Thinking out Loud Thursday

1. FINALLY I have figured out an (albeit excruciatingly time-consuming) way to upload my longish party videos from the 2 nights in Ibiza that were monumentally worth documenting. Now that’s a sentence. WOW. But I digress.. you wanted Steve Aoki and Calvin Harris – not me and my random babbling…But Thursdays are for random babbling and out-loud thinking, so, well, uhm… I give you both 😉

This was CREAM at Amnesia (Calvin Harris)

I have too many videos. I filmed the whole night. Yup. And you wanna know why I stood there with my phone in the air waving it like I just don’t care?  (Sidenote: I very much did care…). Well there were sooooooooo many people there, my friend and I could barely move! It was terrible… I couldn’t dance. I was devastated. At least all the videos enabled a rocking dance session away at home…#notthesame


And here is Steve Aoki (by the way I keep on wanting to write Aoiki. Annoying!) Both parties were fantastic and our clubs at home are nothing in comparison. I did feel slightly less “safe” at the big club Amnesia, but mainly because it was full of drugged up drunks and you never know what they might decide to do… I generally stay away from clubs with that reputation in Zürich, but in Ibiza you can’t avoid it everywhere. I ended up not indulging in cocktails to make sure I could safely enjoy my evening (my parents should be proud ;))

2. Can we take a minute to talk about the weather? One minute it is warm, the next it starts to rain, and then it gets so hot I want to stick my head out of a moving vehicle on the highway to cool myself down. Very frustrating.. especially since this weekend should be full of parties that are meant to be held outside (but more on that next week 😉 )

3. You know how I was on a roll, and didn’t purchase any new things for a while? Well I caved… IMG_1417 I needed eye make-up remover for back home in Zürich, as I had run out of my favourite, and while I was there I picked up some chapsticks for good measure. I have gone so long without, I am so happy to have my favourite colour back in my life 🙂

4.  This napkin is from my favourite bar in Zürich IMG_1930 Dante makes the BEST amaretto sour. The first time I went there was for my best friend’s birthday, and I asked the waiter to surprise me. He mixed up an amaretto sour WITH almond oil, and it is now the only thing I will ever drink there. Oh and, the waiters are super cute! They wear bow ties and could easily be models. My best friend may or may not have pushed me into the one I wanted to inconspicuously flirt with…(I was so embarrassed by it, that I for once in my life could not utter a single word – yup, fail!) IMG_1931 5.   Can we talk about my new favourite snack for a minute? IMG_1407Medjool dates smothered in homemade almond butter are seriously my new go to EVERYTHING. Pre-workout snack when I am not too hungry? Have a few. Need a dessert? Have a few. Don’t know what you want for breakfast? Have a few. IMG_1415 I even have a stash at the office… you know for those times you really need a date, but can’t seem to get asked out on one. (Pun intended 😉 they are a wiser choice than ice cream as comfort food and go well with Sex and the City reruns. )


6. I got in trouble at Body Pump last week. IMG_1933 I was building up my warm-up weight of 8.5 kg when the trainer said that if I started that heavy, I would need to go up to 20 kg for my squats, which lasts 5 + minutes. Errrrrrrm, no – not gonna happen. I know I want to start CrossFit, and you squat heavy there, but you don’t squat in a cardio-ish way like in Body Pump, i.e. so much more doable with heavier weights. So, lesson learned: I now warm up with 4.5 kg


7. I have 2 new favourite songs that I am listening to on repeat:


I love Ed Sheeran. I adore his entire new album – cannot wait to see him in concert!!


Klangkarussel – always awesome

8. Check out my new screen saver at work

IMG_1441I got it here, and LOVE looking at it every morning when I start up my computer. Thank you Catherine, for the beautiful wallpaper 🙂

9.  I’ve got a new favourite pre-workout snack, and the recipe will be coming your way veeeeeeery soon. For now, here is a picture to drool over:


I’ve actually also got a post-workout recipe to share with you soon too!


Do you sense a pattern? 😉

10. Hope you all had as fabulous a Thursday as I had. I went to my favourite Les Mills Bodystep class and had so much energy from my snack that I was jumping for joy 🙂 I’m also finally seeing some results in terms of fitness and strength, so stay tuned to find out more about my pursuit of health and eternal happiness!

Thank you Amanda for hosting!


With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

IBIZA 2014

Hello hello 🙂 Look who’s being a model blogger and posting regularly again – I’m back baby 😉

As promised on Sunday, I bring to you a recap of my spectacular week on none other than my fav of the Islas Baleares: EIVISSA (or Ibiza in non Catalan terms a.k.a Spanish)


I mentioned to you about a year ago that I feel a real connection to this particular island’s vibe… something about the hippy-ish, party thing they’ve got going on while still being sort-of down to earth and chilled really speaks to me. I guess the island sort of describes me well: I’ve got that wild, open, fun, talkative, party personality (read: hyperactive mojo that I cannot (will not) switch off) while also love the little things described on most dating homepages ** like oh I don’t know let’s say long walks on the beach (yawn ?), captivating discussions on life (yikes), beautiful flowers (well who doesn’t), pretty bracelets (which is just ma thang) and and and and… a really good sangria? Or does that fit into “party” ? Nevertheless: me and Ibiza, we just go together like PB and J, ok?


