Tuesdays and Tutus

Guess who is inspired to choreograph again?

I’ve been trying to dance to this song for a while now, but have not managed to get much more than one or two counts of eight. Today however my creative juices were replenished while taking a contemporary class with Enzo Celi, a guest choreographer invited to our school for a workshop lesson. I’m not sure what it was, whether it was his Italian charm that made me remember my passion for choreography, his European flair and accent that reminded me of home, or his free and flowy choreography similar to those I cherish in my memories from my classes back home.

Whatever triggered my creativity, I’m glad it did; school work has slowly been getting to me and on top of that dance was slowly becoming an unnecessary chore and time-waster that I would sometimes even consider skipping (GASP) for an extra hour of sleep or study. Now I’m feeling the total opposite, with any small dance step barely quenching my thirst for new sequences and ideas! I’m all bubbly with energy and constantly eager to get to the studio to dance. I even showed parts of my ideas so far to my friends in my Uggs while walking to class – but come to think of it when don’t I dance in wide open spaces?

I’ll be posting a video of my dance up soon (not in Uggs!) I have an amazing dancer friend here who will be helping me out with the partnering (yes, I am planning it as a pas de deux! :))

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Wasn’t this meant to be a dance and beauty blog?

My dear Blog-osphere community, dear family and friends…

What has become of my blog? What has happened to this once manicure-crazy, half Iranian Swiss girl with a passion for dance and writing cutesy, funny posts? I went from posting three times daily to every so often, to maybe, if lucky, once every other week! It has happened…


College has happened..


I am going mad…

New people, new courses, new names, new food, new-found unstylish days walking around with no make-up and in my dance clothes all day.


I have become… Americanized!

Who knew I – of all people – , who swears by concealer and at least a little bit of powder before EVER leaving the house; never going in to town without an okay-ish outfit; changing out of my dance clothes before setting foot outside the studio; Who would’ve ever thought that I could:

– Go to brunch in my pyjamas

-Walk around without any makeup, unless I don’t have a dance class

-Wear my dance clothes all day because I have class at odd times

-Not be judged because everyone knows I am a dance third and am thus allowed to look tired and sweaty all day (yuck, but it has happened..)


When I dress normally and try to look like I would for school back home, people would ask me why I looked so fancy. I choose to wear kitten heals and skinny jeans and suddenly people think I’m dressing to impress. I don’t wear my dance clothes and suddenly my friends don’t even recognise me anymore… whaaaat?

Anyhoo, since this technically is a dance and cosmetics blog and not so much a “Day in Anoushé’s shoes” blog, let me bring myself back to basics.

Morning College Routine:

The earliest classes here don’t start until 9am, and lucky me, being a dance third, I have movement classes every morning, which is great to wake me up! My first two weeks I would wash my face and apply some BB cream, but now, mid-week 3, I don’t even bother since it will all be off again by 11… I stick to the basics: Face Wash, Toner, moisturizer, Under Eye Toner

In the evenings, if I did manage to put on some make-up during the day, I use face wipes.


I got these hawaiian 3 in 1 towelettes at Whole Foods for easily removable make-up, but use eye make-up remover for the super-long-lasting stuff.

In addition to basic care, I am using a new face mask that I recently picked up when I was in need for more body lotion.





My pores have been in major need of some extra work and I really enjoyed this oatmeal scrub and mask from The Body Shop. It has inspired me to make my own this weekend! 🙂

IMG_0273Now I even feel confident without makeup 😉

So back to dance…

After I get dressed in my dance gear and pack an extra Tshirt and spray-deodorant (which they don’t even sell here!) I trek on over to the dance studios, which is on the other side of campus. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I take Contemporary and on the other two weekdays I’m in Ballet. In addition to the morning classes, I take a choreography and improv class on Tuesday afternoons, Improvisation on Thursday after Yoga and I recently started with Capoaira on Mondays and Thursdays!

This picture was taken after Capoaira last week, where we learned to play traditional instruments to a classic Capoaira song.



Yes, we have random shopping carts on campus (there are currently three on our floor!!).

And I am taking other classes too! I am currently in a Green Romanticism Literature class where we are reading everything from Rousseau to Frankenstein, and I’m also in a French class to brush up on my skills! There will be a few more additions to my schedule, which I will fill you in on soon 🙂

Oh and I made Persian Rice..

IMG_0269With a gas stove!

IMG_0264Happy times!

I cannot be content without my rice 🙂

Also, if I didn’t cook, my friends would be eating cereal for dinner 😉



Or peanut butter (ok I’m more guilty of that one…)


And when I’m not dancing, reading or cooking (eating…) I take pictures on campus…








IMG_0252My super-cute mug!

IMG_0250Room decoration 🙂

Now that you are up to date, and I have passed  on at least a bit of beauty knowledge, I will go to bed! As you now know, I have an “early” contemporary class 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo






Funky Friday

Today is Saturday which means that yesterday was Funky Friday!



So far we have looked at music and what choreography means to me. Today we will take one step away from my personal affiliation and dive more into the stone cold facts. Let’s take up music one more time..

So let’s say you’ve done the grueling task of finding your music. That’s checked off your list; vital part number one is done. So now what..? Well, it’s time to create! And depending on how you wish to perform your piece there are various ways of setting forth…


1. You are choreographing a solo for yourself. You must know the choreography, no one else matters.
2. You are choreographing for others

OK so choreographing for yourself doesn’t take much more than your brain and great memory, and maybe some pens and paper to help you out. You decide how it should be and can adjust your moves accordingly. No one will be around to contradict or criticize – you are your own boss.




But most choreographers don’t work that way. Most choreographers wish to create for the masses, i.e. get amazing dancers to learn the routine and dance, dance, dance the night away in front of thousands and thousands of people. They want their name known, not so much as a dancer, but more as a choreographer! I am different that way, I’d rather do both, create and perform, but that’s just cause I MUST be in the spotlight… which we will deal with another time…;)



Let’s assume you are trying to choreograph for others. Your students must be able to understand and translate your vision into their own moves and display what you want to see to the pointe (tihiii 🙂 )

You shrug and think that’s simple, cause all you have to do is stand in front and show them what to do, right? Well maybe you’re right, but in my experience it is tough! I don’t think that’s just me…

Teaching a class..in Tango/HipHop

Teaching a class..in Tango/HipHop

I’ve been told that I’m a total fuzzle head. My brain goes haywire when it comes to dance-creating and I’m always 5 steps ahead rather than being at the actual move. That’s not very productive when trying to explain what my choreography is. So working with me is..well..difficult.

Oozing with ideas which is technically good, can easily backfire. These random thoughts don’t always go down well with normal human beings. Somehow they are unable to understand the craziness of what is also known as my brain. When they don’t get what I want and they aren’t performing what I had envisioned I get frustrated. Painstakingly so..

..meltdowns might happen..



Impatience and unorganized thoughts do not go together, so in my experience of my previous choreographic conundrums, I have learned some vital old-man wisdom: write down your thoughts and organize them before even considering to teach other people. Sure, if you get a spontaneous idea during a class, be my guest and incorporate it into the existing choreography. Just make sure the base of the choreography is well prepared and ORGANISED! Don’t keep wanting more and more and more, the others don’t have that wide an attention span to take in all your creative info..

Exactly how to organise your thoughts we will look at next time 🙂 Until then,

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Funky Friday

Funky Fridays

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s Friday, it’s Friday, it’s Friday, it’s Friday!

Finally! The long awaited, way overdue, but extremely short weekend! We missed you old friend!

Now..I can catch up on the sleep I've missed because I was sleeping..

Now..I can catch up on the sleep I’ve missed because I was sleeping..

Being a working girl who needs her beauty sleep, I am suffering from a major sleep deficiency! I honestly don’t know how I did it all those years at school.. How was I able to study until 1 (which happened more often in my last year), wake up at 6.30, go to school without any caffeine – other than a tumbler of earl grey tea – and manage to go to dance afterwards? It must be the old age creeping up on me… 😉

Today, my days are more like hitting snooze 10 times, rolling out of bed, getting dressed half asleep and then gradually waking up over the course of the day. I do end up with hyperactive spurts of energy right before my dance class, which is great for my progress there, but it doesn’t help being a walking zombie at work! It’s a vicious circle…

Yaaaaaawn, you are boring me!

Yaaaaaawn, you are boring me! I just want to watch So You Think You Can Dance and sleep!

Anyhoo…todays post is all about choreography, and over the course of the next couple of weeks, whenever you see a Funky Friday post, it will mean choreography..yaaaaaaaaay!! 😉

Teaching a class..

Teaching a class..

As an aspiring choreographer/dancer/writer/publisher/PR and Marketing person (yes I am very confused..), I absorb all the tips and tricks I can find, to hopefully one day master the beautiful art of dance making (among all other interests..). So guys, if you’ve got any tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to let me know! I’d love to hear about your insights.
In these posts I will try to bring you closer to my knowledge of how the process of choreography works. Step by step, I’ll walk you through the various stages I have personally always found necessary in order to create a successful and appealing dance .

Dance outfit!

Dance outfit!

So let’s hop to it. I said, a hip hop the hippie the hippie, To the hip hip hop, a you don’t stop (This just fit..didn’t it? 🙂 Do you know this song?)

On that note, let me reveal what we will focus on today: Music.

What part of my current Dance playlist looks like

What part of my current Dance playlist looks like

If asked for an estimate, I’d probably say I’ve got about 50 songs saved under the playlist ‘dance’, that I could imagine making up a choreography too. But as with my food preferences, I tend to go through various music phases and feel more drawn to a certain song, certain style or even certain singer, depending on my mood. I’ve had cases where I’d start a choreography, only to abandon it for the creation of a new, completely different one as soon as the going get’s tough and I’m lacking creativity. I’m so terribly fickle, that if songs were people, they’d probably hate me! (Don’t hate the player hate the game! Not my fault I don’t have oozles of ideas..)

Personal music tendencies aside, I do honestly think having a couple of songs at the ready could always come in handy, for when you are needed to choreographically create a masterpiece with limited prep time… But for larger projects, where you are not under time pressure, you probably can – and need to – focus on one song at a time. So how do I pick that song..?



There is no right or wrong answer here. Some like to start choreographing when they have found the perfect song, others choreograph to their own beat and then start searching for a song that embodies their vision. You might even begin something to one song but find a cooler one later on and decide to switch to that instead! Basically, there is no limit when it comes to creative possibilities! You just have to feel that the song fits, and when it does, the choreography-juices will just start flowing! If creating the dance becomes more of a chore than a pleasure, 80 % of the time it means you’ve got the wrong song! Pushing yourself to stick to one song in particular, rather than choosing a song that is more suitable for the dance you envision, does not make help the process!. So if a couple of weeks you find you are stuck at 3 counts of eight and cannot think of anything…switch! Find a better, more fitting song that speaks to you! If you don’t feel it, don’t choreograph it! Music is what inspires most dances…

Dancing in my people clothes :)

Dancing in my people clothes 🙂

So in a nutshell, try and find a couple of songs you think you could choreograph something to. If you know what style of dance, it will help narrow down the music selection (but that doesn’t mean you can’t dance hiphop to tango!

HipHop meets Tango..

HipHop meets Tango..

(I did that, but more about that some other time..)). Once you’ve started and find it doesn’t fit, then keep on searching. Use YouTube for inspiration or iTunes Genius to find a similar song, if that’s what you are after..options are endless! And don’t forget, in a worst case scenario you can always make a remix of the various songs you have been able to create short dances to, and make one huge mega mash-up of all that!

Until next time…with attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxox