG_1212This is definitely my favourite polish out of the Mariah Carey collection. It’s a delicious rosy-coppery shade, really sparkles and attracts a lot of attention.


The colour seems to catch everyone’s eye!

IMG_1213With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo



Manicure Monday!

Guess what..


I gave myself a (terrible) pedicure this week too! So it’s many/pedi monday today 🙂


Please ignore my picked at skin. I’m going through some stressful times getting ready for school..;)


For my manicure I went back to the roots: Catrice Nail Polish. This week’s choice is summery and light and it’s called Hey, Dirty-Lilah. I’m no big fan of the Plain White Tee’s but it is always fun to purchase a polish with the name of a song (sort of).

On my second fingers I chose an OPI polish.

IMG_0067The World is not Enough is a dark-greyish, sparkly color that definitely goes well with the lighter shade of grey. It’s a polish from the Skyfall collection part of the whole 007 colors. My toes received a mix of The Spy who loved me and GoldenEye, so red and gold. Spaaaarkly!

My next splurge on OPI will probably be the mini liquid sand polishes with Bond Girl names. I haven’t tried any of the liquid sands yet, and I’m stoked to get my fingers sandy 🙂



Any great manicures this monday? Share your fav’s 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo



Manicure Monday!


Unlike Garfield, I don’t hate Mondays. Like New Year’s Day, it’s the day one chooses to complete all pushed back tasks; it’s the beginning of a new week, what better time to clean up that room you’ve never wanted to (or not…:))

This week is also the start of my vacation. I’ve got one month left before I’m leaving for college, so now everyday has to be Monday for me.. got a lot of cleaning up to do!

Packing/cleaning issues aside, Monday also brings some fun..


Manicure Monday!

This Monday, I welcome my first OPI manicure to the blog. After mainly using Catrice polishes these past few weeks, I was longing for a longer-lasting polish – I did not want the color to chip off quickly again.

IMG_0003I went for the full shebang: Undercoat, polish and overcoat, all by OPI. This  should factor out a short-lived color splash …or so they say. I sure hope it doesn’t chip off too quickly, but with my nail picking track record, I doubt even the more expensive polishes will last.

IMG_0024The trend these days is to use a different color on your ring finger. Eager to test the new look, but not wanting to be too flamboyant while still working at my internship, I opted for a color in the same shade, unlike a totally opposite one like the trend normally expects.


Color number one was Come to Poppy; a beautiful shade of glistening pink, reminding me of pink candy.

IMG_0011I painted my left hand in this color, before switching to polish number 2, for the ring finger and right hand.

IMG_0005MeepMeepMeep is a darker pink and very glittery. Despite being a similar shade, it still provided a popping contrast to the shinier, brighter light pink.

Finish with a top coat and flaunt those trendy nails! 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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Manicure Mondays!

It’s Monday again, and you know what that means…


Manicure Monday Time!!

This week I chose a French Manicure colour in contrast to last weeks neony yellow. It’s a nice natural colour similar to that I posted a few weeks ago..very light and barely noticeable.


I seem to mainly be using my Catrice nail polishes. They are so inexpensive and I have so many cute colors, that I’ve addictively bought collected one too many over the years… I now have an impressive color range sitting on my shelf. I do have to say however, that the colors are noticeably less thick than more expensive polishes, but since I enjoy changing them up often, I’d rather invest in a couple of inexpensive ones. Buying 4 different shades from Catrice is easier on your budget than from OPI or Essie anyhow ;)!


I picked Mona Lisa is staring back. It’s kind of like a muddy – yet glamorous – white-ish colour; close, yet still far from the classic French.


A great alternative for when you want a no-nonsense type manicure; simple, and classic. Great for my upcoming work week 😉

IMG_0688And Bala’s sleep week 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo