Thinking Out Loud Thursday

It’s been one of those weeks… blogging seemed like a chore and I just wanted to hide away in my bed and travel back in time a few years to when I was a little girl and had no troubles or cares in the world.. but alas, I’ve had to put my big girl pants on, and am back full of energy for every task that lies ahead!Thinking-Out-Loud

1.  I ate manchego cheesecake with my grandparents


2. I’ve finally returned to where I belong; I now live at the dance studio again. I went to my first class last Friday and then went again Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Tonight I’m planning on going to the gym (where I haven’t been in a while either….) and tomorrow will hopefully get to a body pump class! Life is good


3. Speaking of dance… this is how I bow and run off stage after dancing like a Turkey (long story short, I performed the Tale of the Turkey Prince at SLC and have finally received the video!)

4. I filmed my dog making weird noises in her sleep. The funniest part is at the end where her sister looks at her like she has gone crazy and she then realises she is being filmed and stares in to the camera… priceless.

..also I have some pictures of them all comfy in their sleep.





5. I have FINALLY used my Marc Jacobs Nail Polish; Le Charme.


6. Leaving for America didn’t just leave a dent in my dance frequenting schedule, it also left me an irregular at my favourite Thai Restaurant in Zürich. I hadn’t been since returning home and have gone three times in this last week… the best part of going again wasn’t the food (though it was just as amazing) it was seeing how happy the staff at the restaurant were to see me! Everyone asked how I was, told me how they missed me and kept offering me free glasses of pink champagne and dessert! I guess it really does pay off to be a regular for over 14 years… 🙂




7. From all my Starbucks visits, you might deduced that I’ve gone matcha crazy. My dad picked up on that and found me Matcha Chocolate! Yumm!


I’ve also gone as far as adding it into my smoothies too (matcha powder, not chocolate 😉 )


8. I sometimes go to Pilates with my dad! The last time I went, this little doggy wanted to join in on the fun too! He is so cute, I can’t stop taking pictures! So now I will be raving about 3 dogs in my blog posts… oh the horror.





9. I got my hair cut!




It’s short in the back and long in the front!

10. The sky in Zurich is great for pictures lately…


IMG_1320With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Last two days in Zürich

I landed at one pm on Sunday and rushed home to unpack, and repack, my suitcase. Around 4.30 pm I head into town to buy some pink champagne (what else ;)) and snack foods for my closest friends who were going to meet me for a goodbye shindig.

Some of the most important people in my life <3

Almost everyone was able to make it

Before we settled down by the lake, I thought we should all indulge in some of my favorite Froyo in Zurich. Froyo and pink champagne.. yes, that’s very me. Throw in some manicures and homemade facials – while doing a pirouette – and the party would’ve summed up my life 😉

I decided not to host the party at home or a particular venue, because sitting by the lake is a big part of Zurich-student culture. Especially during my last four years of high school, lunch and after school downtime was spent by, or even on, the lake.

The weather wasn’t optimal for long by-the-lake-hanging though, so after about two hours we flocked to the closest Starbucks to warm up. Around 9.30 we decided to walk through the old town to the train station, where I would then take the tram home. On my way there, my best friend met up with me before she left for France.

I got home much later than I expected, but was happy to see almost all of my closest friends before leaving. Being my closest friends though, I expect them to come visit me at college at some point 😉

On Monday I took one last trip into town for a touristy picture with Zurich’s prettiest sights..



..And spent the rest of the day packing.





..while watching the Real Housewives of New York.

IMG_0274It all fit! 🙂

Stay tuned for the days leading up to my move in!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo



A lake, a river, and a place that I call home!

Oh boy…you guys are in for a treat today. And guess why..!

By day...

By day…source: google

Come on…


Mountains..source: google

you know you want to..!

By night..

By night..source: google

Can you guess it? …No? Well let me give you a hint: This post has to do with one of the most beautiful cities in the world …

The Place to be!

The Place to be! Source: google


My plan is to give you restaurant reviews, creative ideas on how to enjoy this vibrant city, posts about the culture, an insider guide on who is who and what is what, and much much more. Also, I will be starting – yet another – regular post related to this beautiful city. No, not on cheese, chocolate or cows (although there might be one or two comments about the most amazing champagne truffles on Earth!); my next frequent blog topic will be on Swiss German words and phrases! Maybe you will pick up a little of our unique language 🙂

So let’s get things started with the first Zürich related post, my first attempt at writing as a food critic, dubbed the Hungry Ballerina Review