Manicure Monday: Disco Biscuit

IMG_1192Happy Monday everyone!

IMG_1195How was your weekend? Mine was full of pilates, Persian food and pancakes (ha! unintended alliteration for the win 🙂 )

IMG_1193Let me introduce to you, a Butter London Nail Polish that I received for my 20th birthday!

IMG_1203It’s a beautiful coral-ish red with sparkles. Loads and loads of sparkles.

IMG_1210This nail polish required two coats, otherwise it looked a bit too skimpy.

IMG_1207Let me just mention how amazing my friend is for a) reading my blog, b) remembering that I ADORE cute nail polish names and c) finds me a nail polish called Disco Biscuit for my birthday, a night where I, 1) of course was going to go out to a club, and 2) hopefully would get to eat loads of biscuits and other goodies. 🙂 perfection!

IMG_1203Did you guys know that in India they don’t say cookie, but they say biscuit? Even to chocolate chip cookies? I made this fun little discovery during my first month at SLC. It was one of the first times I had eaten a soft-baked chocolate chip cookies at the cafeteria, after seeing a group of soccer guys literally sneak behind the counter to the oven and stuff a bunch of cookies in their pockets! Naturally I thought I had to try them… and since they were so good I also wanted to start hoarding them! I mention this to my friends (many of which are from India), and my one friend gets the spectacular idea to also sneak behind the counter and grab AN ENTIRE TRAY OF “BISCUITS”! He rushes over to me, expecting me to grab all the cookies and run, but I’m stuck, frozen in awe, laughing hysterically at what he had just done! Then he started shouting: “grab the biscuits Anoushé, hurry hurry!” The way he said “biscuit” sent me into another round of hysterics.. that was the night we all became friends, and I swore I would convert to saying biscuit over cookie. (I also say Shoyu instead of soy sauce now, but that’s another, albeit similar, story..:) ).

IMG_1206This nail polish will now forever remind me of that one, biscuit-full night 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Current Craze: Glitter

Tis the season for all things alight, sparkly and glittery!

IMG_0887And I’m not just speaking about the holiday lights and Christmas decorations! “All that glitters is gold”  also goes for makeup! From shimmering eyeshadow to glittery eyeliner, shiny lip gloss and luminous highlighters – it’s time to sparkle and shine and give the beautiful Christmas lights a run for their money 😉

I currently have a few favourites that I use regularly when I go out or need a glittery pick me up (sparkles make me feel all princessy ;)). I’ve also noticed a general increase in my use of glitter during the holiday season…

I mix this product by Becca into my foundation to add a little oomph.

IMG_0901It is a highlighter and gives off a hint of shimmer on my face. I chose to mix it in to my basic foundation, but you can also use it on its own as a skin brightener when you don’t want to wear any makeup, or as a highlighter on your cheekbones to add a shimmering accent instead of blush or bronzer. It gives a nice gleam to a Vitamin D lacking face, making you look awake and fresh whenever light hits it – perfect for the Winter!

Next I have a few products that I have already been using for many, many years. Some are more suited for holidays and others are, like the Becca shimmering skin perfector above, great additions to my daily routine.



I have always been a fan of the Body Shop. Their Body Butters, lotions and shower gels have always been staples on my bathroom shelf, especially after my 13th birthday when no one knew what to get me and The Body Shop was the easiest and most enjoyable present they could think of. I got so many products, that some are still unopened and on my shelf! Crazy..

Anyhow, the one product I always make sure to stock up on in the winter is the shimmering body lotion. I mix it with regular body butter to add some sparkle to any exposed skin. My favourite scent is Vanilla, which is probably obvious as it’s the only one that is nearly empty (I’ve had these bottles for over a year now..)


The Body Shop truly understands my passion and craving for sparkly glitter this time of year. Why else would they release a shimmering product for the face, and a glitter spritzer exactly a month or so before Christmas?

IMG_0912These shimmer pearls are beautiful and add a hint of colour and shimmer with each brush stroke. I purchased this after falling in love with my absolute favourite Guerlain Meteorites Perles Illuminating Powder, but not in love with its price tag.



Whenever I open up the pretty, princess case, I enjoy the light, flowery scent and the beauty of the pearls. The various colours make for an even, lightly blushing shimmer, and the powder never gets stuck on the brush, read: no cake-y look! C’est magnifique! To save this glorious product though, I’ve been dialling back the use and replaced it with the less expensive, more shimmering version by the Body Shop – which is a win/win as more glitter is perfect right now 🙂

IMG_0911Once you have your basic shimmer covered, you sometimes need a bit more glitter. I often like to spray a bit in my hair for a bit of a va-va-voom effect when I go out.

IMG_0913I bought the one on the left a few years ago and use it sparingly. The one on the right was a present. I absolutely adore the vintage-glam feel of the bottle – they’re perfect bathroom decoration! I’ve only ever used them on their own, but wonder what they would look like mixed. Both colours work well with my dark brown hair, and add a bit of extra twinkle when I want to feel extra special 🙂


Question of the Day: Do you add in more glittery products around the holiday season?

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo