Manicure Monday – Tart Deco

Hello hello, did you miss me?


I was quite busy this weekend and slept all the way from Zürich to Munich because my phone had barely any battery and I had forgotten my charger at home, so I couldn’t start drafting a post from my phone 😦 .. problems of last-minute hectic packing…But at least I got to catch up on some Z’s!


I luckily made it onto the train with minutes to spare, and had time to pick up some food for the journey – because you all know I cannot travel without food, especially my recent favourite: cherries! Yumm

Anyhoo, I have loads to tell you about my weekend, but I’m still editing the pictures so will hopefully have that post up later today. Until then, here’s Manicure Monday (finally) 🙂

IMG_1427An ode to Essie. Their names are getting more and more creative and unique with each new collection. I could barely contain my excitement when I read this polish’s name…


Isn’t it fun?


The colour is pretty swell too, dontcha think? Awesome name and colour? Yup, I was sold… almost immediately.

Essie definitely has the whole summer nail polish thing down to a “t”. I love all of their pastels, corals and bright colours. They match any summer outfit, event or even mood and are perfectly long-lasting – even without a proper top coat!



Tart Deco. Maybe I should try to do something slightly wilder with this polish, like a pattern or something, so that the manicure can live up to the polish’s name 🙂



I am, as always, very pleased. Also, with our weather being slightly more on the rainy side, a little pop of summery coral on my nails keeps me in a good mood  when the sun fails to shine 🙂 When all else fails, nail polish (and a really nice mascara, and ohhh also a pweeeetty eyeliner) always manages to brighten my day. It’s the little things…



Have a beautiful, hopefully non-rainy day!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Manicure (Monday) Sunday – I’m Back!

Helloooooooooooooo blog world. How have you been?? Sorry to have gone MIA these last 2 weeks without a proper goodbye (or maybe my rant was a sign of being burnt out?). I was on holiday (yaay) and my absolute favourite island seemed to have trouble with WIFI everywhere (not so yay) #truestory…

Honestly I was doing pretty well with no internet until my phone magically connected to the non-working WIFI in our house, received a few messages, but then proceeded to not load anymore, leaving me frustrated and longing for 3G. This pretty much happened throughout the island until our last night, where we were at a restaurant with working WIFI…. which meant I only put my phone away to eat my meal… talk about father-daughter bonding (he was on his phone too) “virtual dinner”?

But still, no internet does not forgive my absence from you wonderful people. And then I came back to a short workweek (I had Thursday and Friday off for a pretty spectacular reason 😉 ), and to Germany winning the World Cup (i.e. plenty of late nights) so had LOADS of work to catch up on before heading back home to ZH…I should’ve sent a smoke signal or something to let you know I hadn’t forgotten about you… but I’ll make it up to you by bringing some sunshine and showing you pictures from our stay on the island and of life lately.

But more about that later. Manicure Monday Sunday is long overdue, so my holiday recap can wait – for now


Deborah Lippmann 


I’ve only tested two of her nail polishes so far, and find them to be of great quality: Highly pigmented, long-lasting and shiny even without a top coat.


Overall more than satisfactory. If only the brush were a bit more like that of Dior’s, then it would be a done deal. But that stands for most nail polishes that aren’t made by that house of couture 😉 (Cause we all know ESSIE could use a different brush too…)




I also quite liked the colour “Break 4 Love”. I mean.. it matches my protein smoothie


And I would totally break 4 love.. plus I LUUUURV my boyfriend/car


So overall the nail polish suits me in many different ways possible. Win/Win 😉

Now to keep you guys reading (I have a waterfall of thoughts on life, photos and random quirkiness coming your way), here is a teaser on what is yet to come:








IMG_2273Wishing you a great Sunday 🙂 I’m off to my favourite BodyPump class (another thing I will be posting about ASAP)

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Manicure Monday – Michael Kors Ingénue

Happy Monday everyone!

On second thought, perhaps not so happy… It was hard to get out of bed this morning. What’s worse: When I finally decided to leave my comfy place of rest *boom* that’s exactly when my roommates chose to take a shower… so I hit the snooze button and continued to count Zs, falling into an immediate deep sleep only to wake up in panic a few minutes later because I was going to be late for work.

Conclusion: Set alarm for an earlier time and DO NOT HIT SNOOZE. And maybe try to get more sleep at the weekend…

Snooze buttons are a recipe for disaster… so is going to bed at 6 am (but more on that some other time #foreveryoung 😉 )


Only nail polish could wake me up this busy Monday morning. I only turn to coffee in dire moments where the power of a beauty product has no effect anymore 😉


Michael Kors nail polish saved me this time.

IMG_1850“Ingénue” is a beautiful light pink that is easy to apply and dries quickly. It is definitely an “innocent” colour: not too bright, but noticeable. I am a big fan of soft pinks. This one is whiter than others that I have tested and is a great “cheer-up” colour for wet and rainy Summer days 🙂



This is my first time testing Michael Kors’ polishes. I was not disappointed and hope to test more (maybe also get a bag one day? A girl can dream..)




I also quite like the packaging. It’s elegant and discreet, while still quite glamorous.


Hope this helped you start your day out right… Pair this nail polish with a Matcha Latte served by a cute barista and you’ll be good to go 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Manicure Monday – Mint Candy Apple

Yes, yes I know I promised to let you in on my fantabulous night last weekend, I haven’t forgotten about it yet! I have just been waiting for the spectacular pictures to arrive…

Plus, today’s manicure is of way more interest anyways, right? 🙂


I adore this colour.


This colour makes me happy.


It reminds me of Summers at the beach, flowers growing wild, white dresses swaying in the wind…


And yes, it is yet another Essie nail polish….


And it is called Mint Candy Apple.


Would you eat a mint candy apple?

The flavour combination sounds rather peculiar to me… but to each their own, eh?


This is a beautiful pastel blueish green… the it-color of most Springs


The color is strong and the polish covers the nail in a very thick coat. As always I am more than pleased with how quickly and easily it is to apply… even if my manicure is far from perfect (I blame my impatience and lack of time to let it dry…definitely need to go get my nails done sometime soon!)

Happy Monday!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxox

Manicure Monday

IMG_9409I’ve professed my love for Dior Nail Polish before. This one was no exception.


A deep, poisonous looking purple. Very vamp – perfect for evening drinks with matching lipstick perhaps?

IMG_9227I love the natural glossy look Dior’s nail polishes give. So far I have yet to test them with a top coat, but I’m sure it would look even more miraculously hypnotic! 😉

Have a beautiful Monday!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Monday: FEATHERS

IMG_1086Feathers. Very “I believe I can fly” or “Gone with the Wind”.. or, well, actually they are just feathers. Painted on to my nails. Wings not included.

IMG_1087This is yet another Nails Inc. special effect polish that I picked up while roaming the aisles of Sephora in Manhattan. I chose to wear it without a solid colour underneath, and the feathers definitely stuck out more that way.

IMG_1082A quick top coat and my nails were ready to dazzle… but I wasn’t too impressed. The manicure I was left with looked like that of a primary school child’s. Not too stylish, sadly. Next time I will pair it with a base colour and see if it is more pleasing.

Oh well, you can’t have it all!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Monday

I don’t care if Monday’s BLUE! Cause it is! A beautiful light, Tiffany’s box blue to be exact. Now don’t go rolling your eyes because I’m using the same lyric quote I used a few days ago. The song is awesome. It fits. Get over it (..and read on about this amazing polish!)

Essie - Where's my Chauffeur

Essie – Where’s my Chauffeur

I was in a bit of a pickle because I had forgotten to do my nails after most of it had chipped off (been bitten say potato I say pot-AH-to), and had to hurry to leave for Montreux last Saturday (yes this nail polish is a week old and it still shines bright (like a diamond…).

So I did what anyone would do, I packed the polish to take with me and decided to give myself a manicure in the car (perfectly sane way of handling this conundrum, dontcha think?) I’ve done my nails in moving vehicles before (and in class rooms, much to the joy of my Physics teacher) but that was then and this is now – suddenly I’d lost the touch for nice finger nail painting at high velocity travelling.


It’s sadly not like riding a bike and when you don’t use this skill for very long, you apparently lose it. So instead of arriving in Montreux with beautifully manicured nails, I showed up with one painted hand that could pass as ok as long as you didn’t look at it too closely, and the other with a squiggly line on the thumb and that’s it (no, I will not show you as it is more embarrassing than my chewed up skin around the nails..!) But I will show you a picture of the amazing nail polish I used from Essie.

Taken back at home

Taken back at home

And guess what. It has an awesome name too (duuuh!). It’s called where’s my chauffeur?! Kind of ironic that I chose exactly this polish to use while my dad was driving us to Montreux…hmmmmmm 😀 (I did not realise this at the time)

If I were as well-organized as I wish I one day may be, I would’ve completed the nail painting by now. But alas, I have no sense of getting things done at the moment. I blame it on the too much time I spend watching nonsense shows online, going to dance class and just finding other things to do instead. Discipline, why must you leave me!

So instead of ever having two beautifully manicured nails in blue, I left one hand completely naked and decided to redo my manicure, using a completely new colour later on in the week (which you get to see next Monday).

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo