Pre-Birthday Manicure Touch Up

As you may have read here, I got my nails done in Bronxville last week. The colour was IMG_0897

and I’ve really been enjoying it! It’s a refreshing, minty blue that brings a bit of pastel into the dark and gloomy rainy days of Zurich.

IMG_0873Since this was a week ago, and I generally pick at my nails too much (a habit that I must stop!), my manicure has begun to chip in some places. Overall it still looks nice, but there are some spaces that could use some refilling..

IMG_0876Now, tomorrow is my birthday (ahhh FREAK OUT)  and I did not want to remove a perfectly good manicure to then apply polish half-heartedly, and imperfectly, myself.

Good thing I’m obsessed with polish and have nearly the exact same colour by Nails Inc.! 😉

IMG_0972This nail polish is meant to give off a “leathery effect” which in other words is very… forgiving. Yes, my nails might look like I did them right before sleeping and the polish has now been squished ever so slightly by my endless tossing and turning during the night (which oftentimes is really the case), but feel the polish. Go on, feel it! It’s leathery… ouuuuuuuuuuu nice

IMG_0976This is my first Nails Inc. purchase. The polishes don’t carry spectacular names or fluffy brushes, but the selection of colours is endless AND they have super cool effects that I haven’t seen very many other polish makers create!

Me = dazzled! (and sold..they’re not very expensive!)

IMG_0978Here you can see the little “touch up”. Not too shabby, eh?

IMG_0984Light Leathery Blue

IMG_0982Manicure… Friday? I promise to become a bit more consistent again! Let me settle in a little 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo