Manicure Mondays

2 posts in one day after weeks and weeks of abandoning you beauties seems to have become a thing. Do not get accustomed to it though, because as mentioned earlier today, in two more weeks my life will start to be more organised again, which also means my blog-posting should attain more regularity. At least until school starts….


So it’s Monday and I did my nails. I actually always do my nails, but often forget to take a picture of my manicure before it starts to chip – which is like immediately! …and being me I then get annoyed at a basically “wasted” manicure, so put off doing my nails again until the next week, where the whole cycle starts anew…

On some especially rare, productive Mondays where I have the office to myself, I use a few minutes of my lunch break to freshen up my nails and photograph them. I get all smug and feel accomplished thinking I will FINALLY get to post on time, only to notice I am in Germany which means I can’t upload the pictures until I am back at home, where more often than not, I just want to curl into bed with my laptop and post-workout protein smoothie…


Tonight was not any different per se, but I did manage to gather all the motivational energy in me to apply another face mask. My skin has been breaking out a lot lately, read: I have wasted countless hours sitting in front of the mirror agitating my otherwise always perfect skin because I have issues and cannot stand clogged pores or zits… so I need to squeeze them all out, which generally makes skin looks worse. Multiple face masks to the rescue! I hope…

I was waiting for my mask  to dry, so I pulled up this is post and started typing away…

So let’s move on to the colour that will cause you Chills & Thrills


I really like the deep blue of this polish. It’s very MOD, and not at all shiny, yet it isn’t matte either. Fascinating stuff going on with this varnish, my friends..


I will never, ever, in a million years get over my love affair with Essie. Sure, Catrice might make me side-step every now and then, but after proving its amazingness time and time again, it’s going to be hard to leave it… boy am I going to miss the convenience of working at a magazine and being able to test the newest collections for free…


It’s going to be the end of an era…




Never doubt the power of a beautiful colour, a fun name or ergonomic brush. Nail polish can always cheer you up, is always a great present and is something I look forward to using every single “Monday”. Nothing rounds off an outfit better than manicured nails… and heels.. and a nice bag.. oh and lip gloss, don’t ever forget the lip gloss… or the winged eyeliner. EVER.


And if you can match them all, then you really have your life together..which is also a great argument speaking for beautiful manicures 😉 Although I wonder what one could match with this striking blue…


Which brings me to another importance of polish: Individuality, whether in colour preference, style or design. A colour can really help you express yourself, without needing to use words. Your mere manicured presence has the ability to boost your confidence (because you never have to think about how your nails look, a manicure lasts a lot longer than makeup and can help you feel put together in the morning) and is fluent in languages you aren’t even familiar with. Most people match their nails to their outfit, but why not use your polish as inspiration for makeup, jeans or lipstick? Give a girl the right shoes, and she can rule the world. Give a girl a nail polish for beautiful nails, and she will never need to give up her throne.. I hope that catches on, because I definitely believe in its truth 😉


There are no written rules in the realm of beauty… express yourself, be true to you, and the rest will fall in to place. Do not chase an ideal you can not uphold, for that will no longer represent you. If you enjoy a colour your mom (cough cough, hint hint) despises, so what, if you like it, why not wear it, if it expresses YOU?

“You must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all”, Robin Williams (1951-2014)

IMG_1602Have a beautiful rest of your day.

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Monday – Tart Deco

Hello hello, did you miss me?


I was quite busy this weekend and slept all the way from Zürich to Munich because my phone had barely any battery and I had forgotten my charger at home, so I couldn’t start drafting a post from my phone 😦 .. problems of last-minute hectic packing…But at least I got to catch up on some Z’s!


I luckily made it onto the train with minutes to spare, and had time to pick up some food for the journey – because you all know I cannot travel without food, especially my recent favourite: cherries! Yumm

Anyhoo, I have loads to tell you about my weekend, but I’m still editing the pictures so will hopefully have that post up later today. Until then, here’s Manicure Monday (finally) 🙂

IMG_1427An ode to Essie. Their names are getting more and more creative and unique with each new collection. I could barely contain my excitement when I read this polish’s name…


Isn’t it fun?


The colour is pretty swell too, dontcha think? Awesome name and colour? Yup, I was sold… almost immediately.

Essie definitely has the whole summer nail polish thing down to a “t”. I love all of their pastels, corals and bright colours. They match any summer outfit, event or even mood and are perfectly long-lasting – even without a proper top coat!



Tart Deco. Maybe I should try to do something slightly wilder with this polish, like a pattern or something, so that the manicure can live up to the polish’s name 🙂



I am, as always, very pleased. Also, with our weather being slightly more on the rainy side, a little pop of summery coral on my nails keeps me in a good mood  when the sun fails to shine 🙂 When all else fails, nail polish (and a really nice mascara, and ohhh also a pweeeetty eyeliner) always manages to brighten my day. It’s the little things…



Have a beautiful, hopefully non-rainy day!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Manicure Monday – Fierce, no Fear

I’m wearing heels at work today. For the first time. In forever.

Seriously… I cannot remember the last time I felt this ladylike at work. Probably last year when I was working at the bank (coincidently possibly also the last time I  even wore this outfit as I decided to go with a rather businessy, polka-dotty blue dress today that is not short and skimpy enough too long and I want to say “elegant” for daily wear). The dress was screaming to be worn with heels – it couldn’t bear the idea of flats, so I went with it. And it feels magnificent! Perhaps too magnificent as I tend to enter this “I am wearing heels and I am awesome zone” whenever I wear heels and feel the sudden need to walk as if I were 1.80 m, on a catwalk and in Chanel Couture. #sorrynotsorry


I’m pretty sure this happens to the best of us. It’s just something about finally being slightly taller that gives me the sudden urge to strut my stuff on my morning walk to work. I can even remember the first time this happened… it was a couple of years ago and I was über-excited to be going to Kaufleuten with some girlfriends. I had never been before and had been looking forward to that night all day. I changed my outfit 1500000 times (still do this, but who doesn’t) and grabbed my only pair of heels that I owned (yeah, I once only had a single pair of simple black heels – still wear them!) I was super-nervous we wouldn’t get in – I was only 16 and unlike my friends hadn’t known to ask anyone older for their ID card… oh the good old days..


Anyhoo we got in without any problems as some of the people of our group were on the guest list (Woohoo for VIP feelings). We checked our coats and by the time we had done a last lipgloss check (I didn’t wear crazy amounts of mascara back then) I was dying to hit the dance floor. I remember this night as if it were yesterday (although honestly I still always do this): Kid Cudi’s Day ‘n’ Night was playing, I was in the afore-mentioned “I am wearing heels and I am awesome zone” and couldn’t help but STRUT onto the dance floor, flipping my hair off my shoulder while accentuating the “hip-bop” with every step. I was being FIERCE – Just like Tyra Banks taught me while watching all those episodes of America’s next top Model. My friends then grabbed me and pulled me back.

Apparently girls are meant to enter the dance floor together and shouldn’t “strut” or seem confident or be embarrassing.

But I didn’t let their comments get me down: I still do this. And I don’t get held back anymore. It’s become my THANG… I am woman hear me roar.


But I digress. Oh how memories can be awoken by one single nail polish name. Now do you understand why I love them? 🙂


Essie’s “fierce, no fear” is a nice brown-grey – which has time and time again proven to be a trend – with highly pigmented colour. It’s a great choice for the Summer. As always, the nail polish is easy to apply and looks all nice and shiny without needing an extra top coat.


I wish I had worn this that night at the club. Then, when I was pulled back, I could’ve just flung my nail polish in their face and be all like: “fierce, no fear” and continued my strut to where the DJ was standing. If I could turn back time… 😉


Did you know that Essie also has a nail polish called Strut your Stuff? Where were these nail polishes when I needed them! 🙂

Hope you are having a fantabulous Monday! Strut a little – be fierce – and make Tyra proud 😉

With extra oompf in my attitude and awesomely-fitting nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Monday – Haute in the Heat

Summer has arrived!


Blue skies, sunshine, ice cream and down-time at the lake pre-occupy my weekends now that the temperatures are constantly above 23 degrees (Celsius). Last week, in Munich, I could’ve used a bit of wind though… it was HAWT! Like New York hot – like non-stop humidity and electric fans whirring out of control in the lack of AC buildings hot… and when it gets too warm and humid I don’t particularly feel to hot myself.

Enter the nail polish that made my day a little bit “cooler”

IMG_1240Essie – The amount I blog about you should hopefully lead me to the top of your marketing team (future job maybe?) 😉

Jokes aside, Essie does deserve a gold medal when it comes to their (new) nail polish names. I always preferred OPI or Catrice over Essie, as I found the names a tad bit uncreative a few months back… but now they have stepped up to the play and are sending out polish after polish, with each summery colour (actually mainly the names) attracting my attention more and more.


Haute Couture for my nails – yup, I am in love again…


Monogamy and nail polish just don’t go together in my books… I am constantly practicing the “wait until you get bored and toss it” mentality with my favorite colours… 😉


Raspberry Red, looking Haute in the Heat


Even Paris Hilton would say: “That’s hot” (that quote is SOOO OLD now)


This colour matches most outfits and shines bright in the sun 🙂 Maybe I’ll not cheat on this colour too often this Summer!

Have a great Monday 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Manicure Monday – Mint Candy Apple

Yes, yes I know I promised to let you in on my fantabulous night last weekend, I haven’t forgotten about it yet! I have just been waiting for the spectacular pictures to arrive…

Plus, today’s manicure is of way more interest anyways, right? 🙂


I adore this colour.


This colour makes me happy.


It reminds me of Summers at the beach, flowers growing wild, white dresses swaying in the wind…


And yes, it is yet another Essie nail polish….


And it is called Mint Candy Apple.


Would you eat a mint candy apple?

The flavour combination sounds rather peculiar to me… but to each their own, eh?


This is a beautiful pastel blueish green… the it-color of most Springs


The color is strong and the polish covers the nail in a very thick coat. As always I am more than pleased with how quickly and easily it is to apply… even if my manicure is far from perfect (I blame my impatience and lack of time to let it dry…definitely need to go get my nails done sometime soon!)

Happy Monday!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxox

Manicure Monday!

Hello world. Sorry for my lack of posting lately… I was busy living it up with “Johnny Depp”

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter

But more about my fabulous life later 😉

Today is Monday and Mondays call for manicures! And yes, I am aware that I did not let you in on my manicured hands last week, but sometimes work has to be prioritized. And my wonderful job is what allows me to blog about manicures in the first place so I think we can let that come in between sometimes, just out of respect, no?

IMG_1126Today I bringt to you an Essie nail polish in purple.

IMG_1121Like always, I love their brushes… and colours… and names…


It was so easy to apply! I don’t think I’ve done my nails so precisely in a long time…


IMG_1128It’s really one of my favourite purples that I have ever had on my nails. Not only is it bright, it is also pastel and offers full coverage, all at the same time!



Isn’t it Sittin’ Pretty 😉


Have a beautiful Monday!

With attitude and nail polish, Cheshire Cat (stay tuned to find out why 😉 ) xoxo

Manicure Monday: Serial Shopper

Hi world! How’s it been?


We got some pretty ESSIE colours at the magazine last week, and I selected my favourite names to share with you 🙂 (Yes, I  LOVE my job!)

Today I present to you: Serial Shopper!






The colour looks different in the bottle: Pictured it appears to be a coral red – on my nails however, it’s more of a bright orange!




I was quite surprised by its neony-ness. Definitely a fun summer colour and a nice change from the typical coral!



Although I did use two coats, the first one was already pretty thick. Also, it’s relatively shiny on its own and didn’t require a glistening top coat.

So far I am pleased with the new Essie polishes. I can’t wait to test the rest 😉

Oh and with all this polish, I need to be able to prep my nails properly for all the trying and testing. That’s where this product comes in handy:


Mint chocolate scented nail varnish remover by Ciaté!!!!! It comes in other chocolate scents as well, and really does smell like the real deal… Crazy what’s on the market these days!


Have a beautiful Monday!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo