New Favourites

IMG_0399I’ve recently revamped my beauty routine. I still use the Clarins products I spoke about, but they will soon be empty, so I decided to make use of my time here in the States, and find a couple of products that would also suit my skin. I looked for products containing similar ingredients and with similar effects on my skin like my favourites, and stumbled upon this foaming cleanser by Bliss, and this moisturizer by Philosophy.

IMG_0397These face care products are both meant to wake up and energize my skin. Instead of Ginkgo extract like in the Clarins Energizer, these products contain oxygen. Upon application I didn’t feel any different from before. There was no immediate wakeup call like with the Clarins products, but the cleanser is effective if you did not remove all your makeup the night before. After using the cleanser, I applied tonic, and then the cream, which is uncomfortably gel-like and gummy. It left my skin looking slightly greasy as it takes a while to seep in, so I wouldn’t recommend applying makeup afterwards. Once the moisturizer set however, my skin was as soft as a baby’s bum.

Speaking of Tonics, I’ve been continuing the use of my Wake-up boosting tonic, and my Dr Haushka Tonic water, but I’ve also found a new one that I’m very much enjoying:


I’ve also tested an array of masks.


I’m obsessed with black heads on my nose. I’ll go to any length to squeeze them out, leaving my skin flaky and dry. To help prevent the need to squeeze them out manually, I’ve been looking for pore-cleansing face care to prevent my unhealthy habit.


This was the first tried and tested product. It was a sample size, and I was very impressed with the results. It’s great for targeting the porous area!

IMG_0798My next favourite mask is great for the whole face.

IMG_0440IMG_0398IMG_0865I liked it so much that I had to take a picture every single time I used it! The mask is very dark and cooling and takes a while to dry, but it works absolute wonders! My skin was left radiant and visibly more clear than before. I now walk around even more confidently without makeup 😉

IMG_0727This was for my pre-thanksgiving mask evening


1461114_10153484507665245_2125328794_nMask parties are a thing here…

Stay tuned for the rest of my Thanksgiving weekend, more beauty faves and much, much more!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Current Craze – BB Cream

Welcome to the first of many regular posts on beauty product must-haves. Over the next few weeks, I will be introducing you to various products I currently enjoy using, what benefits those products bring, and how you should be using them. Parallel to these posts, I will be making better use of my obsessive occasional visits at department stores, to analyze and test each brand offering the current product of discussion. This way, I can recommend the prefered product I’m currently using, but also offer you various other great options. The results will be found in the recurring Buy this/ not that blog post.

Today we will be looking at BB Cream

Various BB creams

Various BB creams

What is BB Cream?

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm. It was initially created to help heal skin redness after peeling treatments. It was later introduced to and made famous in Asia. It became incredibly popular due to its ability to transform skin.

What does it do?

BB Cream is being promoted as an all-in one cosmetic product for your face. It is said to be a simple replacement for all skin care and cover-up products to date. In other words, its maaaaagic! Good-bye expensive serums, so long pore minimizing moisturizers and primers. Sun screen? Who needs it, when you’ve got a tube of BB Cream. With its mineral-based coverage, including ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid (to promote moisture), this miracle in a bottle will both cover AND treat various blemishes at the same time (in case you were wondering, yes I am being completely biased)! Today, a BB cream can do so much; it smooths, moisturizes, protects, firms, primes, softens lines, brightens and conceals, while being light on the skin (unlike most foundations…) and easy to use!

More BB Creams

More BB Creams

How do I use it?

Although it is being marketed as a replacement for all products used after applying toner and under eye cream, I tend to still use either a dollop of serum or a squirt of moisturizer on days where my skin needs more treatment. But if you are running short on time, please feel free to solely wash your face prior to applying the BB cream. Depending on the brand, one might offer more cover up than another, so you might need to mix in some foundation or lightly dust your face with powder (same goes for tinted moisturizers, e.g. moisturizers with some colour, but more about those some other time).

The result?

BB creams leave your skin feeling soft and your pores barely visible. With the addition of a relatively high SPF, your face will be protected from the sun, giving your brain space to think about things other than sun cream. Overall it is a great product to have on hand, either for daily-, travel- or sporadic use!

Garnier BB on my try out list! Maybe it will be in the Buy this/not that segment? Stay tuned!

Garnier BB on my try out list! Maybe it will be in the Buy this/not that segment? Stay tuned!

Currently in my Cabinet:

I am in looooooooove with Kiehl’s Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream (even my mom – the make-up and product minimalist – approves! 🙂 ) It comes in various shades, is safe for sensitive skin (like mine!), is SPF 50, contains high levels of vitamin C and provides all day hydration.

Equally ranked on my “in love with..” list is Garnier’s BB cream under eye roll-on. I know I was promoting their under-eye concealer (which I still very much support!), but if you haven’t noticed, I am a conceal-a-holic, and remain fickle with my favorites. Therefore, in keeping with my addiction, I will not stop buying and testing concealers (and no, I will not consider attending concealers-anonymous, because who doesn’t ever need a great concealer?! I’m doing you guys a good deed 🙂 ). Like the concealer, the BB cream reduces swellings and dark circles, while simultaneously covering them up, but its BB cream attributes help it blend miraculously with your skin, hydrate the under-eye area and smooth/prevent wrinkles.

So in celebration of the Summer months (although it seems much more like Winter at the moment..yuck), give BB cream a try, and profit from its many wonderful advantages 🙂

Stay tuned for my up-coming BB Cream Buy this/Not that blog post for more product recommendations!

Until then, with attitude and nail polish,

Anoushé xoxo

My Evening Routine a.k.a Natural Face-time!

Goooooooooooooooooooooooood morning world (or good night to those not in Europe 🙂 ) This next beauty post – as a follow-up to the previous one – will give you insight in to what I do at the end of the day, before drifting off to the land of slumber (more commonly known as la la land :)). To those of you just getting home from a night of partying, studying or whatever else you do on a Monday night, these tips will be just for you!

Make-up removal 101

All good...:)

All good…:)

This is a face mask. Not just any face mask…but my current favorite “masque“. The Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque to be exact. I use this once a week, and depending on your skin type, I recommend starting this routine as well (plus/minus two or more times). But let’s not go in to the nitty-gritty details of why you should be considering investing in a mask just yet.

(You will find more about why you should use this, and various other products in my soon to be posted, regular beauty segment on important, must-have beauty essentials for glowing skin.)

Now, how many of you come home after a long work/school/totally awesome activity day and just want to eat, drink and be merry until you pass out on the couch, while reading a book in bed, or – like me – while watching the latest episode of Men at Work? Did we think to remove the make-up we were wearing all day? …nope, we’ll do that in the morning – if at all – before applying a new layer.

Soooooo, if so many women all over the world go to bed with their make-up still on, it has to be ok, right? WRONG! And I will tell you why…:

I admit, I’ve also been the culprit of a little voice telling me I could go to bed earlier, if I skip the whole make-up-removal process. But honestly, do I win that much more extra sleep? Not if I end up staying up anyways, watching “just one more episode of (fill in your favorite show here), and then I’ll call it quits”. And not only do I not profit from any extra sleep, but by not removing the gunk on my face, I put my skin in danger of..dun dun DUUUUUUUUUUN…ZITS!

Yup, you heard me. By skipping something as simple as spending five minutes on skin care, you might wake up with not only smudged eyeliner and possibly a smear of colour on your pillow case, no, you might also be greeted by a puffy, puss filled form of acne when you check out your morning reflection in the mirror…

But never fear, for I am here, and offer you short and simple way of preventing this disaster.

For the lazy/efficient/time-pressed people: Face Wipes

Korres Milk Proteins Face Wipe

Korres Milk Proteins Face Wipe

Face wipes are a wonderful invention, with each individual wipe soaked in just enough product, to get basic make-up off your skin. I am currently using Korres Milk Proteins Cleansing Wipes, but have also had great results from brands like Bebe Young Care and Nivea Naturals. (Note: Wipes are effective when it comes to foundation, eyeshadow, and eyeliner-removal, but for mascara you will need eye make-up remover (see below)).

For non-wipers (+ for mascara removal): Facial Cleanser and Eye Make-up Remover

Although skin cleansers come in many shapes and sizes, they all haveone thing in common is: they do a more thorough, and much-needed job of freeing up your skin pores. This is vital because your pores are clogged by regular make-up usage, resulting in a build up of the pore-produced oil called Sebum (our body’s natural skin protector), which then causes a zit-outbreak (Releeease the Craaacken..tihi this somehow just fit 🙂 ). To successfully remove pore-cloggers, apply cleanser to a cotton pad and swipe over face (if using the Kiehl’s product, apply directly to face in circular motion, and wipe off with cotton pad). Follow by washing face with water, and applying toner (my all-time favorite for evening skin care is by Dr. Haushka, see below.)


Kiehl’s cleanser (for sensitive skin) and L’oréal eye make-up remover (Note the 2 separated emulsions. Shake well before use!)

For more extreme eye-make up (think glitter, mascara, liquid eye-liner) you should additionally use an Eye Make-Up Remover. Shake the product well before using, and soak a cotton pad. Place cotton pad on eye and press slightly. Then swipe the make-up off (gently!) and follow by washing face with water.

After make-up removal: Toner and Under-Eye Skin Care

Dr. Haushka Toner

Dr. Haushka Toner

After either make-up removal process, you should use a toner. This helps sooth the skin after cleansing (more details will be in the before mentioned, soon to be posted, must-have products article). Also, I recommend using a good quality Under-Eye cream, as the skin under your eyes tends to be a bit thinner and more fragile (i.e. wrinkle prone) and needs extra hydration.

Bobby Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

Bobby Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

Happy cleansing! 🙂

Anoushé xoxo

p.s. I dedicate this post on skin care how to’s to my bestest friend in the whole world, because if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be using much more than a cleanser and a moisturizer, and wouldn’t know about many of these products (which come to think of it, might be the reason why I used to have more money in my bank account 😉 ).

Question of the day: Do you remove your make-up?  If yes, what is your favorite method? 

My Daily Routine..a.k.a soap on, soap off

As a first beauty post of mine, I thought I could launch right in and show you guys what I do every morning in an attempt to wake up 🙂 I have to say, I think I’ve got it down to the “t” because I always feel overly hyperactive before even having my morning mug of green tea! Now this might have to do with my personality, but I do give a little credit to my favourite products…

So let’s jump right in and start with the first step: Face Wash

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and Wake-Up Booster Tonic

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and Wake-Up Booster Tonic

Now I splurged on these products because I really needed something to wake me up in the morning and couldn’t find a single product that could do this any better (plus I have really sensitive skin and cannot use generic products without looking like a red lobster!!!). The one on the left is the Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel which is what you wash your face with. Simply splash your face with (cold) water and apply a dollop of the gel to your face in circular motions. After washing and drying your face (gently!) you apply the one on the right – the matching Wake-Up Booster Tonic. In my opinion this is what really knocks your socks off! It’s like Red Bull for your face! So if you have a cleanser you want to finish, or just love, but want to get an extra kick without needing any coffee in the morning, I recommend just buying the tonic.

After waiting for the tonic to dry (which I generally forget because I’m always in a time crunch in the morning!) you can move on to step 2: Serum and Moisturiser

Caudalié Vinosource - Quenching Sorbet-Crème and Catrice Primer Fine Powder

Caudalié Vinosource – Quenching Sorbet-Crème
and Catrice Primer Fine Powder

The serum is totally optional, but since I am out of my favourite moisturiser I am relying on only this until I find the time to pick up more of the good stuff. Slather on the serum all over your face and pat it in before applying the moisturiser (the link above is to the Clarins Daily Energy cream, which again is totally optional; go for the tonic only and use a different moisturiser if you wish to save some cash! 🙂 ) Finally, before using any make up, I use a Primer. I chose a relatively cheap one for this, as the make up I use is very good quality and stays on even without the primer.

Now on to step 3: Let’s get rid of those under-eye swellings!

Garnier roll-on and Lancome Hydra Zen Yeaux

Garnier roll-on and Lancome Hydra Zen Yeux

Do you wake up with dark circles under your eyes? During my last year of high-school I was sleeping five hours a night on average and had to rely on good make-up to still have that “fresh” look during the day. I swear by garnier to achieve the ultimate freshness. Both the roll-on and roll-on concealer are AMAAAAHZING! Simply apply before putting on your make-up and your under-eye-circles will feel nice and cool!

And finally, step 4: Foundation and Concealer!

As a final step to being ready to leave the house, I apply foundation, BB cream or a little bit of powder. I use three different kinds of foundation, depending on my budget. Lancome Teint Miracle really matches my skin tone, so I tend to use this more often. I also love Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW from time to time and use Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse when I’m out and about (like after dance!) and need a quick touch up. So the choice is yours! Find a foundation or BB cream you like, (BB cream {Blemish Balm} is great to use during the summer – my favourite being from Kiehls because I don’t need to use moisturiser or sun cream with it!) and that matches your skin tone and apply over your primer! Sometimes I just use Benefit Porefessional, and some powder (see picture below) to cover up tiny blemishes, on days I don’t want to do the full make-up thing.

Benefit, Lancome and Maybelline

Benefit, Lancome and Maybelline

Garnier Concealer roll on and Benefit Pore-fessional

Garnier Concealer roll on and Benefit Pore-fessional

Next you apply concealer under your eyes and on anything else you wish to conceal! My favourite for under my eyes is by Garnier, but I also love Benefit’s Confessions of a conceal-a-holic (and yes, I only own this because I also am a conceal-a-holic!) 🙂

And now just use some powder if you tend to have oily skin, and this makes sure everything stays in place. My favourite is by Bobby Brown.

So that’s it! Looks long, but really only takes ten minutes, and I end up with lovely flawless skin 🙂 And if you want, now is when you apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and blush. But more about that soon! And don’t forget, these are the products I use, and that have worked well for me; please feel free to comment below and let me know what you recommend as well, as I’m always interested in finding new things to try(they don’t call me a conceal-a-holic for nothing 😉 )

Beauty question of the day:

What does your morning routine look like? And What are some of your favourite brands to use?

Stay wonderful people!

xoxo Anoushé