Almond croissants and whipped gummy bears. Fondus and Frappés. If you didn’t read closely enough you would think this were a food blog?! …which it sometimes is..I’m constantly snacking.. But alas, I’m neither cook, baker, nor recipe extraordinaire.. I frequently eat the same thing for a home-cooked meal and keep my creativity out of the kitchen, confined mainly to the dance studio.

So before I drift off topic completely, talking about favourite foods, then dogs and the weather (which I will eventually do anyways) let’s loop back to the actual post: Swiss German lesson number 3.

Now Swiss German may not be an internationally spoken language, but it is so multifaceted that it can become interesting to many a foreign ear. With 26 Cantons, 4 languages and various cultures, Swiss German is more than just the weird German dialect constantly confused with Danish, Dutch and Swedish.  The more I discover about the various dialects, sayings and words, the more intrigued I get. English idioms are nothing compared to Swiss ones; they might both be smart and witty but the Swiss ones are incomparably weird as well (in a good way).

Today’s lesson embodies yet another descriptive adjective – cute.

Let me start with the translation: a cold. 

So how could a cold be cute? Well the Swiss have found a way.. by naming it d pfnüsel. 🙂

I find that darling, don’t you? So unbelievably darling that I almost want to whip a gummy bear.. tihi 😉

Have a good Saturday afternoon!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo