Manicure Monday: Disco Biscuit

IMG_1192Happy Monday everyone!

IMG_1195How was your weekend? Mine was full of pilates, Persian food and pancakes (ha! unintended alliteration for the win 🙂 )

IMG_1193Let me introduce to you, a Butter London Nail Polish that I received for my 20th birthday!

IMG_1203It’s a beautiful coral-ish red with sparkles. Loads and loads of sparkles.

IMG_1210This nail polish required two coats, otherwise it looked a bit too skimpy.

IMG_1207Let me just mention how amazing my friend is for a) reading my blog, b) remembering that I ADORE cute nail polish names and c) finds me a nail polish called Disco Biscuit for my birthday, a night where I, 1) of course was going to go out to a club, and 2) hopefully would get to eat loads of biscuits and other goodies. 🙂 perfection!

IMG_1203Did you guys know that in India they don’t say cookie, but they say biscuit? Even to chocolate chip cookies? I made this fun little discovery during my first month at SLC. It was one of the first times I had eaten a soft-baked chocolate chip cookies at the cafeteria, after seeing a group of soccer guys literally sneak behind the counter to the oven and stuff a bunch of cookies in their pockets! Naturally I thought I had to try them… and since they were so good I also wanted to start hoarding them! I mention this to my friends (many of which are from India), and my one friend gets the spectacular idea to also sneak behind the counter and grab AN ENTIRE TRAY OF “BISCUITS”! He rushes over to me, expecting me to grab all the cookies and run, but I’m stuck, frozen in awe, laughing hysterically at what he had just done! Then he started shouting: “grab the biscuits Anoushé, hurry hurry!” The way he said “biscuit” sent me into another round of hysterics.. that was the night we all became friends, and I swore I would convert to saying biscuit over cookie. (I also say Shoyu instead of soy sauce now, but that’s another, albeit similar, story..:) ).

IMG_1206This nail polish will now forever remind me of that one, biscuit-full night 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Current Craze – Foundation

Wake up in the morning – not feeling like P. Diddy. That’s what happens most days, no matter what Ke$ha might have told us. Lifeless skin, a red chin and nose, a few ugly blackheads making their big debut… our skin doesn’t always want to bless us with the feeling we look immaculate. Glowing, clear skin can of course be boosted with proper skin care, enough sleep and healthy eating, but sometimes it just might need a little more TLC…

IMG_1098..and a little extra coverage to give yourself that “I look and feel amazing” confidence boost, bright and early in the morning. I’ve spoken to you already about BB Creams and my favourite picks, and today I will brief you on foundations – a product that gives you slightly more coverage than the lighter BB cream that comes in a mega array of various options.

What is Foundation?

Foundation is usually a skin-colored product used to even out your complexion. Matching your skin tone, it covers flaws and blemishes, and creates a uniform skin-colouring.

What does it do?

As mentioned above, foundation is used primarily to leave your skin looking flawless. On the one hand it can cover up imperfections and blemishes, on the other it could even slightly alter your skin tone and decrease signs of ageing. Generally you select a colour that matches your skin. It is the simplest and least time-consuming way of finding the right amount of coverage. Makeup artists however, sometimes intentionally choose a mismatch for the desired result. As with concealers, using different coloured tones can help minimise the appearance of what you wish to cover; for example a complexion that is generally red can be minimised by using a clear, beige-toned foundation. This proves also that the colour in the bottle will look differently once applied to your face.

There are three basic tones in the cosmetic world: Warm (yellowish), Cool (Blueish) and Neutral (Redish). I found a few sites online that help determine what your skin tone is. Knowing this is crucial for selecting the correct coloured foundation.

Lovelyish: Extensive information about warm/cool skin tones

Quiz: Popsugar created a quiz to find out what skin tone you are

Video: How to determine neutral/warm/cool

When selecting your foundation, it is also important to know what kind of coverage you wish to have. There are four different kinds:

  • Sheer: very transparent, contains least amount of pigment. It won’t hide discolorations but it will minimise the appearance
  • Light: enough coverage to conceal blotchiness and unevenness, but not freckles
  • Medium: covers most things like freckles, pimples, redness and blotchiness
  • Full: most opaque; conceals things like birthmarks and scars. Also known as camouflage “makeup”

After you have the coverage and tint figured out, you also have to know what type of foundation suits you the most.

There are various different kinds on the market, like oil/emollient based, powder based, silicone based, water based and mineral makeup. I will speak about my favourites and the advantages/disadvantages in my next Beauty to the Pointe post.

How do I use it?

Using a sponge (powder based), brush (liquid) or fingers, apply your foundation beginning at the nose and spreading all over your face. Don’t forget to cover areas like under your chin for a flawless transition! Seal the makeup with a (slightly tinted) loose or compact powder and a big powder brush.


Even looking skin with the desired result of reduced redness, less wrinkles or more freshness!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Monday: Brown Sugar

Everything is better with Butter…

Bread and Butter, oodles of noodles with a pool of Butter.. Butter with Butter.. yes it is a common known fact: Our world loves Butter! I personally don’t cook much with Butter; I use it for Persian rice or hash browns; you know, the important stuff… it just isn’t a staple in my diet. Unlike peanutBUTTER 😉 oh and nail polish by Butter London. That Butter is currently a daily occurrence…

IMG_1151The current shade: Brown Sugar


The polish is thick and dark and coats the nail nicely. I painted on two coats and was left with a warm, caramel, glittery colour. A lot like Brown Sugar melted in Butter.. yuuuumm


This is my favourite Butter London polish by far. I am extremely pleased with the results and how long it lasted – it barely even chipped!




IMG_1153Very happy 😀

IMG_1175With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

It’s nearly Halloween!

I wish I could lie and tell you that the only reason I am wearing a shiny coat of yellowy-green, puke-colored shiny polish on my nails was in honour of Halloween on Thursday. I wish I could lie and tell you I am not enjoying the metallic colour shimmering when the light hits it. I also wish I could lie and tell you I was doing something cool and fun like testing out ghostly make-up for Thursday and not just wearing a face mask while typing up this post and procrastinating the terribly overdue lecture of Frankenstein..

Photo on 29-10-13 at 21.10But alas, with my infrequent use of actual make up to cover up any imperfections on my face, I have to take even more care of my skin – hence the oatmeal mask. With daily dance and frequent visits to the gym, I basically walk around in a sports bra, Uggs, sweatpants and a loose shirt every single day, living on the bare minimum of 6 hours a sleep a night (due to studies and not because I was up watching Sex and the City while munching on Gluten Free Cookies or doing laundry at 2 am..)

At the Gym

At the Gym

I am still using all the non make-up products I mentioned here and here, but since I am nearly out of the Clarins ones, I’m hoping to find a good alternative to test out and keep my skin looking young and fresh. I’ll probably be trekking to my makeup and skin care mecca (otherwise known as Sephora) sometime soon to find something fun. Any recommendations?

Anyhow, let’s look at the manicure I technically applied on Monday but was too caught up in reading Keats (ha I wish!) that I didn’t manage to post about it..

20131029_203720It’s a OPI for SEPHORA brand and it’s called S-age is just a number! It is part of the Spice Market collection that was on sale for a while. It’s a miniature polish and dried very quickly. Also, because it is a SEPHORA brand and not purely OPI it is much more affordable (Especially on sale ;)).



20131029_202954Please excuse the out of focus pictures. My phone charger spontaneously decides to not work on a now daily basis and I am left with no other option than to take pictures with my laptop’s PhotoBooth..

The polish really matches the whole Halloweeny/Fall/October-soon-November theme 🙂

20131029_203008With attitude and ghoul-y nail polish, Anoushé xoxo





Therapy for the Conceal-a-Holic

You guuuuuuuuuuuuuuys! I have found some new things to be completely excited by! It’s been a sad time on the make-up/cosmetics front due to the lack of shopping I’ve been exposed to lately, so I am absolutely thrilled to share my latest discoveries with you today!

20131005_162443Marc Jacobs has released his makeup line! Can we please just take a moment and relish in this fantastic occurrence. I have been counting down the minutes for aaaaaages and last week I was finally able to hold his masterpieces in my own two hands.


I cannot get over the beauty of the design! Oh and guess what this polish is called.. LE CHARME! ahhhh it’s too cute! I literally dragged my dad into Sephora last Saturday just to show him the amazingness of MJ’s new line! I don’t think he was as excited as I was though.. hmmmm

This has gone on my immediate wish list, along with this mascara. It’s my favorite one, only times 3! Oh the excitement! (tried and tested too! MUST BUY SOON..!)

I am also seriously considering a Butter London purchase of their shade Bossy Boots. Any thoughts on the colour? You can tell it’s mainly awesome and appealing because of its name…

Also, I appreciated the fruit and veg at Union Square. I need to go back and purchase some things!




I have also discovered a love for African Dance that I will be pursuing next semester to the max! Here is the short impromptu improv flash mob formation that occurred after the workshop last Tuesday..

Also currently in love with: Cycle 20 of America’s next top Model.. scaaary stuff people. What is happening to me??!

Ohhhh and this oatmeal recipe.. I have to start making breakfast again!

Have fun exploring Marc Jacobs you guys! I’m leaving you with his excellence and will bring more amazing things in the next post 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Bro Tip!

For all you guys out there who randomly stumble upon my blog, check out what it’s about, notice all the pink and sparkly colors and incessant talk about beauty products and immediately click away… Your thinking this is just another girly blog.. well yes, you are right. It is a girly blog. There’s no point trying to hide it…and it wouldn’t me mine if it weren’t girly, pink; all rainbows, unicorns and happy stuff; full of beauty talk and dance woes… one of my closer friends recently laughed when I told her the name of my blog! She also murmured: “Nespresso, what else?!” (as in DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH what else would Anoushé write about..)

dancer's problems...source: google

dancer’s problems…source: google

But wait! Take that finger off the mouse clicker! There is more to this little tiny part of cyber space than the eye can see. There might be loads on beauty, dance and pre-dance snacking, but guess what! I’ve been planning a post for men too!! And that’s exactly what this post is all about!

BRO TIP OF THE WEEK..dedicated to all the men out there 😉

Thanks to a great guy friend of mine – also an amaaahzing dancer by the way – I have access to the insides of a male to say..

..or actually, not really. More like insight into what a guy would recommend to another guy.. Which is great, because I’ve got absolutely no clue as to what ‘manly’ things are good and which aren’t!

So whenever he has some spare time he will give me an update on what he thinks a guy must know! Isn’t that nice? The only instructions I gave him, was that his tips had to fit in to the content of my blog…i.e. skin care for men, maybe some fashion, definitely great places to go in Zürich get the picture 😉

So here we go.

Bro Tip # 1: After Shave: Moschino Forever

The Bro says: This after shave is the perfect mix of both strong masculinity and slightly sweet, discrete undertones. While being powerful enough to boost your manliness, it also leaves a nice lingering scent the ladies will enjoy…;)

Bro Tip # 2: A great place to take a girl on a date in Zürich: Casa Aurelio

The Bro says: Casa Aurelio is a classy Spanish restaurant in the heart of a not so classy, but very hip part of Zurich (Langstrasse). Nothing beats the fiery passion and temperament of the Spanish! Combine that with great food and excellent wine and you’ve got yourself one amazing night out for sure!

See how those fit perfectly into my blog? I talk about beauty, and I talk about Zürich…and to top it all off with a cherry on top he’s a DANCER!!

Hope you enjoyed this 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Monday

After unsuccessfully scratching off all of my previous nail polish during the week, I resorted to finally using nail polish remover by Sunday afternoon. I do not encourage my terrible habit! Incessant polish peeling causes weak and brittle nails that will soon be in need of intensive care.. But being me, I listen to no one and will still continue living in (nail-) sin (plus, I am always a nervous wreck, and peeling off polish is weirdly soothing..)

Now on with what you want, want to you really really want…and less about me (do you guys remember that song?? 🙂 ). It’s time for this Monday’s Manicure!

Lucky in Lilac

Lucky in Lilac

Being an absolute fashion victim, I know I should technically be matching polish colors to the time of year, month, week, clothes, shoes, accessories, skin color, hair color, eye color, lip gloss and much, much more. Too much spontaneity in the world of fashion can quickly lead to disastrous no-gos if you aren’t an expert in this ever-changing field, and I have a tip below that can help you forgo simple faux-pas..



While I may not be as dogmatic as described above when it comes to how you dress, I do believe you should find a style that suits you and slowly start varying your looks from there on out. When entering the world of an amateur fashionista, a little certainty that what you’re wearing looks good on you definitely helps build confidence – especially if you are new at this fashion thing!. Before you know it, you will gradually find yourself playing with different clothes, accessories and make-up, and start receiving positive stares from passer-byers. I do not wish a fashion faux-pas – with its all-inclusive pointing and whispering – on anyone! So take things slow and learn what works. For example, I steer clear of baggy boyfriend jeans and overalls because I know that I’m just too short to pull that look off!



When it comes to nail polish however, I am a true practicer of out-of-the-box mentalities. Remain a true free spirit and wear that yellow nail polish with your fair complexion and pair it with those pale blue shoes, if you like. What’s the worst that could happen?!

Not having matching nail polish is not the end of the world – It actually does not make or break the outfit, regardless of what any of your fashion icons might say! What’s more, someone might see your rad nails and find them sooooooooooo cooooool that weird colors become a new trend!

So if you are feeling experimental one day, but don’t have the courage to pull off an outrageous outfit and walk out on the street just yet, try building confidence with some striking nail polish, and see how it feels! 🙂

Catrice: Lucky in Lilac

Catrice: Lucky in Lilac

This week’s color is not as striking as say an orange tone with a pink cardigan, but it is far from the security of a French manicure. Today I’m talking Lilac!

Catrice Nail polish

Catrice Nail polish

As usual, I started with a base coat to help support my peeled nails. Then I applied a double coat of color, let it dry, and topped it off with some shine…


Et Voilà, purple nails!

Lilac Nails!

Lilac Nails!

A bit delayed, but still with Attitude and nail polish (duh!), Anoushé xoxox