(**sidenote: I have yet to desperately sign up on one, but we girls all seem to think alike and think certain “fun facts” attract a particular “type” (uhm, NOT) so I have a presumption on what one might find there.. okay? 😉 )


My mom and I first started vacationing on the infamous party island when dear friends of ours invited us back in 2002. My mom being her slightly paranoid self (and I say this in the utmost loving way) couldn’t imagine why our friends would choose a drugged up, boozy British infested island as a family vacation destination and politely declined with each and every passing Summer – until said year. I don’t know how much begging and pleading went in to her booking our flights there, but knowing her will-power is far stronger than mine (I can melt like butter in a frying pan if convinced with plausible arguments… and am not too bull-headed about the idea in the first place, otherwise I can be strong like an Amazonian too  😉 ) I can imagine it took plenty of convincing… and we were both glad she “caved”: We proceeded to visit Ibiza every single following Summer.

Here is a quick photo blast from the past:










We soon discovered the hidden jewels the island had to offer.. sure it is known for its parties (and they really can be as awesome as raved about) but Ibiza also offers loads of culture, history and ambience…


And so you can imagine the amount of memories we had established by the time my father thought it was his turn to explore the magical island… And explore he did: My plan for this holiday was to show him the places I found particularly special about the island, not the places he would normally be invited to. I made a point of going to the usual “hangouts” – places my mom and I discovered – as it truly was hard for me to be there without her for a full week and I couldn’t bear not experiencing the same adventures (the last time I was only there for 2 days, also with my father.. my mom and I sadly haven’t been back since I was 16).


But of course reliving a moment sometimes makes you forget the creation of new ones.. I don’t know how many times I annoyed my dad with: “Well Mommy would have done this differently” instead of just embracing the fact that, despite it being the same island, the same place and sometimes the same friends around us, it just couldn’t be the same experience. Looking back I probably should’ve taken my own advice to heart and tried to “live a little, loosen up, “yolo”, not compare as much to the past, stop living in the past generally….” But we’ve all been there, and done that (I think).. and as already mentioned it is becoming a big goal of mine to stop worrying/over thinking and just LIVE.


Carpe Diem, and all that jazz…

For example: the scene: We went to my favourite sunset café in the world (Café del Mar) and then went to the cutest place where they only serve Pan con Tomate (bread with some tomato spread on top), the best manchego cheese and jamón – that’s it. Talk about not being very paleo 😉



Anyhoo, by the time we had relaxed, enjoyed the music, the sunset  and dinner, our original plan of heading to Pacha for Steve Aoki was slowly starting to feel too overwhelming… what – you want me to put on makeup, a dress and high-heels and go pay too much for 1 night of music and terrible pick-up lines? Uhm..

But then my dad came to the rescue and said he would drive us there (at like 1 am) if we got ready ASAP. Note: I hadn’t showered yet and my friend was about to fall asleep, because, well we thought we were going to be boring and not go after all.

So at 1.30 we were walking into the club…and danced…and were thrown cake at (I had whipped cream ON MY ARM – Aoki is CRAY CRAY)… and had the most AMAHZING time.










I will be uploading some videos from that night and the night I saw Calvin Harris (OMG) later, as WordPress seems to have trouble with large videos…

Now having a fun girlfriend along for the trip not only meant fun disco party nights, but also waaaaaay too many pictures. The rest of this post will be conducted with limited commentary (I know, almost impossible for me 😉 )





Love these two :) My godmothers children

Love these two 🙂 My godmother’s children





Gotta do yoga

Gotta do yoga




The time I copied Pinterest...

The time I copied Pinterest…





She put sand into my bikini!!!

She put sand into my bikini!!!








Cause I can only stay "serious" for so long

Cause I can only stay “serious” for so long

Yeah.. that happened

Yeah.. that happened






Oh and for those of you who kept on scrolling and reading all the way until the end, here is a treat:


DAVID GUETTA WAS AT THE BEACH WITH US. But of course, when we went up to him and asked for an autograph, he was too busy relaxing… he didn’t however say that to the skimpy-dressed girls who asked as well… shame

Looking back at these pictures make me want to up and leave for the island again.. I had such an amazing time with family and friends and cannot wait to go back 🙂

Thanks for reading! There will most likely be more pictures coming your way with the video uploads, as I didn’t want to make you look at ALL of them at once 😉

Have a beautiful day!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo



Short Holiday: Mykonos

I went to Mykonos with my dad for a short trip, arriving back home only two days before having to leave for college! It was worth it though; the island was pretty, the food was delicious and I enjoyed some father-daughter bonding time.

IMG_0286As mentioned here, I had mixed feelings about this Greek party island. I grew up going to the Spanish hippy island, Ibiza, and did not enjoy the comparison of Mykonos to the island close to my heart. Now – after my third trip there – I can enjoy it for its differences .

One of its special assets is the fact that you can see the sunset from almost anywhere.



IMG_0299We took pictures nearly every day.

Another difference I noticed was the set-up of the day. Breakfast is not until one, lunch around five and dinner can start anywhere in between 10.30 pm and one am. While Ibiza is also a late-eating island, I don’t think I’ve ever had dinner at one!

On our first night we went to this place by the beach called Nammos.

IMG_0285They used light effects to make the umbrellas on the beach look like decor.

The next day we went to the beach itself.

IMG_0287And had a late 6 o’ clock lunch at a trendy place called Alemàgou.

IMG_0289Alemàgou is proof that Mykonos is trying to break free from the Greek taverna stereotype, serving things like quinoa and sashimi while recreating the much-loved classics by changing some ingredients like their Greek Salad with Mykonian Cheese and Fava served with grilled Seafood..

The view from the restaurant:

IMG_0288On Day 3 we went to a beach similar to the ones I love in Ibiza. It’s loud, full of young people, has great music and trendy food.

IMG_0290Classic foot-relaxing-beach-and-ocean-photo 😉

IMG_0294And of course I had to do some ballet on the beach.

After the beach we went to one of the hotels on the island known for its sunsets and hip bar/pool area.

IMG_0291They had fish in the bar..

IMG_0292And I had some of the best sushi ever as a veeeery late lunch at 7 🙂

Dinner that night, I ate one of my favourite Greek dishes: Feta cheese wrapped in Philo and drizzled with honey! YUMM!

Our second to last day we went to a cute place at yet another beach for more Greek food (I also enjoyed Greek yoghurt every day for breakfast..)

Father-daughter picture:


My hair went wild in the wind!

And finally, our last day.  A final beach trip. And a fun dinner at a place known for people dancing on tables…



IMG_0298It was a good trip 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo













Ibicenco in Mykonos

Ibiza or Mykonos? Spain or Greece? It’s always been island vs island for this former Ibicenco.

I first visited Mykonos 3 years ago with my father. Till that day, I had never heard of the island, nor had I really had much interest in exploring Greece beyond knowing their food. The landing was windy, as it is a windy island, with windmills scattered across the shores. Appealing to the eye, would be the white houses with blue shutters, unappealing probably the lack if greenery. “Just like Ibiza” my father uttered as we commenced the drive from the airport.
How dare he, my proud Ibiza-adoring self thought, rage and fury growing deep inside me, despising the island immediately after this careless comparison. I had seen little more than the teeny tiny airport and was already prepared to hate the island.
Ibiza, you see, holds quite a special place in my heart. I go there strictly with my mom, who actually never wanted to go because of its party history. I was eight when she was finally convinced by our Ibiza-going friends to come visit them – We have rarely missed a summer since!

The island has this aura, a wonderfully powerful hippy-esc feel, that seeps through you the minute you begin exploring. The beaches play loud music, the food is trendy, the people ooze complete coolness… What’s not to love?! Hippy markets take place frequently selling jewelry, clothes and leather, the town is just big enough to get lost in their art galleries, bikini stores and beach-ware shops, and there are ads for the upcoming parties plastered everywhere. Not even the beaches are safe from clubs, with a new lounge/disco/dj place popping up out of the blue, dotting the beach, attracting many coolness-oozing before-party people, which helps turn it into an internationally known mekah for glorious trend lovers. Loungers enjoy the music and drinks until late in the night, before flocking to Pacha or Space, following the group of people in white bikinis holding up massive, sparkly cherries (Pacha’s logo). It’s a sight! A boho-chic cladded sight that evolved into a trendsetting style now being adopted by summer fashion everywhere!!

So yes, I was a bit spiffed when an island I had basically never even heard of was being compared to the magic of Ibiza..

Three years later, I finally see what my well-meaning father was trying to say. Both are known for their party habits, both have a relaxed and laid-back feel, although people “in the know” find Mykonos more luxurious and Ibiza more bohemian (yet receiving more luxury and VIP-feel with its growing popularity). In my opinion their most profound differences are their cuisines: it’s feta or tortilla, Greek or Spanish, ouzo or hierbas. Sushi is great on both islands…

I have seen the sunsets, heard the music, experienced my fellow vacationers and have come to the conclusion that while Ibiza will always me my first love, Mykonos admittedly has a stylish feel to it. Many may share my preliminary caution and island vs island attitude, but don’t let that keep you from visiting at least once. You never know, you might start including a short trip to both islands instead of one long one to either or 🙂

With attitude and fading nail polish, Anoushé xoxo