Manicure Monday – Azure

I know, I know.. I’ve been abandoning you guys lately. It’s not entirely my fault though; working at a fashion magazine in the beauty department seems to have taken up my blogging neurons in my brain. For some reason writing and researching for cosmetics is not an unlimited resource – I can’t seem to do it 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my job and my blog. I mean, I get all excited at the magazine when I discover new products in the mail that haven’t been released yet and immediately start drafting a post in my head with an overenthusiastic grin on my face because I just cannot contain all this acquired knowledge and absolutely MUST share it with you beautiful people before my heart and head explode from all the new things I want to purchase. But then, sadly, I realize that technically I can’t tell you about all the gorgeous, amazing things until they are actually on the market – this really dampens my joy 😦

Thus, me = unhappy = no blog posts about beauty.. and because I’m currently not in Zurich and am always working into the evenings, I don’t have any dance classes = no dance posts. Can you feel my frustration?

Trying out products on my hand :D

Trying out products on my hand 😀

Anyhoo, I keep on trying to remind myself that I can still write the posts, but can’t publish them until late April/May. This somehow cheers me up slightly and keeps my spirits on the higher side, because I can at least share my excitement with you eventually 😉 So be prepared for plenty of posts being bombarded your way!

Now, onwards with a manicure that made me want to leave Germany and head for the Tropics (or just to the South of France)!


(Short note on the side, I am in LOVE with Lindsey Kelk. Her book “The Single Girl’s To -Do List” was my trusted companion in my long train travels from Munich to Zurich and back last weekend. A really fun read, perfect for the beach, and it matches the nail polish 😉 )


Turquoise. Shiny turquoise. Like the ocean. Summer must be around the corner…

IMG_1465This is my first polish by Chanel. I’m not too fond of the brush, but the quality of the colour makes up for the slightly difficult application (I prefer wider brushes). Also, depending on how many coats you apply and how the light hits you nails, the turquoise will either appear more grey or more shiny blue; it’s like two colours in one – what a bargain! 😉

IMG_1459What’s more, its name calls for the beach: Azuré. Côte d’Azur. Ahhh… France… Cannes.. sunshine..

*Dreaming again*

A little drop of the Mediterranean on your nails 😉

Have a beautiful and sunny Monday, loves! I promise my next post won’t take ages to appear!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo




La Petite Robe Noire

You guys.
You wouldn´t believe what I’m doing for the month of March. You have three guesses. I’ll give you a hint: I may be in an office, but I’m surrounded by things I generally spend wads of money on.
Any guesses?
I guess I’ll have to tell you then…
Little old me from this little old beauty blog out of little old Zürich is currently doing an internship for InStyle Beauty. Yup, you heard me, I’ve gone from Blog to Magazine (with a little help from a fairy godmother perhaps) and I will be working here until the clock strikes midnight at the end of the month.
Being an intern for the beauty section of a fashion magazine means it is now my job to smell perfumes, test nail polishes and read about sun care (yes that all happened today, Day 1) :), while also organising the merchandise, the press samples and advertisement in the thousands of folders around my desk. Being an intern I thought I would be the one fetching coffee, but today the only “odd job” I received was to get an electronic toothbrush to work, so we could test how it functions.
You cannot believe how excited I am to be sharing this news with you. I am in heaven. I’m surrounded by EVERYTHING to do with BEAUTY – old products, new products, products that aren’t even on the market, articles about the products, free samples of products; the list goes on and on… I feel very undercover-agenty knowing how they choose products for their latest articles and how they determine what’s good and what isn’t… and what’s going into next month’s Beauty edition!
 I’m mesmerized.
I’m almost equally excited about the nail polish I ‘m writing about for today’s Manicure Monday. It was an impulse purchase well-sold to me while I was picking out a new perfume. I have never bought myself a perfume and decided I had to finally find a signature scent all on my own… but alas, as you all know, I’m an absolute sucker for good salesmanship and cute names, and purchasing the nail polish as well as the perfume was no different a case.
You see, this nail polish is not only very pretty and stylish, it also happens to have the same name as the perfume, which also matches a lipgloss that belongs to the same line (and was sold along with the perfume). Very smart Guerlain, very smart…
Yup, I melted on the spot at the thought of owning matching polish, perfume and lip gloss, all called la Petite Robe Noire. I can feel you all rolling your eyes at me but I felt the urge, to do what well put-together women back in the day used to do i.e. wear matching everything (or so I was told). Somehow I believed that their perfectly-outfitted spirits would somehow inspire me to become more organised. It was a well-meant thought – but as you can imagine, I have yet to wear all three products together.
Nevertheless, I am currently sporting the polish and am quite fond of it. It is slightly darker than my skin tone and also slightly metallic. It’s a fun spring colour, which I can guarantee is totally in at the moment as I saw plenty of women at the office wearing similar shades 🙂 how’s that for being “en vogue”.
IMG_1433The brush is perfectly soft and wide – I barely messed up the manicure and was applying it on the train!
IMG_1436I’m in luuuuuuuurv and will be going back to buy another polish by Guerlain very very soon 😀
IMG_1435I can’t wait for my second day at InStyle! 🙂
With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxox