Funky Fitness Friday – ZRH

So I had orientation yesterday! I was quite surprised by how well my friends helped me prepare for university these last 2 weeks, as I actually already knew most of the info they told us and had done most of the things on their checklist. I was really relieved they showed us around the various university buildings as the Media and Communications campus is spread all over town… so it will definitely be an adventure getting from one class to the next! Among the people I had met, I felt like the super nerdy girl who was way too prepared, for whenever I asked the others about the books we had to buy or the courses they were taking, I received loads of confused glances, eye-rolling or pleas for help. Honestly, that gave me a slight boost of confidence, I guess 🙂 (don’t want to jinx it though!) Oh and also, I am not too worried about getting “distracted” from my studies as there were like 5 guys among the 600 girls….. some of the girls were really nice, and I already know who I can go to class with next week! Always good to have a study buddy for the first week 🙂 Workout-wise I’ve been trying to fit in as many classes as possible these last few days. I still didn’t make it to my favourite dance classes at Tanzwerk, but I plan on going tonight. I was going to go yesterday, but chose to spend time with some of the girls from my classes and later with my best friend instead. Also, I definitely need to cut back on partying, as my body really has not recuperated at all from this last half-year, and I don’t seem to be able to bounce back as quickly the next day anymore… weird development as I never used to have this problem, but I am taking it as a sign that I need more sleep and general “me-time”. Good thing school is starting on Monday 😉


Bauchtraining (yawn) and MAX. After falling in love with Les Mills CX Works, the standard for a good ab session has been set pretty high. I went to a class here titled “Bauchtraining” (ab work) but it was full of crunches with no breaks for 30 minutes. Les Mills taught me that there are so many other ways to train your core, and I frankly found the class to be very “behind the times”. I was very disappointed. The MAX class afterwards was fun though. It was basically a 30 min HIIT incorporating the step and various different muscle groups. There wasn’t much strength involved though, like as a cool-down as in Body Step, but it was good to do cardio for a change.


Rest day from one night out. I was shocked how tired and weak I was feeling..


Stretching class: making mega improvements with my splits IMG_1654 Sunday:

Rest day, travelling back from Geneva


I had all the best intentions in the world to start going to dance today, but just couldn’t muster up enough motivation… I made a pre-workout snack of egg whites and cottage cheese, but my stomach felt uneasy after and I just didn’t feel energetic. I went to town and bought protein powder and Kabocha instead. I’ve pinned a few recipes for protein energy bites and hope to make them this Sunday. I know that oatmeal is a great pre-workout snack, but I’m trying to find higher-protein and less filling alternatives for when I just need a boost.


After not falling asleep until 3 am (apparently there was a full moon) I was still able to get up at 8 and go to Body Pump. We got to do quite a few tracks out of release 91! It is deadly with a capital D! In release 90 I was at a point in my training where I was able to increase the weights to 12.5 kg (either side) during squats. Now my legs were on fire with all the “bottom-half” squat-repetitions and had to decrease the weights again. Also, the triceps track is a killer… push ups, dips and using the overhead disk…. This release should definitely take my training to the next level! In the evening I went to a fixed-schedule dance class. I’ll be trying to go to this class (and Saturday’s stretch) as much as I can, and have marked it in my calendar throughout the semester, so that I have a bit of a fixed workout schedule. I will also try to always go to at least one Bodypump class, but will pretty much wing when exactly. Also I plan on spontaneously choosing dance classes (on either Monday, Wednesday or Thursday) and trying to go to crossfit twice a month with friends.


Bodypump (release 90 again, so increased my weights as I know this release by heart). I wanted to go to dance today, but saw my favourite teacher wasn’t there. She won’t be there today either sadly, but there are more classes I enjoy going to today than on Wednesday so I plan on going anyways.


I had wanted to go to modern, but didn’t take my dance clothes with me to orientation (I’m “special” enough as it is with all my hyper-active, totally open talking…didn’t need to be a pack mule as well 😉 ). By the time it was over, I didn’t have enough travel time to go home, eat, pick up my clothes and go to dance by 5.30 pm, so I decided to hang out with some friends instead.


Today I plan on going to Barre a Terre, jazz, and possibly urban contemporary. Let’s see if I actually finally make it for a change. I really wonder what is holding me back… Now I am off into town to buy some last-minute school supplies and more kabocha squash (I just roasted the second one I had bought and have eaten too much already) and bananas, as I am planning on doing another smoothie-packed day tomorrow.

Have a beautiful day and go check out Sam’s blog for more fitness fun 🙂 !

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Funky Fitness Friday

The countdown has started: One more week until I finish my internship, leave Munich and return home, one more week until I get to go to my favourite dance classes, and slightly over 3 weeks until University starts.

Exciting times people, exciting times 🙂

Now since I haven’t been able to go to any dance classes in the time I spent here (I couldn’t find any schools near the office and any classes after 7 pm), I really upped my workouts and discovered a new-found passion for weight-lifting and Les Mills. I also set a goal to join CrossFit in September, which I am currently not sure about as it is making me feel slightly overwhelmed.

Every single time I have mentioned my fitness journey on here, I told myself I would write a more substantial, weekly workout post and mention how my body, strength and endurance have changed… but I kept on pushing it back. Weekends were cherished with time spent with my friends and less devotion to the blog, and before I knew it, it was Manicure Monday again and I still hadn’t shared my excitement for Body Step or Body Pump (let alone actually posting my manicure on Monday 😉 ).

Well, now is the time that will change. Better late than never, right? And I figured, while I am still not spending time twirling away at dance class, I would revamp “Funky Friday” and change it to “Fitness Friday” for the time being. (And seeing as I have fallen in LUUURV with the gym, you will probably be seeing a few posts along with dance posts when I am back in Zürich as well, with emphasis on university/fitness/life balance.) I am so glad Sam from Pancake Warriors decided to host a Fitness Friday link up! Great minds think alike: the timing couldn’t be more perfect! So after reading my week of fitness, head on over to her blog for more sporty fun 🙂

Fun fact: I told my favourite Les Mills instructor that I was leaving in 4 weeks, and he said he can’t believe the “happy sunshine girl” was not going to be there every Monday and Thursday motivating the class with smiles despite the intense cardio hour…. #sadface, yet it gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Going to the gym 3 times a week and staying true to your favourite classes really gives you that “home away from home” feel… I mean even the frequent class-goers are talking to me and asking me about my weekend now, and have invited me to their post-BodyPump hangout with protein shakes and Prosecco (too much fun by the way.. these people are a hoot and a half and have the best stories)!! It took 4 months for friendships to form and now I have to leave… 😦 But it’s nice to know that my happy and smiley personality doesn’t go unnoticed and that most of them are planning on visiting my fav gym in Zürich soon too 🙂

Mmmkay, lengthy, explanatory intro is down.. so without further ado, here is this week’s workouts:


Fueled by a banana and peanut butter I powered through two amazing workouts: First I found my “chi” in Body Balance before pumping my heart rate up in the Athletic version of Les Mills Body Step.

The athletic version is shorter and has 3 High Intensity “athletic” full-body circuit tracks instead of the more dancey “party” tracks of the usual class. I actually really prefer the athletic version of the latest release and hope I get to do it again before I leave.

I opted out of the Body Pump class after because I managed to make it to the early-ish Balance class. In lieu of the weight-training based class I decided to quickly work my inner- and outer thigh muscles, shoulders, biceps and back on the machines. I chose the machines that trained as many muscle groups as possible, so only had to switch 3 times! 🙂

Sidenote: my heart rate monitor died on me during the class 😦 But I think this could be a great experiment for me to learn to work out “just for fun” and to meet my goals – not for “burning calories”!


Les Mills CX Works, followed by the last 30 minutes of Body Attack (both classes start at the same time, but I like the extra emphasis CX Works puts on core and lower-back strength).

If I am really feeling dedicated, I use the 30 minutes before the next class (see below) to do a HIIT run on the treadmill. This would normally involve a very short warm-up jog, as I had just done an intense class and wouldn’t need much more, followed by intervals of extremely fast sprints and recovery jogs. Sometimes I also throw in a steep walk in between the sprints. Since I only mildly enjoy treadmill work, I always search for an excuse not to do it… so when a workout buddy asked me to join her for the last part of Body Attack I was all in 🙂


Then I did Body Pump. I love the trainer on Tuesdays – he is so much fun and pushes me to work harder each and every time because I am there quite frequently. This means he will sometimes give me this look when we are putting weights on the bar, as if to say: “You can do better than that”. This time for example he came up next to me during the squat track and laughed at my attempt to attach as many 2.5 kg plates to my bar. He suggested to just go for 20 kg next time… yeah right, since when does 5 + 2.5 + 1 + 1 add up to 20? I might get there eventually, but squatting for 5 minutes with 20 kilos on both shoulders is definitely no joke, so I am currently happy with my “total” of 20 kg (FYI you are meant to increase your weight to double or triple of your warm-up weight)


This time I also increased chest, shoulders and triceps by 1.5 kg 🙂 Slowly making progress!

I also increased the squat weight to 12.5 kg on both sides, but immediately regretted that because our trainer mixed up the songs…so it wasn’t the track I had been doing for the last 6 weeks (which I totally knew I could increase on because 10 kg were getting too easy). Nope, it was a really tough track with quite a few ultra-low squats… my legs were on FIRE! FYI: Trainers might start mixing the tracks after 6 weeks because new training plans are only released every three months! This keeps things more interesting, but also slightly tricky from a weight-selecting point of view…

After class one of the girls who always takes the same classes with me on Tuesday asked if I wanted to do some CX Works Core with her, as she had missed the class.. I was more or less dead, but was honored she asked me to be her “trainer”. I knew most of the moves, as I seemed to have picked them up quickly after years and years of learning choreography as a dancer, and used fun songs on my phone. She said I was really motivational and INTENSE and that I should definitely look into teaching because she would without a doubt take my courses… so I had yet another “warm fuzzy feeling” moment… question is: when should I train to become a teacher and when would I teach…? decisions… decisions…


After eating my dinner of peas, carrots and kidney beans at my desk at work, I head to my dance class. The first hour was an open class, where you could work on anything you found needed more attention. The second hour was a strength class, specifically created for dancers – it was tough, despite my improvements in BodyPump. This just goes to show that dancers don’t really need to go to the gym… they’ve got enough strength training in their daily routine. It also showed me that it is time to return to the dance studio and start cross training more 😉


I took a rest day for 3 reasons. 1) my monthly membership had just expired and I didn’t see a point in renewing it for 1.5 weeks. 2) I absolutely had to go to town one last time before leaving Munich. This led me to find a Froyo place 5 minutes from my apartment… I am kind of glad I only just discovered that 😉 3) I finally wanted to actually get some sleep (didn’t work…at all.. ended up watching Weeds and getting hungry at around 10.30)


A sort of forced rest day, as I will be spending the afternoon in the train back to Zurich munching on my favourite Mango Curry one last time…

(last) Saturday

Stretching class designed for dancers. I am making MEGA improvements with my splits and back bends! Must remember to take progress pics! I am now using a block to get >180 degree angle in the splits… crazy, but doable and not as painful as I thought!

(last) Sunday

Rest day. Loads of much-needed sleep and replenishing my rice-cravings 🙂

This weekend I will be going to the stretching class again, a body weight strength class and Body Pump!

Have a great Friday! I’m just about to leave the office and schlepp my über-heavy, laundry-filled suitcase to the train station. ONE MORE WEEK TO GO!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Friday – I’m in Love

…ehhhr well not exactly. But I am in LUUURV with this Body Shop Camomile Eye Make-up Remover.


So much so that I already stocked up on a few more bottles!


I read about The Body Shop’s Camomile line a while back and about the benefits of using cleansing oil in your beauty routine, so when I went to pick up their Camomile Cleansing Oil (as promised here, review coming when emptied!), a bottle of this make-up remover “happened” to find its way to the till too… funny how that happens 😉


I have tested quite a few waterproof removers, and all have had similar results: Most of my (liberally-applied, extreme-volume) mascara still stays put, and I tend to keep on dabbing at my eyes until they become all red and irritated. This may or may not be the reason I “forget” to remove my mascara at night when I want to look flawless the next day – with dry and crumbly day old “extra-oomph” eyelashes. #Iwokeuplikethis

And yes *gasp* I will form premature wrinkles by not removing my makeup. Don’t lecture me. I have already traumatized myself enough and check my skin obsessively. I barely ever wear mascara and the whole not-removing process is thankfully not too frequent….

But again, I digress. Why do I talk/type so much?!

Anyhoo I’m not going to lie and say this makeup remover is better than all others – it’s not. But I do feel that it is slightly more gentle. It is part of the camomile line after all.  Also, I learned a valuable trick all those years ago when I went to Clarins for my first products: It is a good idea to soak a cotton pad in remover before pressing it gently on to the eye for a few minutes. This ensures that most of your eye-makeup gets soaked up and you can avoid the “irritated red skin” that I know all too well. Patience is key my friends.. something I have yet to learn.. cue still frequent occurences of red, blotchy skin. #Iwillneverlearn

I paired this trick with The Body Shop’s Make-up Remover and used the cleansing oil for my face and any leftover eye make-up. I found the combo to work quite well and it is slowly becoming my new – post dance-party – routine 🙂 As mentioned earlier, I have already stocked up on more, so I think the Camomile Waterproof Make-up Remover will be sticking around for a little… it has stolen my heart, not just on Fridays 😉

Complete the removal process with a serum and some eye cream and you are good to go (to bed). Again, an update on my evening routine is in the making, so stay tuned!

Do you have a favourite eye make-up remover? 

TGIF guys 😀 I’m going home for the weekend and cannot wait to be back in my “hood”.

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


I should be reading Wordsworth..

Itinerary Sunday Oct 13 (So far):

  • Return home early morning after unsuccessfully trying to study French Grammar while others were watching “This is the End”
  • Wake up 10:30 planning to study Literature
  • Get hungry
  • Eat yoghurt while starting to watch The Kardashians
  • Stop watching the Kardashians for obvious reasons
  • Weigh the importance of ordering Lancome Idole Ultra 24 h now
  • Check Sephora for Sales
  • Check Lancome for Sales
  • Make tea
  • Start reading The Prelude (Wordsworth)
  • Look for Summary of Prelude online
  • Restart the read
  • Write Manicure Monday Blog post
  • Check phone for new messages
  • make coffee
  • Face mask
  • IMG_0316
  • Order laundry detergent off of Amazon
  • Get sidetracked trying to find out whether Liquid or Sheet fabric softener is better
  • Mask is dryIMG_0317
  • Can’t move face
  • Wash face
  • Take vitamins
  • …and commence this current blog post and realise why I’ve  gotten nothing done thus far..

Also, I’m thinking of getting dressed and going to get Froyo from Swizzles for lunch, like I did after dinner on Friday with my friends, including the adorable Hannah who has one of the most beautiful blogs, and yesterday after another girls night 🙂

IMG_0311Pumpkin Froyo! 🙂

Two final couch potato days..

The weekend. Time to relax, sleep in and run errands. Time to lounge and couch potate, catch up on favorite shows and enjoy long breakfasts. Normally, my weekends are busy; full of plans of things I couldn’t get done during the week, people to see and dogs to walk..

This weekend, the first weekend after I finished my internship, I was in major need of sleep – lots and lots of sleep. Oh and a couple of shows.. I had to watch some shows and be lazy. It felt gooooooooood 🙂 I also finally got to see Despicable Me 2.. let me just say BANANAAA 😀

Source: 9Gag

Source: 9Gag

Since I haven’t had a proper dance class in a while, my dance blogging has come a little short.. that is why I will give you a quick overview of this weekend’s events. (Fear not, dance is back on schedule as of this week..stay tuned!)

Friday I went to see bees doing what they do best at the openair Orange Cinema by the lake. This openair is open annually from July to August, showing movies currently in cinemas, old classics and documentaries. We got to see More than Honey, a documentary about bees.


The backdrop and setting is beautiful. You see the sun set into the lake, and immediately after the screen rises and the movie starts. Also, you can eat dinner there, with food from various restaurants offering a selection for the evening. Since Nagasui was serving, I naturally chose my evening meal there..





Saturday I had a driving lesson and took the dogs for a loooooong walk through the woods. They enjoyed the cold water of the creek on the terribly hot day and constantly tried to drag me in too.


And on Sunday I took a similar walk and later went for dinner to Geeren, with FroYo for dessert 🙂

A highly enjoyable weekend! After all this relaxation, I’m ready for my busy college-planning week! Any tips on what I should take with me end of August?

Happy Monday!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo



Lucerne, Lake Zurich, and loads of chocolate!

Even the dance obsessed need a break every now and then. Ok, so it wasn’t entirely voluntary; my Auntie and cute cousins are here for a visit and who would pass up a chance to spend time with them?!


Just look at the cuteness.




Besides daily visits to Sprüngli (very legitimate, as it only exists here and why stop if you’ve been going there every day) for chocolate and Luxembourgli, we also went to the lake a couple of times.

Maracuja Chocolate Luxembourgli

Chocolate-Maracuja Luxembourgli


Lemon and Hazelnut



Champagne on the left, Chocolate-Maracuja on the right

Champagne on the left, Chocolate-Maracuja on the right

I took two days off from work to enjoy the time they are here, and probably wouldn’t have been to the lake this Summer if I hadn’t had done so. I am not a big fan of swimming. I go into the ocean merely to cool off on a beachy vacation, and otherwise prefer to relax and read – especially when the water is too cold. As a child I used to have less water issues. I would jump in to the coldest waters, brave and fearless, a friend to freezing lakes and pools…
Oh how things change..

I prefer to stay onboard, like on Thursday when we went on a pedalo.

The family on a Pedalo

The family on a Pedalo

Or on land, like on Friday and Saturday when we went to lakeside beachy places.

We didn’t just go to the lake though. Friday morning I did some Iyengar Yoga with my Aunt. I’ve been practicing Iyengar for over 4 years now, but this past year I neglected it a little. I really hope I can continue when I’m at college!

At night we had tickets to see Sting at Live at Sunset.





He is a great performer and I’m glad I got to see him. I was also extremely surprised how many songs I actually knew; I was able to sing out loud to Roxanne, Desert Rose, Shape of my Heart, Every Breath you Take, Englishman in New York and Fields of Gold.

My Aunt, my Mom and Me

My Aunt, my Mom and Me…and some grumpy woman 😉

Saturday I got to drive in high heels with my grandparents…




Sunday we all went to Lucerne and enjoyed the weather and the views..


The Mountains

The Mountains





And came back to Zürich, ready for a delicious dinner (Review to follow :))

Hope you had a sunny  and eventful weekend too!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Ode to July. But not just to any July, where the summer holidays are near and thoughts of school are pushed far to the back of your mind. No that’s too mainstream.

I’m thinking more the kind of July where once every four three years the streets of Zürich are closed. Where traffic backs up, trams aren’t running and masses of people flock to town. Tens and thousands of people of all ages are walking freely on otherwise busy roads of the City. But that’s not all. Stalls are constructed selling caramelised nuts, cotton candy, ice cream, hot dogs…Even melted cheese (Raclette) is sold at a couple of places.


But that’s not all. Balloons..balloons everywhere. Toys to win, from booths for shooting, tossing, throwing; strength proving and friends impressing. But that’s not all. Carousels, roller coasters, Ferris wheels…dance clubs, music playing lights everywhere, fireworks..the lake…


Chinese Food!

Chinese Food!

mhhhhhhhm creeeeepes... yes you wont go hungry at the ZH-FEST!

mhhhhhhhm creeeeepes… yes, you won’t go hungry at the ZH-FEST!

Picture balloons dangling from a child’s arm, while the other hand is holding an ice cream cone. Her eyes darting back and forth, watching teenagers screaming, laughing, feeling queasy on an intense rollercoaster-like ride, she’s counting the years until it’s her turn and no longer has to stick to carousels and chair swings – “the baby rides”. By nightfall the laughter is still audible. Closing times are not a part of anyone’s vocabulary this time of year. Children who should long be in bed are allowed to stay up just a little bit longer… Soon, the overtrumping ‘ka-boom’ of colorful fireworks fill the air. Visible above the lake, the setting is picturesque and post-card worthy. Music blaring, cocktail slurping, candy eating and midnight dancing are all part of this big celebration called…





What used to be every four years, now returns one year earlier. This makes it feel like it was just yesterday when I fought my way through hoards of people to walk down a street along the river, stopping at places with the best atmosphere while taking in the evening scene for the first time by myself, with my friends – an independent teen. That year, I partied on Friday with my best friend and one of my two closest friends from Ballet, only to go out with the other best ballerina-friend on Saturday for a long night of dancing, chocolate fruit-eating and fire-works watching.

An activity you can do to win stuffed animals..

An activity you can do to win stuffed animals..

Grossmünster 3 years ago

Grossmünster 3 years ago

Four years earlier, I was barely thirteen. I attended the festivites with my friends on a Friday afternoon after school. We stood in line for all the fun rides, chased the adrenaline kick with some cotton candy and made it home by dinner time. I also visited the festival with my family over the weekend, eating ice cream while watching the craziness going on in the otherwise very orderly and perfect (-ly Swiss) city


This time round, I hit the party scene on Friday – after dance class – with two guy friends and two of the most fun girls in the world!






After a longish night, and a nightmarish time to get home I just wanted to crawl into bed..(public transport runs differently during these festivals so it takes reeeeeeal long to travel from A to B, and to top it all off there was an accident in the middle of town, which meant even more traffic..)


Which was being kept warm by the cozy Bala 🙂

Tonight, I will be hitting the busy town with my old classmates, with whom I have not partied with since graduating High School!

Class of 2012! <3

Class of 2012! ❤

Looking at that picture, I’m sure you can tell that they mean business when it comes to having outrageous amounts of fun! 😀

Will keep you updated with more pictures! Until then..

With Attitude and Nail Polish (which I still need to apply for the party, ahhhhh I’m running late!!!), Anoushé  xoxo