What I ate Wednesday – Rest Day

I was STARVING yesterday.. all day! Every two hours I felt the need to eat.. I don’t really think the feeling was hunger, but I was receiving queues that I needed to consume food. And not just any food: I wanted CARBS! All the carbs!

I have heard of people generally being more hunger the day after a long run (marathon), but I didn’t run. I did however burn all that I had eaten the day before in my Les Mills classes, which could explain the extreme hunger leading me to eat twice as much as I did the day before. But I embraced it (you are so right, Arman!), despite trying to generally leave more hours between my meals lately…

Today I am feeling a bit “meh”. I’m craving fresh fruit and movement. I’m so grateful I’ve come to a point where I can rely on my “gut” to tell me what I need and what is good for me when it comes to food…

I wish it were more reliable when it comes to people though.. that’s where my “gut feeling” is still letting me down a little, but you live and learn (And that’s another story for another time anyways! 😉 )

So this WIAW is dedicated to finally listening to my cravings, and being proud of being able to do so 😀

Thank you Jenn for hosting this fun weekly link-up!




When I woke up I was craving carbs. I didn’t want to open up a new almond milk because I would be back in Zürich for the long weekend, so I didn’t make overnight oats. Big mistake.. I need to get my priorities straight…


I was REALLY craving oat clusters (sadly still haven’t made your delicious-looking recipe (or yours come to think of it)… so I was having an oat-cluster-emergency 😉 )

I ran into the organic store on my way to work and picked up some “KRUNCHY PUR” Oat clusters, chocolate soy milk and cashew nut butter, and happily munched away at my desk. Craving: satisfied!


I later also drank this Carrot Mango juice (my fav combo!)



After my “higher-carb” breakfast, my body was honestly telling my I needed some protein.. and I was craving goat’s cheese! I only get that craving once every few weeks – as I do tend to eat mostly vegan – but when I do really want some goat’s cheese, I generally enjoy every last bit of it 🙂


I was also craving fresh vegetables and tofu so I made a big salad out of carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, mini peppers, fresh goat’s cheese (Chavroux) and Taifun Curry Mango Tofu. I topped it all with Creme of Balsamico and EVOO. YUMM!


My salad held me over for about 2 hours before it had me longing for something sweet. I had a few apricots in my bag which I was grateful to find and also finished off the leftover cherry tomatoes.

About an hour later I still wanted more and polished off the rest of the goat’s cheese with some unsweetened, whole grain, spelt animal crackers that I had also bought in the morning. I really needed carbs…

Right before leaving the office I also had 2 handfuls of honey roasted cashew nuts.. my sweet tooth hit again 🙂

(and yes I appear to have snacked every hour of the afternoon… something I’ve been trying to stop, but embraced as necessary yesterday)


After a PR meeting in the evening I met up with a co-worker for froyo. I wasn’t really hungry anymore and was (for the first time ever) happy that my favorite froyo place was closed… shocker I know.

So we went to my favorite café instead.. where they were out of matcha! In protest I ordered a SMALL (not large) rooibos latte with soy milk.


It was ok, and the cute barista (he was there again 🙂 ) agreed with me that matcha tasted better…


See we are meant to be 😉

I was slightly peckish after and got a small vegetable curry with some avocado on top for dinner and finished off the evening with two squares of Lindt Salted chocolate and some Kamut Crackers. Again with the carbs!

As mentioned before I am super happy to be able to say that I had a successful day of intuitive eating, even though I ate way more than I normally would on a rest day (I generally try to keep those high protein, but that’s not how my body wanted to roll yesterday apparently) 🙂

Now let’s just see what happens today, as 4.5 hours on a train always mean I NEED food. Funny how being trapped in a train makes you think you will starve…!

Have a great Wednesday! 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


What I ate Wednesday

Finally I remembered to take pictures of my meals, so now it’s time for a What I ate Wednesday PARTYYY 🙂

Thanks Jenn for hosting!



Large Matcha Latte with soy milk.


…and a punnet of blueberries at my desk. I also drank a Vita Coco throughout the morning. Those things are goooood.

Superfood/Antioxidant breakfast: check!



A MASSIVE salad quite similar to this one (I forgot to take a picture today…after all, so this is recycled 😦 )

Mine at lunch had no goat’s cheese and no broccoli, but it did have avocado, peas, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, baby cucumber and loads of lettuce 🙂


A pack of strawberries



Coconut Quinoa (recipe coming soon!)


Stir fry tofu and vegetables (spinach and broccoli) with tempeh and tomato sauce (all leftovers)



Peanut butter with applesauce, linseeds and a Raw Chocolate bar on the side.

Chocolate is always a good idea. Especially raw chocolate with cherry and chill (Lovechock). Especially at night when that craving hits…

That’s all for now folks 🙂

Have a great evening.

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Thinking out Loud Thursday



Big shout out to Amanda (like always) for hosting my favourite Thursday post when inspiration fails to enrich me 🙂

1. It’s official: I’m going to be in Munich until the end of August working for MADAME. The reason I decided to deem it official now is that I finally have a room I can call mine 🙂 I found a small place near the office and will have two adorable roommates. I am so excited and cannot wait to discover more of Munich by actually living with students!

2. My skin is breaking out for the first time in forever. My diet has been wacky and I’m not doing any sports. I’ve been trying to detox, but am failing miserably… all goes well until 3pm when I NEED chocolate, or nuts, or rice.. anything but fruit/veg… I don’t know what to do. Someone help? I blame cheesecake.

http://www.google.de/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.chzbgr.com%2FmaxW500%2F2818633216%2Fh3A45841D%2F&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcheezburger.com%2F2818633216&h=394&w=445&tbnid=Tu_-jAqAIWOagM%3A&zoom=1&docid=8CgOVmcEgF4YJM&ei=XjBZU9a6M8e47QbT8oGwCg&tbm=isch&iact=rc&uact=3&dur=267&page=1&start=0&ndsp=32&ved=0CFgQrQMwAA3. There is a Michael Jackson memorial here in Munich.



4. I saw Klangkarussel live last Friday with my best friend. You guys know Sonnentanz, right?


5. Speaking of best friend, I mentioned I might be eating sushi without him (“I might be having sushi without u”). His response: sshi


I was in hysterics (note: this is in Swiss German 😉 )

6. two words: THEY’RE REAL


That’s right my friends, I’ve finally tried out Benefit’s famous lash product. And let me tell you, I am one happy beauty-freak 🙂


I’m not sure if it was the mascara itself or the fact that it was just opened and therefore not yet clumpy, but my lashes looked noticeably different!

Here’s what they looked like at New Year


All clumpy and stuff 😦 I guess I really shouldn’t still use 4-year-old mascara (I only use it when I go out).

7. I have found the most delicious raw chocolate bar.



It’s made with coconut butter! Again.. in love 🙂

8. I pass by this view on my train drive to and from Zurich.





9. I may not have eaten much chocolate over Easter, but I did enjoy this bunny filled with dark chocolate truffle.


The ears are always first to go…


I don’t know what it is, but I cannot travel without food… and for some reason I prefer foods I generally never eat! Generally I don’t travel often, so it is ok to make exceptions, but now I’m “eating not-clean” more often than I should…

10. I am in love with driving…


This car is my new soul mate! It’s got seat warmers and everything.. what more could a girl want? 😉

That’s all for now! Have a lovely Thursday 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

What I ate Wednesday

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Today you get to see how I eat during a (Persian Holiday) work day, with little sports, plenty of good intentions (I’ve been trying to follow a whole food, low dairy diet) and a few cravings… 😉 Thank you Jenn for hosting!

I went for a short jog with my Aunt this morning and completed a short all body circuit afterwards. Then I jumped into the shower and ran to work (figuratively..my legs are still getting accustomed to jogging frequently as I was always a dancer, not a runner).

As soon as I got to work I wished I had packed something protein-y.. All I had with me was a Quest bar that I didn’t feel like eating and some raw carrots and clementines. Not living in my own home really dampens my passion for cooking, which is a major bummer when all you want to eat is an egg white omelette.

Breakfast: Ended up being 4 clementines and 2 raw carrots, but I was craving an egg white omelette and a chai tea latte

Lunch: Salad from City Salad with egg, kidney beans, chickpeas, raw mushroom slices, cucumbers and shredded carrots. Good but not satisfying enough.. there wasn’t enough dressing and I need salads to be drenched with vinaigrette.. and I was still craving a chai tea latte 😦


Snack: A few yoghurt covered cashews and a totally delicious yet extremely unhealthy chocolate Powerbar that tastes like chocolate mousse in bar form and finally satiated my cravings. I try to reduce my sugar and processed food intake but sometimes, when on the go, you have to make do with what you can get and this definitely hit the spot!

IMG_1514Dinner: It was a Persian Holiday (stay tuned for more) so I had a big bowl of Ash reshteh, some dried fruits and nuts and later on an apple 🙂

IMG_1520Have a great rest of your evening! 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Thinking Out Loud Thursday 2

I ran out of my favourite foundation today and lost my inspiration to blog about my makeup selections for Beauty to the Pointe.. so what to do when you don’t know what to write about? Join a linkup as fun as this one! Thank you Amanda for hosting!

Thinking-Out-Loud1. My work out goals for 2014 started off badly, but now that I decided to make myself a fixed schedule, things have been more “smooth sailing”. I made it to the gym twice this week and will be going again tomorrow. Today was a much-needed rest day!


IMG_12532. …and what do you do on a rest day? You eat cupcakes…because that’s how it is meant to work, right? Eat clean only while training mean… or something like that 😉


3. I have found a really nice nail polish remover, and while things like Liquid Sand and Glitter are still really hard to remove, it leaves my fingers extremely soft.


I can’t wait to try other Josie Maran products!


4. The Matcha Green Tea Latte has made a return twice since last week… there is no hope! 😉



5. I have the cutest dogs in the whole entire universe. Yes, I may have mentioned this before, but I’ve been hanging out with them a lot lately and they never fail to be CUTE! Check my phone – all recent pictures are of them (or of food!)


Playing like a puppyIMG_1262

I caught her working on my computer….



They both hug the blanket! SO CUTE!


Checking up on me… 🙂

6. I am in LOVE with this tea from Teavana. It is called Choco Caramel Sea Salt. Why don’t they have a store here?!

IMG_12647. I’ve changed my nail polish three times this week. That means my next three Manicure Monday posts are already written and ready! Now that’s what we call well prepared 😉

8. IMG_0968I bought one of these in the States because everyone else was using them too. I have to say, I like it, but want to try and make my own as well!

9.IMG_0930Class at Sarah Lawrence starts soon again and it will be really weird not going back. I really miss my friends back in New York and while I know that it is the right thing for me to stay here, I will be missing staying up late with a group of friends talking and meeting up with everyone at lunch. I’m glad though that I mainly miss the social aspect, because that is possible to keep up from a different country!

10. Our Christmas decorations are going back into the cellar tomorrow. I don’t know how I feel about that… the Holidays are officially over…

Thans for reading! With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo



What I ate Wednesday: Coconut Pancakes!

My day started with some coconut flour pancakes. I’ve been dreaming of pancakes ever since I made Greek Yoghurt pancakes based off of the recipe found on the link on Sunday for dinner. They were perfect and enough to fulfil any pancake fantasy (recipe coming soon), but today I wanted to make them slightly more “healthily”.



Hence, the coconut flour.

IMG_1233I pretty much followed this recipe to a T. The pancakes looked so amazing in the pictures that I could not resist whipping them up myself. The recipe made enough for two hungry people, and I had plenty left over.



I ate a few with sprouted almond chia butter and maple syrup, and realised I hadn’t let them cook enough. I put them all back into the pan, and they became slightly crumbly like Kaiserschmarn. This gave me the idea to top my second attempt with raspberry jam. Mhhhm 🙂


After breakfast I took the dogs out for a walk and got ready for the gym. I went for a training session with my dad today, and boy was it tough!


We trained for an hour and I was relatively famished afterwards. I was planning on meeting my best friend a half hour later, so I popped into this cute place call “not guilty” for a quick bite to eat. I ordered the Inka Salad, which had quinoa, avocado, tomato and cucumber. After ordering I realised they also had tofu, but decided I had eaten enough protein yesterday, so stuck with my order. It was really fresh and delicious!





A short while later I sat down to another Matcha Green Tea Latte with soya milk. I was really craving something warm and sweet after walking around town in red 7/8 pants (I thought it was warm) and All Stars.





Tonight I’ll be going out for dinner with the Iranian girlfriends. I haven’t seen them in ages and can’t wait to catch up with them! I just checked out the menu of the Italian restaurant and will probably be going for something like risotto and vegetables. I’m trying to avoid wheat as much as possible because I’ve been noticing terrible stomach pain whenever I eat bread etc, so no pasta for me tonight! :/

How were your Wednesday food choices?

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo



What I Ate Wednesday

I’ve been seeing posts like these all over the blogosphere, and never came around to creating one myself. I never fully understood why someone would really want to know what I was eating, but then again, whenever I tried out a new diet or fitness regime – following someone’s newest trend – I always asked myself: Is this REALLY what they are eating?!

So here is my “really” eating day. I don’t claim to be anyone who knows much about nutrition (I have a mother who does ), but I am searching for the best way to fuel my life and to reach my goals, and this is just one of those days on that path to balanced health. Also, it was kind of fun to take pictures of everything I ate, thinking someone might actually want to see this! 🙂

Thanks to Jenn (add link to  current what I ate Wednesday) for hosting!



Raw Cinnamon Protein Smoothie



4 clementines


2 massive bowls of Salad with Miso Vinaigrette



Note: I was recovering from a weird stomach bug and a major lack of appetite on this day. Stay tuned for next What I ate Wednesday to see how I normally eat

Note 2: This was two weeks ago 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo