Manicure Monday: LE SMOKING and LEADING LADY

IMG_1034Everyone enjoys a beautiful ruby-red from time to time.

IMG_1031I’ve always respected the colour red. It has always been a colour associated with being a grown up, and I never felt comfortable wearing it. Pink, coral, maybe even a dark magenta – but never red!

IMG_1033Even today, I can’t wear the classic colour without mixing it up in some funky way. This time, I went with two different shades on both hands – Estée Lauder Le Smoking on one, and a sparkly Essie number called Leading Lady on the other.


The colours were selected primarily by shade, but looking at their names, they really do fit together. The gorgeous “Leading Lady” accompanied by a dashing “Le Smoking” is a match made in heaven. 😉 Imagine that…

IMG_1027One day, maybe, I’ll feel “grown-up” enough to wear just red. But until then I’ll leave the colour to my mom, who always chooses a nice, classical red over any other colour – in typical grown-up, ladylike fashion – and I’ll stick with the funky blues, greens and lilacs for the time being.

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo




Manicure Friday and a Winter Formal

I don’t even know where to start anymore.. It has been way too long.

So let’s start with a much-anticipated nails post!

Specifically: Grapefruit scented nails!!


I didn’t ever think scented nail polish existed until I cam across this magnificent polish by Sephora a few weeks ago. I thought the colour would be a perfect match for the upcoming Winter Formal a few Friday’s ago.

IMG_0402The scent wasn’t quite as strong as the strawberry one, but the colour was just as beautiful and easy to apply!

IMG_0412Plus it matched my dress to the T

1460089_10153517142425245_1203957558_nAnd the bottom of my shoes for that matter 😉

Speaking of Formal..

1459872_10153490059090245_1615466293_nI adore these people! There are a few key favourites missing, but I was happy to get at least some of us all together on a professional picture!

555951_10153489184365245_2004302384_nAnd these two princesses make sure every moment is the time of my life!


1393021_547780268630832_1456560023_nAn extremely delayed, much-needed photo-blast! 🙂

IMG_0401With attitude and nail polish and many delayed posts, Anoushé xoxo






Scented Nails – a Reason You Might be Called Weird a.k.a Manicure Monday

‘Smell my nails, smell my nails, hey, smell my nails’

IMG_0308This is how I’ve been greeting my friends for the last few days.

Don’t worry I haven’t lost my mind.. again… yet

IMG_0307I am just extremely fascinated by and overly-enjoying my new nail polish from the Sephora Nail Collection line (but seriously, when do I not do this?! overly-enjoy I mean). It is called Pastel Pop and the shade I am flaunting and shoving up people’s noses is 02, Strawberry.

IMG_0310The polish packaging (ha! alliteration) was an eye-catcher to begin with. The pink shade goes on first and then – after screwing that back on – you twist to the other side and apply the shimmery-golden top coat. I found it a bit weird to use, as you actually unscrew the paint pot and not the brush which, in my eyes, is a nail polish spilling accident just waiting to happen… so I asked a friend to help me by casually, and inconspicuously, removing my nail polish from my bag at one of our chilled-out hang out nights, knowing she loves to apply nail polish. Party and get your nails done, while spending time with your friends? Win win! 🙂


She did an amazing job too! I don’t think my nails have EVER looked this good…

Another friend (who has an amazing voice by the way, and has just released her first music video) took the pictures because my phone was dead. I have the best friends 🙂

IMG_0313This photo is titled the “artsy picture” 😉 Pink nails, polish and shoes! (“Sing: I’m a barbie girl..”)

The beauty of the polish, with its barbie pink and glittery gold top coat, nearly excuses my weird behaviour when I run into people I know.. Maybe being known as the one who starts hyperventilating over a new mascara or the Marc Jacobs line will help them forgive my “smell my nails” behaviour..

But honestly, I don’t really want to excuse myself, because this is so COOOOOOOOOOOL! My actions are totally acceptable and understandable.

Ahh Sephora you have done it again. Chapeau.

Every single time my hand is anywhere near my face I smell this bubblegum strawberry scent and I can barely contain my excitement. I just wanted to spread the luuuuurv for polish by making others feel the same! 😉

If only they had named it something fun… 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo






Manicure Monday – Finally!

Guess who finally managed to:

1. Do her nails

2. Find time between homework and rehearsals to blog about it

3. Post an entry about it by Monday


I think you know who..


For this week’s manicure I chose a dark, crimson red. I feel very grown up now.


This OPI polish is called from A to Z Zurich and you can tell it was a deliberate choice because of its name 😉 (and I’m pairing this manicure with a Glitzerland pedicure)


It’s a nice red; not a classic Chanel, but an elegant and classy alternative, a good “little red nail polish” to have on hand.

IMG_0287Especially when you need a quick, not perfect, touch up before a friends birthday party! 🙂

IMG_0288Manicure Monday while at College: Mission Accomplished (for now… ;))

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Therapy for the Conceal-a-holic

1. I will not admit I have a problem
2. I will not tell you how many concealers I have at home
3. I (unsuccessfully) distract myself from buying more by enjoying the following, divine things…

Figuring out when I will ever bake (or actually not bake) these amazing looking desserts

Deciding I simply NEED these shoes (and thus support another one of my addicitons…)

And these

On second thought, can I just buy the whole website?!

Ohhhhh and I’m loving this MAC  – Chilled on Ice – paint pot

I also definitely need to add a whole closet full one of the layered high low dresses to my collection

Nut Butter, my number 1 favorite food, and most frequent purchase…I should really consider making my own

Grilled Artichokes – need I say more?

These hors d’oevres.. why don’t I cook more often?!

As you can see I have more than one addiction.. I’m a girl with many issues favorite things, and will often share with you what I am currently obsessing about 😀

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Monday

After unsuccessfully scratching off all of my previous nail polish during the week, I resorted to finally using nail polish remover by Sunday afternoon. I do not encourage my terrible habit! Incessant polish peeling causes weak and brittle nails that will soon be in need of intensive care.. But being me, I listen to no one and will still continue living in (nail-) sin (plus, I am always a nervous wreck, and peeling off polish is weirdly soothing..)

Now on with what you want, want to you really really want…and less about me (do you guys remember that song?? 🙂 ). It’s time for this Monday’s Manicure!

Lucky in Lilac

Lucky in Lilac

Being an absolute fashion victim, I know I should technically be matching polish colors to the time of year, month, week, clothes, shoes, accessories, skin color, hair color, eye color, lip gloss and much, much more. Too much spontaneity in the world of fashion can quickly lead to disastrous no-gos if you aren’t an expert in this ever-changing field, and I have a tip below that can help you forgo simple faux-pas..



While I may not be as dogmatic as described above when it comes to how you dress, I do believe you should find a style that suits you and slowly start varying your looks from there on out. When entering the world of an amateur fashionista, a little certainty that what you’re wearing looks good on you definitely helps build confidence – especially if you are new at this fashion thing!. Before you know it, you will gradually find yourself playing with different clothes, accessories and make-up, and start receiving positive stares from passer-byers. I do not wish a fashion faux-pas – with its all-inclusive pointing and whispering – on anyone! So take things slow and learn what works. For example, I steer clear of baggy boyfriend jeans and overalls because I know that I’m just too short to pull that look off!



When it comes to nail polish however, I am a true practicer of out-of-the-box mentalities. Remain a true free spirit and wear that yellow nail polish with your fair complexion and pair it with those pale blue shoes, if you like. What’s the worst that could happen?!

Not having matching nail polish is not the end of the world – It actually does not make or break the outfit, regardless of what any of your fashion icons might say! What’s more, someone might see your rad nails and find them sooooooooooo cooooool that weird colors become a new trend!

So if you are feeling experimental one day, but don’t have the courage to pull off an outrageous outfit and walk out on the street just yet, try building confidence with some striking nail polish, and see how it feels! 🙂

Catrice: Lucky in Lilac

Catrice: Lucky in Lilac

This week’s color is not as striking as say an orange tone with a pink cardigan, but it is far from the security of a French manicure. Today I’m talking Lilac!

Catrice Nail polish

Catrice Nail polish

As usual, I started with a base coat to help support my peeled nails. Then I applied a double coat of color, let it dry, and topped it off with some shine…


Et Voilà, purple nails!

Lilac Nails!

Lilac Nails!

A bit delayed, but still with Attitude and nail polish (duh!), Anoushé xoxox