Recent Empties

FINALLY – finally I managed to set time aside to write a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while… and that’s not even considering the 20 + unfinished drafts of posts just waiting for me to give them the final touches… it’s sad really.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Wednesdays will be a “I will study if I can but not kill myself over not revising” kind of day because over the past 5 weeks (it has seriously only been 5 weeks and I am STRESSED out, you cannot even imagine) I have realised that on Wednesdays I am least productive… for whatever reason.. and thus I beat myself up over trying to concentrate but not being able to… and then along comes Thursday (and then Friday, duh) and I put major pressure on myself to get the work – that I had yet to do – done, in addition to what I had originally planned to do on that actual day itself.. and I do not bide well with that kind of pressure – let me tell you.

My brain becomes mush.. I feel like I am forever living in this weird haze… I try to read but get distracted by anything and everything and have to cancel all my weekend plans while Im crawled up in bed with trash TV because I simply cannot read another sentence.. yup..I spent lots of time watching proposal videos on YouTube. Have you seen this one?

So to overcome this issue and the actual annoyance of basically not getting ANYTHING done for 3 days because it is human to need breaks (and I guess dance or BodyPump don’t really count enough as breaks because I deal with meltdowns despite regularly working out – whoop) I will make an attempt to be cooler on Wednesdays.. and hope to thus be more productive on Thursdays.. I also vowed to wake up earlier.. one step at a time

Ok so back to today’s post.

I’ve finished a few products lately.


By a few I actually mean quite a few…


Before going back to University, I took on the long overdue task of cleaning up my life – starting with my bathroom.

You see, I am hoarder.. a hoarder of EVERYTHING. Especially food.. while I was living with other people I would keep things hidden in my room if I could.. I was just slightly weird and obsessive when it came to sharing my special favourite foods with people I thought didn’t really appreciate it.. and it put mega stress on me somehow, because now that I am back at home, I don’t worry about hoarding anything, because my mom eats the same way I do anyways, so we will always have the same things on hand.. you get where I am coming from? Do you hoard food too or am I just weird?

Well anyhow, so at home I don’t seem to have developed a food-hoarding habit, but I do have plenty other issues.. and hoarding habits. Like my closet: I can’t give away clothes. I always thing I could wear an old tshirt as a pyjama or workout shirt or that something might come back into style… and then we come to my bathroom…




A few of these things are over 10 years old. Seriously. Just let that sink in…

And when I decided to clean up my bathroom, I said it was time to officially part ways with that lip balm I hadn’t used in years..


So this was the very first Labello I ever chose myself. I remember the day too..


My mom used to buy me the green ones, I think they contained aloe vera, because I had a terrible chapped lip problem in primary school. I seriously looked like a clown for quite a few weeks because the skin around my lips would get extremely dry and go bright red. This then reoccured a few times over the year, especially either in the peak of the winter or summer months. The day I bought this chapstick I was developing said “clown mouth” yet again.. and I was at Legoland with my father and grandparents in Germany.


Naturally, the “responsible child” inside me knew I had to treat it immediately.. but I didn’t want what I was used to (and what had previously always proven effective). No, the rebel inside me wanted to purchase the cherry flavoured Labello because “I am daddy’s little girl and mommy won’t know that he bought me the red, cherry chapstick”. Smart move little girl.. because yes, while it smelled (and tasted) delicious I tend to generally use too much chap stick on (and sort of around) my lips.. still do. So while it probably helped my chapped lips a little, this particular ruby red Labello managed to make me look even more like a clown… good times. Sad to see it go, but I have long replaced Labello with Bebe. (I recently just finished another one FYI)




Now this is probably a good 4 years old.. I bought this Maybelline eye shadow to keep in my bag to apply after dance class. Yeah, as if. The whole thing was still full… probably because the colour was practically white.


I am always sad to see a Clarins product go. I have yet to replace this one as I am now testing a few other creams (that I will be mentioning in a – as promised but still not finished – new morning routine post.) I also just recently finished up my Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster Tonic. That one I hope to replace ASAP as, while it may be the placebo effect, I do feel it makes a difference in the AM.



I bought this scrub in the States around my 16th birthday because it looked like a fun thing to try. It was a great, soft face scrub. I bought it because it had carrots in it… Carrots were my thing. I used to eat them every day for lunch in a shredded carrot salad with sweet corn and fruit and nut bread.


So uhm.. this was my first ever eye shadow..


My mom treated me to a makeup session for my 14th birthday. And because it was the first time my face would be exposed to makeup, my mom wanted it to be all natural and organic. Enter: Couleur Caramel. I loved this eyeshadow and have since always tried to match the colour. It’s a hard brand to find, so I might need to stock up online. Fun Fact: my love for Colour Caramel got me in touch with the PR agency Kuk-Kommunication – and they decided to add me to their mailing list! So honoured 🙂 I’ve already been invited to one press event at Tibits NZZ Bistro, and I cannot wait for the next one!


I don’t really remember when I bought this compact powder by Clinique… I also don’t remember when I stopped using it… but I am glad I rediscovered it among my many half-used powders because the colour really matches my skin tone. Once I finish the (many) other opened powders, I will probably stick to this powder for a while.


I’ve also finished a few L’Oréal products


I really liked the liquid eyeliners, but prefer the ones by Makeup Forever. I’ll probably buy one or two of these again as backups for my favourite ones for I can only buy my beloved Aqua Liner in Paris or at Sephora.


I had the Super Liners in dark purple, black and brown.


I bought this BB cream on a whim. It was one of my first. I found the fact that it came out white really fun, but it didn’t really “wow” me otherwise. I very soon replaced it with the one by Kiehl’s.


Colour Caramel is not the only natural face product that I love – I am also a long-term fan of Dr. Haushka. The lady who did my makeup for my 14th birthday was actually also the one who recommended using Haushka as my “first” skin care product. I kept using it for years before replacing it with Clarins.


In keeping with natural makeup and skin care, I went through a phase where I strictly wanted to use all natural, vegan products. Naturally I went to Lush… I still really love the hair care and face scrub that I purchased, but this makeup remover was dreadful: it made my eyes sting and really dried up my skin. Maybe I was using it wrong? Nevertheless, I have in the meantime learned that coconut oil is also a great natural makeup remover, which is what I will be using the next time I go though a hippy, all natural vegan phase (which feels like it could be soon as I have nearly finished other makeup removers and need to think of the next replacement ;))


I first came across the brand Kiko when I went to Florence with my class in 2011. We fell in love with the various colours and products, and went mad testing eeeeeeeverything on our hands. I left with a few kajal eyeliners for my favourite winged eye makeup and these two liquid liners.


They brand reminds me a lot of Mac. The store was set up like a Sephora. The products are sold at a great price and I was always really pleased with the quality. I used this liquid liner to add a pop of colour to my makeup and it held really really well!


Speaking of Sephora, I bought this makeup remover in 2012 when I ran out on a short trip there. This is a nice, cream-based remover but I found it had a weird smell… I didn’t finish it..


I am also getting rid of a few Catrice products. I am a mega fan of Catrice’s quality, as you might have noticed in my Manicure Monday posts. The compact powder had a slight shimmer – a thing I used to really be in to before I started using highlighters and blush. The liquid liner was good, not great, and the kajals had a nice pigmentation. Definitely a good backup.

I’ve also decided to get rid quite a few Body Shop products.


I finished two hand creams: one with SPF (which I didn’t really like), one without, one body butter (I really liked this one) and a liquid eyeliner. I also decided to dispose of products that I barely use anymore: the Aloe Protective Restoring Masks (this was one of my first masks but I have so many other masks now that I just don’t use this one anymore..), green eyeshadow (that fell on the floor and broke), a neon green eyeliner (barely used it) and a nail cuticle cream (it got old.)






I also finished a cocoa lip balm (and another Labello) – this was the very first Body Shop product I ever received. I was 13.  A friend got it for me during a time where I was trying to break my daily habit of eating chocolate. This was her way of helping me incorporate my beloved dessert without eating it.




And a cocoa hand cream


I also finished one of my favourite shimmer vanilla body lotions.



I have a few backups of this one 😉

Oh and remember when I mentioned my favourite Kiehl’s mask? That is finally empty!



I also finished a Garnier BB Roll on concealer.



So there you have it… the mega clean-out of my bathroom cabinet! Yes, I realise most products shouldn’t even ever be kept that long, but mind you, most of them aren’t natural and are chock full of preservatives… keeping them a bit over (or a lot over) their sell-by date won’t hurt as long as they aren’t obviously off. And in those cases I made sure to discard of them immediately.

Phew. That was a lengthy post.

Have a great Tuesday and talk soon!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo




I finished a Product!

Remember when almost a year ago (oh god time flies…) I shared with you my evening routine (which is in dire need of being updated!) ?

And remember I said I used this product?


Well let me talk to you a little about it.

This is a Dr. Hauschka toner. I used to use it in the morning and in the evening, but switched to just evening when I started this morning routine (again, grave necessity to update this.. I think I need a secretary..). I was introduced to this toner when my mom gave me the most fabulous birthday present any 14-year-old could wish for: A makeup session. My mom chose a natural makeup line (Couleur Caramel, which I also fell in love with and will talk about eventually.. when will we have 36 h days?) and its makeup artist was also an expert on Dr. Hauschka.

Now my teenage-self was not as beauty-crazy as now. No, actually I was the exact opposite. My father was actually the one who told me, I needed to start washing my face because I was of a certain age where I had to start looking out for myself. I didn’t want wrinkles, right? I think we can all say that was where the manic-addiction might have started.. with that innocent tube of Nivea Face Wash and a fun makeup session. Although my mom claims to be the root of all evil when it comes to my “issues” because she was the one to give me my first Barbie Makeup case when I was a mere toddler.. knowing me, I must’ve smeared lipstick onto my cheeks and eyelids and got nail polish on to everything making my parents pull out their hair (so that could be why my dad is bald?) thinking: what have we done?!

Yup.. makeup and me.. it was always meant to go downhill…

Back to the point: The toner was recommended to me when I claimed I basically did nothing for my skin. The artist mentioned I should start lightly, with natural, organic care and use a cleanser, toner and cream in the morning, and a lotion and the same toner in the evening (Hauschka doesn’t believe in creams at night). (Mental note: I still have most of these products collecting dust in my cabinet and will be sure to write a post about them as soon as I get back home!) My mom ended up purchasing the products to aid my skin care routine and when those ran out, I didn’t think to use different ones and kept on buying them year in and year out.

I then proceeded to use these products for well over three years until my best friend introduced me to Clarins and my cosmetics-addiction reached a whole other peak; I entered the zone of never return: Expensive, luxury products.

Dr. Hauschka then became a minor part of my skin care routine; as mentioned before I still have some from my last purchase a year or so ago, but only use them when I run out of whatever else I am using or want a quick change (did you guys know I tend to change my products weekly, because I hoard way too many and am never patient enough to use them up? Maybe that’s why I never know if a product works for me or not… tragic really..)

The one product that remained part of my life was this toner/ Gesichtswasser in German. I used it every night after removing my makeup and remembered not to use a cream after (although I am currently researching the pros and cons of using night cream..).


I finally finished my last glass bottle last week, and am now in search of a new toner for the evening. I am using one from Garnier (product review and pictures coming soon), but am simultaneously looking for a new, high quality toner to replace the Hauschka one. I was very pleased with it, but cannot really tell you if it did wonders for my skin or not. My normal to combination skin is relatively unproblematic and took well to this toner, but it is also feeling fine with the Garnier one. I find the spray nicely scented and it hydrates quickly, but requires 2 + squirts to get my whole face (the one my Peter Thomas Roth that I am also using in Zürich is better with getting my whole face with one squirt). I’m not sure if I really will end up replacing it because I kind of like having a natural toner in the evening to really soothe my skin. I think I will definitely wait (for once) until I have finished all of the different toners I now have, and will then try to make a decision… anyone want to bet I will not last that long? 😉

Question of the Day:

Do you have a favourite toner you would like to recommend?

Have a wonderful Saturday!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Beauty to the Pointe

Concealer picks for this month’s current craze are:

Bumbum…bum bum…bumbum bumbum bum bumbum bum (did you just hum that in your head too?)

Watch out, it’s the number one pick: BB Cream Concealer by GARNIER!

Yes, I did mention this one in the BB Cream post. Yes, I am aware that this is a current craze about concealers, and not BB creams. No, I have not yet found my lost marbles, but I am not being crazy here! Cause let’s be real; if a concealer can double as a BB cream then it’s a win-win! There is some reasoning to my nuttiness!


Coming in second is the liquid concealer by Lancome. The other day I wasn’t wearing any make up because I was enjoying a lazy day, but when we decided to go out for dinner I applied a little bit of this under my eyes and on red spots instead of going for the full shebang with foundation , shadow and liner…

A really good concealer by Lancome

A really good concealer by Lancome

Mac studio finish concealer with SPF 35 is a close third. I use this as a touch up as it is lighter than the Garnier BB cream Concealer and can also help cover up a short night 😉 It lasts very long and you can apply it with either your finger or a concealer brush.

MAC Concealer

MAC Concealer

Technically not a concealer: Benefit, Stay don’t stray is a great base for a flawless complexion. It is also usable for a primer to eye-shadow (that is what it is being marketed as..)

Benefit, Stay don't Stray, is a great primer for eye shadows. Preps for long-lasting wear!

Benefit, Stay don’t Stray, is a great primer for eye shadows. Preps for long-lasting wear!

Finally, I absolutely must mention another Benefit product..Confessions of a conceal-a-holic. It’s a concealing and brightening kit – a great travel along for when you don’t know what product to take with you. It contains two shades of concealers (Boi-ing, 1 + 2), erase paste (also concealing), eyelid primer, eye brightener and face brightening primer.



Not (yet) part of my collection, but equally tested and loved are; Clinique: All About Eyes Concealer and Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat. The latter is great for minimal makeup days when you just need a little bit of extra brightening.  Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer could also offer more coverage when the Touche Éclat isn’t enough. Also recommendable is Bobby Brown: Creamy Concealer Kit, because it comes with a great powder as well for an ultimately even finish (I bought myself the powder in large because it is also useful for the rest of the face..perfect, flawless cover!)

Bobby Brown Concealer

Bobby Brown Concealer

Question of the day:

Do you have a favorite concealer you religiously use?

Mine , obviously, is the Garnier one, but sometimes, like last Sunday, I mix things up a little. Don’t want this collection to go to waste 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Current Craze: Concealers

I’m a conceal- a – holic. Not in the white-lie telling kind of way. More like the meeting up in a group, standing up and saying: “Hi my name is Anoushé and I am a conceal – a – holic”, kind of way. I believe my addiction started in my first year of high school, where a friend gave me some of her Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Concealer to try (sadly it has since been discontinued 😦 ). It was right around the time when girls start becoming conscious of how they look.. not getting enough sleep every night because of the sudden stress of exams did NOT help this transition either.

My current, most-used concealers

My current, most-used concealers

I was curious to try the weird moussy texture of the concealer. It was so soft to the touch and easily applicable that I soon became hooked! This became the only product I would use. No foundation, no primer, no nothing! I was much less complicated back then.. I didn’t know squat about skin care! Oh how I wish I could forget all this mumbo jumbo I’ve learned on skin care. It would save hours of prep and shopping time, let alone money 😉 But I can’t. Boo hoo..
I was very sparse when it came to applying the mousse. It was used solely for undereye converage and when I had the unpredictable zit outbreak – I did not want this little glass of conceal perfection to leave me!


Eventually however, I used the last swipe of color…I felt empty inside; incomplete; it was my trusted sidekick always there when I needed a little boost..and it was gone. Knowing I needed to purchase a new pot, I asked my friend where to find it. “America”. Great. Don’t they sell it here? “I dunno…”
That was before my addiction..before I could spend hours on end looking for new products..Before I knew where each product was sold.

A really good concealer by Lancome

A really good concealer by Lancome

I did find the dream matte mousse eventually, but it wasn’t exactly the was more a foundation than a concealer, much darker than I needed. I bought it anyways, because it was a good thing to carry in your purse (I always have one on me, even now, because they are great for emergency touch ups!)


Not having actually found the product I was still very much missing, I took to the department stores in search of something similar. I bought concealers from Essence, Catrice and Cover Girl, later graduating to MAC, Body Shop and even considering Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat (not cheap; click on the body shop link for the knock-off version ;)) as my obsession continued.

Benefit, Stay don't Stray, is a great primer for eye shadows. Preps for long-lasting wear!

Benefit, Stay don’t Stray, is a great primer for eye shadows. Preps for long-lasting wear!

On a class trip to Oxford I bought more from Boots and other little make up stores, all to try to fill the void that finishing my first concealer had created. It was then that my friends told me I had a problem. I grabbed any concealer I could find..sometimes without testing them! I became the conceal – a – holic…

For my birthday that year I received this:


The ironic part of this whole story is that I don’t even use that much concealer! Mainly for under my eyes and that’s pretty much it! Arent’ I weird..


So I had a shelf full of concealers, some great, some bad, many untouched, and I still wasn’t happy..I had even found some moussy counterparts, one even by Maybelline, but it just didn’t work. I was officially in a concealer-depression… day..I tried this (Garnier Concealer).


I had found it on one of my many scavenger hunts/impulse buys in Oxford, but hadn’t gotten round to trying it yet. As soon as I did, I knew it was the one! It was perfect! It blended into my skin and made me look fresh and awake! It was the color I was looking for all these years..I haven’t replaced it since. Until now, 3 years later, when I upgraded to Garnier’s new creation, their BB cream under eye roll on..


So enough about my memoires..let’s get in to the nitty-gritty about the actual product:

What is Concealer?

A concealer is a type of makeup used to mask imperfections. There are three main types of concealers available: solid (looks like a lipstick), powder and liquid.

What does it do?

Concealers do exactly what their name embodies: they conceal! Dark circles, age spots, large pores or any other blemish visible on the skin can all be blended away with some of this skin tone makeup. But wait..if this is what a concealer does, then why am I using foundation?! Well, a foundation’s job is mainly to even the skin tone all over the face. It’s coverage therefore might not be enough to hide dark blemishes. Concealers are also thicker than foundation which is more ideal for spot treatment, and they shouldn’t be applied all over the face. When you team the two together however, it should be the right equation for a flawless, polished look, just remember that the concealer should be one shade lighter than the liquid foundation used.

Bobby Brown Concealer

Bobby Brown Concealer

As mentioned before, there are three types of concealers. Each of them, surprise surprise, have their own use:
The solid, lipstick types are not easily blendable, and are best used for scars and blemishes. It is not recommended to be used on sensitive skin, especially the area around the eyes. They also come in little pots, as seen in the picture above and below.
Liquid cover up is great for large areas of the face. It covers acne, dark circle and blemishes. While it might not be as strongly tinted as a stick, it offers enough for a natural coloring; plus it is very easy to blend.
Powder provides the least amount of coverage. It blends well into the skin with a brush and comes in handy when you need to cover light blemishes.
Concealers come in various colors in order for them to match your skin tone. Sometimes, even a concealer wont be able to cover enough..and that’s when you need a color stick underneath. Depending on what you wish to cover, you might need a different shade:

White: under-eye dark cirlses or a bruise, can brighten dull skin
Green or blue: cover red blemishes. Helos to hide acne or roacea
Purple: helps make the complexion look brighter

Luciana Couto over at My Sweet Diary has a picture describing what is what too. Check it out!

How do I use it?

First apply your foundation, your base. You can either use a makeup brush or your fingers. If you prefer only using powder instead of liquid foundation, than you may use that, but I tend to go for a foundation/powder combo when I need long-lasting coverage. Once the foundation is applied, you may move on to concealers. I use my Garnier under eye concealer and let it sink in before gently patting it in to blend into the skin. If you have more blemishes to cover, use either a stick or liquid concealer with a color underneath if needed (I use my MAC concealer or Dream Matte Mousse if I have any marks needing cover-up). Finish with a dusting of powder to fix it in and your base for make-up prep is done.

MAC Concealer

MAC Concealer

The result?

Even, blemish free, flawless complexion 🙂

What are you waiting for? Go out there and conceal ( I mean spots, don’t conceal the truth by lying!)

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Beauty to the Pointe

After some deliberation, I can finally present to you my picks for this month’s Current Craze – BB Cream! I dubbed this monthly buy this/not that segment Beauty to the Pointe. These posts will be follow ups to the Current Craze product presented earlier in the month, and offer you my personal recommendation on what product I think is worth buying and what is worth chucking!

Drum roll pleeeeeeease….

My number one recommendation for BB cream is..


Kiehl’s Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream

Kiehl’s doesn’t always work for my sensitive skin, but this soothing BB Cream proves that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It has been allergy tested and is being advertised as safe for sensitive skin, so I thought I’d give it a try. Offering SPF 50 while concealing imperfections –  I couldn’t believe my eyes! What’s more, Kiehl’s skincare is apparently “scientifically formulated to respect, restore and strengthen the skin barrier for healthier, more radiant, younger-looking skin.” In a nutshell, their products should act to correct and treat specific skin needs. The BB cream should thus not only conceal but also correct skin tone irregularities with regular use.

I’ve been using this for a week now and, while I don’t have much to correct (thanks to an extensive beauty regimen), I have  actually started to notice a more radiant complexion – even after the most stressful days. There is a catch: this product is more on the pricy side ($ 37)…

It may currently be the best option out there for high SPF skin protection, correction, and concealing, but if you have close to no skin problems, I wouldn’t use this product all too often – but I would still invest in it ;). Using it once every few days during the Summer should more than suffice for people with clear skin. Even this sporadic use can help your skin benefit from the correcting and light-weight concealing attributes. Simply apply a small dollop when you feel your skin requires more care, and retire the product during the Winter to save it’s precious content.

A slightly less expensive option you could use daily – and not have to save for special needs only – is the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB . It is an 8 in 1 Skin perfector, with all the benefits a BB cream should offer. I feel, however, that the skin care factor lacks a lot of what Kiehl’s – the scientific skin care mecca – offers, as Maybelline is better known for its make-up, not so much for facial treatments. Nevertheless, the color is fantastic and really matches my skin, and what’s more, the reasonable price suited my bank account balance too! 😉 I’ve always liked Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, so I was happy that I wasn’t disappointed with their BB cream, and look forward to testing more of their products…! They are definitely not 1 hit wonders!


Runner up to the afore-mentioned full-face BB creams is the Garnier under eye BB concealer! I raved about Garnier’s under eye concealer in one of my first posts, and will do nothing less for the BB Eye Cream Roll on Miracle skin Perfector! The color is similar, if not better, to that of the original concealer, and blends perfectly into my skin. In addition to great color, the product lasts all day – even surviving sweaty, two-hour dance classes in the evening! It’s a must buy!


I also tested the Nivea BB cream, which I hated! It felt like a cakey, über-masking tinted moisturizer and the color was completely off!

Also on my ‘meeeh’ list is L’oréal Nude Magique; a great idea in theory, but not good enough in practice.


I understand that BB cream should be light on the skin, which this definitely is, but BB’s should also offer some sort of cover, which this definitely doesn’t! I enjoy the fact that the cream is white and contains mini bubble-like particles that contain color – it’s really fun! But either these bubbles don’t burst on my skin or are simply lacking adequate amounts of coverage; I don’t think my my skin looks any different after application…

White and cool

White and cool


smooth but no cover..

Also a favorite but NOT a BB cream is Benefit’s Porefessional. It is great for pore minimization and smooth skin, but that’s all it if you are looking for the benefits of a BB cream, then opt for an actual BB cream (I still love the product though, and sometimes even use it under BB cream for an extra smoothing oompf )


I hope one of these is to your liking! Summer is now, despite the rain making it feel like Winter…so you’re going to need a light, BB alternative to your usual foundation!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

P.s. I am not affiliated with any of the companies, I simply tested these products for future reference and purchased my favorites by myself… much to my bank accounts dismay 😉

Current Craze – BB Cream

Welcome to the first of many regular posts on beauty product must-haves. Over the next few weeks, I will be introducing you to various products I currently enjoy using, what benefits those products bring, and how you should be using them. Parallel to these posts, I will be making better use of my obsessive occasional visits at department stores, to analyze and test each brand offering the current product of discussion. This way, I can recommend the prefered product I’m currently using, but also offer you various other great options. The results will be found in the recurring Buy this/ not that blog post.

Today we will be looking at BB Cream

Various BB creams

Various BB creams

What is BB Cream?

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm. It was initially created to help heal skin redness after peeling treatments. It was later introduced to and made famous in Asia. It became incredibly popular due to its ability to transform skin.

What does it do?

BB Cream is being promoted as an all-in one cosmetic product for your face. It is said to be a simple replacement for all skin care and cover-up products to date. In other words, its maaaaagic! Good-bye expensive serums, so long pore minimizing moisturizers and primers. Sun screen? Who needs it, when you’ve got a tube of BB Cream. With its mineral-based coverage, including ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid (to promote moisture), this miracle in a bottle will both cover AND treat various blemishes at the same time (in case you were wondering, yes I am being completely biased)! Today, a BB cream can do so much; it smooths, moisturizes, protects, firms, primes, softens lines, brightens and conceals, while being light on the skin (unlike most foundations…) and easy to use!

More BB Creams

More BB Creams

How do I use it?

Although it is being marketed as a replacement for all products used after applying toner and under eye cream, I tend to still use either a dollop of serum or a squirt of moisturizer on days where my skin needs more treatment. But if you are running short on time, please feel free to solely wash your face prior to applying the BB cream. Depending on the brand, one might offer more cover up than another, so you might need to mix in some foundation or lightly dust your face with powder (same goes for tinted moisturizers, e.g. moisturizers with some colour, but more about those some other time).

The result?

BB creams leave your skin feeling soft and your pores barely visible. With the addition of a relatively high SPF, your face will be protected from the sun, giving your brain space to think about things other than sun cream. Overall it is a great product to have on hand, either for daily-, travel- or sporadic use!

Garnier BB on my try out list! Maybe it will be in the Buy this/not that segment? Stay tuned!

Garnier BB on my try out list! Maybe it will be in the Buy this/not that segment? Stay tuned!

Currently in my Cabinet:

I am in looooooooove with Kiehl’s Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream (even my mom – the make-up and product minimalist – approves! 🙂 ) It comes in various shades, is safe for sensitive skin (like mine!), is SPF 50, contains high levels of vitamin C and provides all day hydration.

Equally ranked on my “in love with..” list is Garnier’s BB cream under eye roll-on. I know I was promoting their under-eye concealer (which I still very much support!), but if you haven’t noticed, I am a conceal-a-holic, and remain fickle with my favorites. Therefore, in keeping with my addiction, I will not stop buying and testing concealers (and no, I will not consider attending concealers-anonymous, because who doesn’t ever need a great concealer?! I’m doing you guys a good deed 🙂 ). Like the concealer, the BB cream reduces swellings and dark circles, while simultaneously covering them up, but its BB cream attributes help it blend miraculously with your skin, hydrate the under-eye area and smooth/prevent wrinkles.

So in celebration of the Summer months (although it seems much more like Winter at the moment..yuck), give BB cream a try, and profit from its many wonderful advantages 🙂

Stay tuned for my up-coming BB Cream Buy this/Not that blog post for more product recommendations!

Until then, with attitude and nail polish,

Anoushé xoxo

My Daily Routine..a.k.a soap on, soap off

As a first beauty post of mine, I thought I could launch right in and show you guys what I do every morning in an attempt to wake up 🙂 I have to say, I think I’ve got it down to the “t” because I always feel overly hyperactive before even having my morning mug of green tea! Now this might have to do with my personality, but I do give a little credit to my favourite products…

So let’s jump right in and start with the first step: Face Wash

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and Wake-Up Booster Tonic

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and Wake-Up Booster Tonic

Now I splurged on these products because I really needed something to wake me up in the morning and couldn’t find a single product that could do this any better (plus I have really sensitive skin and cannot use generic products without looking like a red lobster!!!). The one on the left is the Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel which is what you wash your face with. Simply splash your face with (cold) water and apply a dollop of the gel to your face in circular motions. After washing and drying your face (gently!) you apply the one on the right – the matching Wake-Up Booster Tonic. In my opinion this is what really knocks your socks off! It’s like Red Bull for your face! So if you have a cleanser you want to finish, or just love, but want to get an extra kick without needing any coffee in the morning, I recommend just buying the tonic.

After waiting for the tonic to dry (which I generally forget because I’m always in a time crunch in the morning!) you can move on to step 2: Serum and Moisturiser

Caudalié Vinosource - Quenching Sorbet-Crème and Catrice Primer Fine Powder

Caudalié Vinosource – Quenching Sorbet-Crème
and Catrice Primer Fine Powder

The serum is totally optional, but since I am out of my favourite moisturiser I am relying on only this until I find the time to pick up more of the good stuff. Slather on the serum all over your face and pat it in before applying the moisturiser (the link above is to the Clarins Daily Energy cream, which again is totally optional; go for the tonic only and use a different moisturiser if you wish to save some cash! 🙂 ) Finally, before using any make up, I use a Primer. I chose a relatively cheap one for this, as the make up I use is very good quality and stays on even without the primer.

Now on to step 3: Let’s get rid of those under-eye swellings!

Garnier roll-on and Lancome Hydra Zen Yeaux

Garnier roll-on and Lancome Hydra Zen Yeux

Do you wake up with dark circles under your eyes? During my last year of high-school I was sleeping five hours a night on average and had to rely on good make-up to still have that “fresh” look during the day. I swear by garnier to achieve the ultimate freshness. Both the roll-on and roll-on concealer are AMAAAAHZING! Simply apply before putting on your make-up and your under-eye-circles will feel nice and cool!

And finally, step 4: Foundation and Concealer!

As a final step to being ready to leave the house, I apply foundation, BB cream or a little bit of powder. I use three different kinds of foundation, depending on my budget. Lancome Teint Miracle really matches my skin tone, so I tend to use this more often. I also love Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW from time to time and use Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse when I’m out and about (like after dance!) and need a quick touch up. So the choice is yours! Find a foundation or BB cream you like, (BB cream {Blemish Balm} is great to use during the summer – my favourite being from Kiehls because I don’t need to use moisturiser or sun cream with it!) and that matches your skin tone and apply over your primer! Sometimes I just use Benefit Porefessional, and some powder (see picture below) to cover up tiny blemishes, on days I don’t want to do the full make-up thing.

Benefit, Lancome and Maybelline

Benefit, Lancome and Maybelline

Garnier Concealer roll on and Benefit Pore-fessional

Garnier Concealer roll on and Benefit Pore-fessional

Next you apply concealer under your eyes and on anything else you wish to conceal! My favourite for under my eyes is by Garnier, but I also love Benefit’s Confessions of a conceal-a-holic (and yes, I only own this because I also am a conceal-a-holic!) 🙂

And now just use some powder if you tend to have oily skin, and this makes sure everything stays in place. My favourite is by Bobby Brown.

So that’s it! Looks long, but really only takes ten minutes, and I end up with lovely flawless skin 🙂 And if you want, now is when you apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and blush. But more about that soon! And don’t forget, these are the products I use, and that have worked well for me; please feel free to comment below and let me know what you recommend as well, as I’m always interested in finding new things to try(they don’t call me a conceal-a-holic for nothing 😉 )

Beauty question of the day:

What does your morning routine look like? And What are some of your favourite brands to use?

Stay wonderful people!

xoxo Anoushé