Marvelous in my Monday

This post is long overdue. It took me a while to reemerge from the rabbit hole

I mentioned here a while ago that I had met Johnny Depp…

I think it is time to clear the air and tell you about my marvelous weekend:


First things first: I sadly did not actually hang out with Johnny Depp. My dad may have some cool friends, but he hasn’t ventured into befriending members of the Hollywood territory (just yet).

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter

So if this isn’t Johnny Depp, who is it?

Well, my dad and his fiancé hosted an Alice in Wonderland themed costume party a few Saturdays ago. Everyone put some effort into dressing up as either Alice, the Queen of Hearts or the Mad Hatter (Sadly didn’t see any caterpillars). This gentleman put in slightly more effort than others, with an outfit so lifelike he could’ve just walked right off the set of Tim Burton’s movie.

I was also very excited to spot a couple dressed as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumm 🙂

I went as the Cheshire Cat, and luckily for me, my idea remained unique.


I found my outfit online and was slightly worried it would look a tad bit too “unappropriate”. Thankfully it was actually a cute dress with accents of the original Cheshire Cat colours (pink and purple). Wanting to also incorporate the newer version of the cat (blue), I decided to wear my favourite heels and blue cat contact lenses.


My makeup was also matching: pink eyeshadow with purple eyeliner on one side, purple eyeshadow with purple eyeliner on the other and lots and lots of Givenchy Noir Couture purple velvet mascara – I was happy to finally have an occasion to purely use coloured mascara and see what it looks like (I normally do a mix of black and colour for an extra pop). I also wore purple-pink-ish lipstick.



My dad went as the Mad Hatter


Wonderland Selfie


My best friend also made an appearance.. as Alice 🙂


Jumping for joy.


And boogying all night!


Aint no party like a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party 😉

We all had a marvelous time!


With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Peanut Butter, Essays and late-night Discoveries

Ashamed and very much out of character I must admit that I have no manicure to show you today. I also didn’t have one to show you last week… weird.. I did however finally manage to remove the pink liquid sand from last time and for the first time in a while I’m rocking naked nails. Acting so unlike myself makes me think: What is the issue, dude?! 

Is my super-cute, pink bed spread in the pinkish room I share with an amazing roommate enough girly-girl-ness, removing the need for all things glitter and gold?



Nawwww.. that can’t be it.. I’m pink and girly no matter what..

Was this mega cute cookie they served at the Alice in Wonderland themed orientation enough to keep my girly-ness satisfied?



I didn’t eat it.. 

Frustratingly walking through my room trying to find the solution to this otherwise unquestionable hypothesis I think I stumbled upon a new-found revelation.. 

IMG_0375I didn’t bring enough nail polish! 

Back home I was rolling in enjoying the choice of an abundance of colors and textures, brands and brush sizes and revelled in the weekly selection of polish I believed to be the right fit for that week, day, hour and feeling. I had the ability to choose, and barely ran out of options. In retrospect, the polish-overload probably helped motivate me to get through the colors and to present them on this blog, but for some reason I did not consider that fact when packing for college. Rewind 2 weeks and I believe I told myself I would purchase a plethora of varnishes once I was here, as the good-quality stuff is much cheaper in the States…



I am now at college, where late-night cramming sessions, snacking at odd hours – I have already devoured a jar of Peanut Butter – and time-management issues are actually a THING. Not even during the more or less light-scheduled orientation and registration week did I manage to head into the main part of this area for much more than a bag of grapes and some awesomely colored Fanta…

IMG_0369So when will I manage to do my nails? That is left to be defined. 

Will I ever update the dance part of the blog? Yes, as soon as I have a moment to snap a pic or two of me “Owning the Awkward” and dancing around free-spiritedly on campus.

But until those two moments are a more constant figure in my life again, and I find time to scout the city for the next best make-up deal, let me bring you up to speed with what has happened here..

I moved in last Saturday and basically refurbished the place. Pink mini-fridge, extra clothes rack and of course a tempurpedic mattress-pad were all unpacked and put away. Monday and Tuesday the task of scheduling interviews for possible classes of interest began, and we had to track around campus in search of professors and their respective offices. By Thursday we had to register for the classes we had found most appealing and by Saturday we knew if we got them or not. Administration-work aside, there were also a few student-run events like parties with giant twister, Mad-Hatter tea-parties and outdoor barbecues keeping “fun” in our vocabulary.



I also rediscovered my love for the swings.



Tomorrow day two of classes start. I will try to update more often and hope to return to my normal schedule soon!

Until then, with attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo