Sephora Ban


It’s raining… I feel uninspired and can’t seem to concentrate on the article I need to write. I also just ate my last Quest bar. Depressing…

Of course my mind would thus unintentionally direct its thoughts to Sephora.. I mean, seriously it’s not like I have to work or anything..

So my mind drifts.. and I think about the eye cream that I’ve nearly finished.. maybe I should replenish it.. I don’t think the ones I have are night-time appropriate… I don’t want wrinkles.. Do I need anti-ageing?.. oh and look at all these lovely new Dior Addict lip glosses and mascaras.. and ohhhhhh Marc Jacobs you are a god I want all the lipstick (and I barely ever even wear lipstick).. Buy it all..


Yes folks, it is a vicious circle. The longing of wanting what one doesn’t have – what one doesn’t really need, but wouldn’t hurt if we owned it. Mindless clicks, oohs and awwwwws have led to too many, frequent purchases.. I mean it’s on sale, so it’s ok, am I right?


Hello, my name is Anoushé and I am a Sephora-holic. I’ve long graduated from conceal-a-holic and have entered mental asylum territory. Self help groups won’t cure the state that I am in. I have forever been a lost cause, longing for exfoliators and lipstains, mascaras and oils, and don’t get me started on nail polishes and eyeshadows…it has reached a peak of no return..

The insanity must end… if it isn’t too late

It’s time for an intervention!

I have decided to do what has thus far been an unattainable myth.. I will go where no beauty-freak beauty blogger has yet to go..

I will ban any new purchases until I’ve actually finished all that I already have! That’s right folks.. I am going to go cold turkey and resist the urge to purchase the newest body butters and face cleansers until I am really, really, REALLY in need of them. And to help keep myself accountable, I will mention all the empties and all the recently opened.. I will also make myself a mental list and write on here when the list states I must replenish (read: hoard) new products.

Let the fun begin – I guess! Wish me luck 🙂 #springcleaning #reinvented #Iamabeautyhamster

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Therapy for the Conceal-a-Holic

You guuuuuuuuuuuuuuys! I have found some new things to be completely excited by! It’s been a sad time on the make-up/cosmetics front due to the lack of shopping I’ve been exposed to lately, so I am absolutely thrilled to share my latest discoveries with you today!

20131005_162443Marc Jacobs has released his makeup line! Can we please just take a moment and relish in this fantastic occurrence. I have been counting down the minutes for aaaaaages and last week I was finally able to hold his masterpieces in my own two hands.


I cannot get over the beauty of the design! Oh and guess what this polish is called.. LE CHARME! ahhhh it’s too cute! I literally dragged my dad into Sephora last Saturday just to show him the amazingness of MJ’s new line! I don’t think he was as excited as I was though.. hmmmm

This has gone on my immediate wish list, along with this mascara. It’s my favorite one, only times 3! Oh the excitement! (tried and tested too! MUST BUY SOON..!)

I am also seriously considering a Butter London purchase of their shade Bossy Boots. Any thoughts on the colour? You can tell it’s mainly awesome and appealing because of its name…

Also, I appreciated the fruit and veg at Union Square. I need to go back and purchase some things!




I have also discovered a love for African Dance that I will be pursuing next semester to the max! Here is the short impromptu improv flash mob formation that occurred after the workshop last Tuesday..

Also currently in love with: Cycle 20 of America’s next top Model.. scaaary stuff people. What is happening to me??!

Ohhhh and this oatmeal recipe.. I have to start making breakfast again!

Have fun exploring Marc Jacobs you guys! I’m leaving you with his excellence and will bring more amazing things in the next post 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Beauty to the Pointe

Concealer picks for this month’s current craze are:

Bumbum…bum bum…bumbum bumbum bum bumbum bum (did you just hum that in your head too?)

Watch out, it’s the number one pick: BB Cream Concealer by GARNIER!

Yes, I did mention this one in the BB Cream post. Yes, I am aware that this is a current craze about concealers, and not BB creams. No, I have not yet found my lost marbles, but I am not being crazy here! Cause let’s be real; if a concealer can double as a BB cream then it’s a win-win! There is some reasoning to my nuttiness!


Coming in second is the liquid concealer by Lancome. The other day I wasn’t wearing any make up because I was enjoying a lazy day, but when we decided to go out for dinner I applied a little bit of this under my eyes and on red spots instead of going for the full shebang with foundation , shadow and liner…

A really good concealer by Lancome

A really good concealer by Lancome

Mac studio finish concealer with SPF 35 is a close third. I use this as a touch up as it is lighter than the Garnier BB cream Concealer and can also help cover up a short night 😉 It lasts very long and you can apply it with either your finger or a concealer brush.

MAC Concealer

MAC Concealer

Technically not a concealer: Benefit, Stay don’t stray is a great base for a flawless complexion. It is also usable for a primer to eye-shadow (that is what it is being marketed as..)

Benefit, Stay don't Stray, is a great primer for eye shadows. Preps for long-lasting wear!

Benefit, Stay don’t Stray, is a great primer for eye shadows. Preps for long-lasting wear!

Finally, I absolutely must mention another Benefit product..Confessions of a conceal-a-holic. It’s a concealing and brightening kit – a great travel along for when you don’t know what product to take with you. It contains two shades of concealers (Boi-ing, 1 + 2), erase paste (also concealing), eyelid primer, eye brightener and face brightening primer.



Not (yet) part of my collection, but equally tested and loved are; Clinique: All About Eyes Concealer and Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat. The latter is great for minimal makeup days when you just need a little bit of extra brightening.  Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer could also offer more coverage when the Touche Éclat isn’t enough. Also recommendable is Bobby Brown: Creamy Concealer Kit, because it comes with a great powder as well for an ultimately even finish (I bought myself the powder in large because it is also useful for the rest of the face..perfect, flawless cover!)

Bobby Brown Concealer

Bobby Brown Concealer

Question of the day:

Do you have a favorite concealer you religiously use?

Mine , obviously, is the Garnier one, but sometimes, like last Sunday, I mix things up a little. Don’t want this collection to go to waste 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Beauty to the Pointe

After some deliberation, I can finally present to you my picks for this month’s Current Craze – BB Cream! I dubbed this monthly buy this/not that segment Beauty to the Pointe. These posts will be follow ups to the Current Craze product presented earlier in the month, and offer you my personal recommendation on what product I think is worth buying and what is worth chucking!

Drum roll pleeeeeeease….

My number one recommendation for BB cream is..


Kiehl’s Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream

Kiehl’s doesn’t always work for my sensitive skin, but this soothing BB Cream proves that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It has been allergy tested and is being advertised as safe for sensitive skin, so I thought I’d give it a try. Offering SPF 50 while concealing imperfections –  I couldn’t believe my eyes! What’s more, Kiehl’s skincare is apparently “scientifically formulated to respect, restore and strengthen the skin barrier for healthier, more radiant, younger-looking skin.” In a nutshell, their products should act to correct and treat specific skin needs. The BB cream should thus not only conceal but also correct skin tone irregularities with regular use.

I’ve been using this for a week now and, while I don’t have much to correct (thanks to an extensive beauty regimen), I have  actually started to notice a more radiant complexion – even after the most stressful days. There is a catch: this product is more on the pricy side ($ 37)…

It may currently be the best option out there for high SPF skin protection, correction, and concealing, but if you have close to no skin problems, I wouldn’t use this product all too often – but I would still invest in it ;). Using it once every few days during the Summer should more than suffice for people with clear skin. Even this sporadic use can help your skin benefit from the correcting and light-weight concealing attributes. Simply apply a small dollop when you feel your skin requires more care, and retire the product during the Winter to save it’s precious content.

A slightly less expensive option you could use daily – and not have to save for special needs only – is the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB . It is an 8 in 1 Skin perfector, with all the benefits a BB cream should offer. I feel, however, that the skin care factor lacks a lot of what Kiehl’s – the scientific skin care mecca – offers, as Maybelline is better known for its make-up, not so much for facial treatments. Nevertheless, the color is fantastic and really matches my skin, and what’s more, the reasonable price suited my bank account balance too! 😉 I’ve always liked Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, so I was happy that I wasn’t disappointed with their BB cream, and look forward to testing more of their products…! They are definitely not 1 hit wonders!


Runner up to the afore-mentioned full-face BB creams is the Garnier under eye BB concealer! I raved about Garnier’s under eye concealer in one of my first posts, and will do nothing less for the BB Eye Cream Roll on Miracle skin Perfector! The color is similar, if not better, to that of the original concealer, and blends perfectly into my skin. In addition to great color, the product lasts all day – even surviving sweaty, two-hour dance classes in the evening! It’s a must buy!


I also tested the Nivea BB cream, which I hated! It felt like a cakey, über-masking tinted moisturizer and the color was completely off!

Also on my ‘meeeh’ list is L’oréal Nude Magique; a great idea in theory, but not good enough in practice.


I understand that BB cream should be light on the skin, which this definitely is, but BB’s should also offer some sort of cover, which this definitely doesn’t! I enjoy the fact that the cream is white and contains mini bubble-like particles that contain color – it’s really fun! But either these bubbles don’t burst on my skin or are simply lacking adequate amounts of coverage; I don’t think my my skin looks any different after application…

White and cool

White and cool


smooth but no cover..

Also a favorite but NOT a BB cream is Benefit’s Porefessional. It is great for pore minimization and smooth skin, but that’s all it if you are looking for the benefits of a BB cream, then opt for an actual BB cream (I still love the product though, and sometimes even use it under BB cream for an extra smoothing oompf )


I hope one of these is to your liking! Summer is now, despite the rain making it feel like Winter…so you’re going to need a light, BB alternative to your usual foundation!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

P.s. I am not affiliated with any of the companies, I simply tested these products for future reference and purchased my favorites by myself… much to my bank accounts dismay 😉

My Daily Routine..a.k.a soap on, soap off

As a first beauty post of mine, I thought I could launch right in and show you guys what I do every morning in an attempt to wake up 🙂 I have to say, I think I’ve got it down to the “t” because I always feel overly hyperactive before even having my morning mug of green tea! Now this might have to do with my personality, but I do give a little credit to my favourite products…

So let’s jump right in and start with the first step: Face Wash

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and Wake-Up Booster Tonic

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and Wake-Up Booster Tonic

Now I splurged on these products because I really needed something to wake me up in the morning and couldn’t find a single product that could do this any better (plus I have really sensitive skin and cannot use generic products without looking like a red lobster!!!). The one on the left is the Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel which is what you wash your face with. Simply splash your face with (cold) water and apply a dollop of the gel to your face in circular motions. After washing and drying your face (gently!) you apply the one on the right – the matching Wake-Up Booster Tonic. In my opinion this is what really knocks your socks off! It’s like Red Bull for your face! So if you have a cleanser you want to finish, or just love, but want to get an extra kick without needing any coffee in the morning, I recommend just buying the tonic.

After waiting for the tonic to dry (which I generally forget because I’m always in a time crunch in the morning!) you can move on to step 2: Serum and Moisturiser

Caudalié Vinosource - Quenching Sorbet-Crème and Catrice Primer Fine Powder

Caudalié Vinosource – Quenching Sorbet-Crème
and Catrice Primer Fine Powder

The serum is totally optional, but since I am out of my favourite moisturiser I am relying on only this until I find the time to pick up more of the good stuff. Slather on the serum all over your face and pat it in before applying the moisturiser (the link above is to the Clarins Daily Energy cream, which again is totally optional; go for the tonic only and use a different moisturiser if you wish to save some cash! 🙂 ) Finally, before using any make up, I use a Primer. I chose a relatively cheap one for this, as the make up I use is very good quality and stays on even without the primer.

Now on to step 3: Let’s get rid of those under-eye swellings!

Garnier roll-on and Lancome Hydra Zen Yeaux

Garnier roll-on and Lancome Hydra Zen Yeux

Do you wake up with dark circles under your eyes? During my last year of high-school I was sleeping five hours a night on average and had to rely on good make-up to still have that “fresh” look during the day. I swear by garnier to achieve the ultimate freshness. Both the roll-on and roll-on concealer are AMAAAAHZING! Simply apply before putting on your make-up and your under-eye-circles will feel nice and cool!

And finally, step 4: Foundation and Concealer!

As a final step to being ready to leave the house, I apply foundation, BB cream or a little bit of powder. I use three different kinds of foundation, depending on my budget. Lancome Teint Miracle really matches my skin tone, so I tend to use this more often. I also love Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW from time to time and use Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse when I’m out and about (like after dance!) and need a quick touch up. So the choice is yours! Find a foundation or BB cream you like, (BB cream {Blemish Balm} is great to use during the summer – my favourite being from Kiehls because I don’t need to use moisturiser or sun cream with it!) and that matches your skin tone and apply over your primer! Sometimes I just use Benefit Porefessional, and some powder (see picture below) to cover up tiny blemishes, on days I don’t want to do the full make-up thing.

Benefit, Lancome and Maybelline

Benefit, Lancome and Maybelline

Garnier Concealer roll on and Benefit Pore-fessional

Garnier Concealer roll on and Benefit Pore-fessional

Next you apply concealer under your eyes and on anything else you wish to conceal! My favourite for under my eyes is by Garnier, but I also love Benefit’s Confessions of a conceal-a-holic (and yes, I only own this because I also am a conceal-a-holic!) 🙂

And now just use some powder if you tend to have oily skin, and this makes sure everything stays in place. My favourite is by Bobby Brown.

So that’s it! Looks long, but really only takes ten minutes, and I end up with lovely flawless skin 🙂 And if you want, now is when you apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and blush. But more about that soon! And don’t forget, these are the products I use, and that have worked well for me; please feel free to comment below and let me know what you recommend as well, as I’m always interested in finding new things to try(they don’t call me a conceal-a-holic for nothing 😉 )

Beauty question of the day:

What does your morning routine look like? And What are some of your favourite brands to use?

Stay wonderful people!

xoxo Anoushé