Paris Days 2 & 3

Sooooooooooooooo it’s been a while – I know. Almost 2 months of a while.


Buuuuuuuut as you will read in the next couple of blog posts (which hopefully won’t take more than a few weeks to type up and publish 😉 ) I’ve been travelling H E A P S since finishing up the semester. But before I can get into any details, I need to wrap up reflecting on the trip to one of my favourite cities – Paris.

So here you have it, part 2 (or at least what I can remember of it, because well, it really has been a while…)




Days two and three were spent eating. A lot. And it was G R E A T!


We started out with a walk to Rue Cler, for a visit zo L’Eclair – one of my favourite places for breakfast, brunch and dessert. Emphasis on the latter.

IMG_0249Lots of emphasis on the latter…Especially in the form of cheesecake and warm chocolate cake after delicious, “healthier” and nutritious salads…We had to fight to finish the cake, but we didn’t give up easily 😉



I love to walk around cities when I have the time, and generally log around 25000 steps on average walking around Paris. Basically my walks are planned around where my next meals are… with some sights and shopping thrown in as well. I will forever be a foodie, discovering a city one bite at a time. I secretly feel one learns a lot about a country’s culture, tradition and of course delicacies through the stomach 😉 Our next stop after this feast was an ice cream & chit-chat date near the Notre Dame with a friend of mine from New York before heading to Kong for dinner.



One of my favourite dishes at Kong were the truffle udon noodles.



Look at all the glorious truffle!IMG_0336

Dessert was exquisite as well. I had the salted caramel eclair. Fun fact: I love salted caramel and walked all around London on Friday night looking for some… but more about that when I blog about London 😉


All the walking around and fully planned-out days (and copious amount of sugar) meant we were rather tired (read: food coma) by the evening and ended up asleep by 1 am in favour of checking out the French night scene.

On our last day, we browsed through the Guerlain boutique for a unique perfume and dug in to lunch at Ladurée before rushing to the airport for our flight back to Zurich. Verdict on the restaurant after never having been there before: stick to the macaroons and dessert… I’ve had better food elsewhere.



IMG_0369 IMG_0365 IMG_0423 Stay tuned for an update on where I went next and what I’m doing now!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo