Pre-Birthday Manicure Touch Up

As you may have read here, I got my nails done in Bronxville last week. The colour was IMG_0897

and I’ve really been enjoying it! It’s a refreshing, minty blue that brings a bit of pastel into the dark and gloomy rainy days of Zurich.

IMG_0873Since this was a week ago, and I generally pick at my nails too much (a habit that I must stop!), my manicure has begun to chip in some places. Overall it still looks nice, but there are some spaces that could use some refilling..

IMG_0876Now, tomorrow is my birthday (ahhh FREAK OUT)  and I did not want to remove a perfectly good manicure to then apply polish half-heartedly, and imperfectly, myself.

Good thing I’m obsessed with polish and have nearly the exact same colour by Nails Inc.! 😉

IMG_0972This nail polish is meant to give off a “leathery effect” which in other words is very… forgiving. Yes, my nails might look like I did them right before sleeping and the polish has now been squished ever so slightly by my endless tossing and turning during the night (which oftentimes is really the case), but feel the polish. Go on, feel it! It’s leathery… ouuuuuuuuuuu nice

IMG_0976This is my first Nails Inc. purchase. The polishes don’t carry spectacular names or fluffy brushes, but the selection of colours is endless AND they have super cool effects that I haven’t seen very many other polish makers create!

Me = dazzled! (and sold..they’re not very expensive!)

IMG_0978Here you can see the little “touch up”. Not too shabby, eh?

IMG_0984Light Leathery Blue

IMG_0982Manicure… Friday? I promise to become a bit more consistent again! Let me settle in a little 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo








Scented Nails – a Reason You Might be Called Weird a.k.a Manicure Monday

‘Smell my nails, smell my nails, hey, smell my nails’

IMG_0308This is how I’ve been greeting my friends for the last few days.

Don’t worry I haven’t lost my mind.. again… yet

IMG_0307I am just extremely fascinated by and overly-enjoying my new nail polish from the Sephora Nail Collection line (but seriously, when do I not do this?! overly-enjoy I mean). It is called Pastel Pop and the shade I am flaunting and shoving up people’s noses is 02, Strawberry.

IMG_0310The polish packaging (ha! alliteration) was an eye-catcher to begin with. The pink shade goes on first and then – after screwing that back on – you twist to the other side and apply the shimmery-golden top coat. I found it a bit weird to use, as you actually unscrew the paint pot and not the brush which, in my eyes, is a nail polish spilling accident just waiting to happen… so I asked a friend to help me by casually, and inconspicuously, removing my nail polish from my bag at one of our chilled-out hang out nights, knowing she loves to apply nail polish. Party and get your nails done, while spending time with your friends? Win win! 🙂


She did an amazing job too! I don’t think my nails have EVER looked this good…

Another friend (who has an amazing voice by the way, and has just released her first music video) took the pictures because my phone was dead. I have the best friends 🙂

IMG_0313This photo is titled the “artsy picture” 😉 Pink nails, polish and shoes! (“Sing: I’m a barbie girl..”)

The beauty of the polish, with its barbie pink and glittery gold top coat, nearly excuses my weird behaviour when I run into people I know.. Maybe being known as the one who starts hyperventilating over a new mascara or the Marc Jacobs line will help them forgive my “smell my nails” behaviour..

But honestly, I don’t really want to excuse myself, because this is so COOOOOOOOOOOL! My actions are totally acceptable and understandable.

Ahh Sephora you have done it again. Chapeau.

Every single time my hand is anywhere near my face I smell this bubblegum strawberry scent and I can barely contain my excitement. I just wanted to spread the luuuuurv for polish by making others feel the same! 😉

If only they had named it something fun… 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo






College like a Pro

All I could think about this week, was that I have no manicure and no pedicure. I drifted off while doing homework, my mind focusing on colors and textures, I couldn’t concentrate during Contemporary class, looking down at my bare, uncolorful toes, color chipping off, vanishing more with each movement..

I had to put an end to this misery; I needed a manicure, and finally gave myself one, with the pretext, however, that I simultaneously put on a face mask…

Which is what I did..



A black, peel-off mask, that is.. much to my roommate’s joy.. 😉 The mask was an impulse-buy at Sephora last week because I had forgotten my Kiehl’s mask at home and had always wanted to try peel off masks. Putting on the mask was easy-ish; it was sort of a black, goopy mess, that stuck quickly, so I had to work fast. The instructions said to wait 20 minutes and then peel it off, so I sat at my desk, turned on America’s Next Top Model and decided to paint my nails.



I went back to my new-found fav, OPI liquid sand in shade Pussy Galore. Love…It…! I used this on only my left hand.



When I turned to my right nails, I was struck by nostalgia and a waft of homesickness. I thus chose a Swiss-named polish to, naturally, help cure it. Planning ahead while packing for college, I knew I would need some uplifting things to keep me going the first few weeks so I added these two colours to my “must take” list:


I had forgotten about “From A to Z-Urich”, so I chose Glitzerland, which is awesome in name and color 🙂


Plus it went really well with the pink sand.

Once my nails were more or less dry, it was time to peel off the mask. Again, much to my roommate’s (and other friend’s amusement), I confusedly tried to pry the – now dry –  goopy mess off of my face..easier said than done, I’ll tell you that! Whatever I didn’t manage to peel off was thankfully washable with water, which was a major relief as my hands had gone soot black! The result of the mask was pleasing, but barely noticeable..

As soon as ANTM was over I returned to finishing my homework; the model student in me not wanting to spend the whole evening on beauty 😉

I tried to get to bed at a reasonable time though, as I now have dance practice every morning at 9. This can be as serious as ballet or as fun as an interpretative dance on the lawn..


Oh and this was in the ballet studio 🙂



I go to an awesome school 😀

And with all things cute, funny and “out there” (remember: own the awkward), I got this as my fortune with Thai take-out:


Very fitting 🙂

I ate my curry and brown rice after a strenuous Capoeira class, where I was taught interesting dance/capoeira/martial arts techniques that made me feel a bit awkward at first but are actually really fun! Also fitting!

Speaking of food, my suite-mate had superman ice cream the other day!


And I finally got my peanut butter FroYo, which I enjoyed in my dance clothes 🙂

That’s all for today! I’m going into the City tomorrow so I’ve got to do my homework now..

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

P.S This is my amazing roommate:

1175413_10151864320292140_260829719_nAnd this is us being cute and silly:






Manicure Monday!


Unlike Garfield, I don’t hate Mondays. Like New Year’s Day, it’s the day one chooses to complete all pushed back tasks; it’s the beginning of a new week, what better time to clean up that room you’ve never wanted to (or not…:))

This week is also the start of my vacation. I’ve got one month left before I’m leaving for college, so now everyday has to be Monday for me.. got a lot of cleaning up to do!

Packing/cleaning issues aside, Monday also brings some fun..


Manicure Monday!

This Monday, I welcome my first OPI manicure to the blog. After mainly using Catrice polishes these past few weeks, I was longing for a longer-lasting polish – I did not want the color to chip off quickly again.

IMG_0003I went for the full shebang: Undercoat, polish and overcoat, all by OPI. This  should factor out a short-lived color splash …or so they say. I sure hope it doesn’t chip off too quickly, but with my nail picking track record, I doubt even the more expensive polishes will last.

IMG_0024The trend these days is to use a different color on your ring finger. Eager to test the new look, but not wanting to be too flamboyant while still working at my internship, I opted for a color in the same shade, unlike a totally opposite one like the trend normally expects.


Color number one was Come to Poppy; a beautiful shade of glistening pink, reminding me of pink candy.

IMG_0011I painted my left hand in this color, before switching to polish number 2, for the ring finger and right hand.

IMG_0005MeepMeepMeep is a darker pink and very glittery. Despite being a similar shade, it still provided a popping contrast to the shinier, brighter light pink.

Finish with a top coat and flaunt those trendy nails! 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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Manicure Mondays!

It’s Monday again, and you know what that means…


Manicure Monday Time!!

This week I chose a French Manicure colour in contrast to last weeks neony yellow. It’s a nice natural colour similar to that I posted a few weeks ago..very light and barely noticeable.


I seem to mainly be using my Catrice nail polishes. They are so inexpensive and I have so many cute colors, that I’ve addictively bought collected one too many over the years… I now have an impressive color range sitting on my shelf. I do have to say however, that the colors are noticeably less thick than more expensive polishes, but since I enjoy changing them up often, I’d rather invest in a couple of inexpensive ones. Buying 4 different shades from Catrice is easier on your budget than from OPI or Essie anyhow ;)!


I picked Mona Lisa is staring back. It’s kind of like a muddy – yet glamorous – white-ish colour; close, yet still far from the classic French.


A great alternative for when you want a no-nonsense type manicure; simple, and classic. Great for my upcoming work week 😉

IMG_0688And Bala’s sleep week 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Mondays: Sunshine!

Happy Monday!

Ready for this week’s Manicure?


While going through my colors, I wanted to find something to match the great sunshiny weather! So, being a former Math-Geek, I went through my options in my mind and set up a mathematical equation…

…Sunshine + Party +Nail Polish =  …



(ok that last one just kind of slipped in honor of the Zürifest of course 😉 )

The polish is called Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy, and is a great summer colour! I really pops out and brights up any outfit.

IMG_0664Or any dog walk!

IMG_0663It also add a little style to a couch potato day with your dog and the Kardashians 😀

IMG_0661It was a bit see-through the first time I applied it, so it really needed a second coat.


But after that, the color was very striking! (Don’t mind my chewed up’s a terrible nervous habit of mine I cannot seem to kick!)IMG_0671

A great way to make Monday a Easy-Peasy Lemon-Squeezy day! 🙂


With attitude and YELLOW nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Monday

After unsuccessfully scratching off all of my previous nail polish during the week, I resorted to finally using nail polish remover by Sunday afternoon. I do not encourage my terrible habit! Incessant polish peeling causes weak and brittle nails that will soon be in need of intensive care.. But being me, I listen to no one and will still continue living in (nail-) sin (plus, I am always a nervous wreck, and peeling off polish is weirdly soothing..)

Now on with what you want, want to you really really want…and less about me (do you guys remember that song?? 🙂 ). It’s time for this Monday’s Manicure!

Lucky in Lilac

Lucky in Lilac

Being an absolute fashion victim, I know I should technically be matching polish colors to the time of year, month, week, clothes, shoes, accessories, skin color, hair color, eye color, lip gloss and much, much more. Too much spontaneity in the world of fashion can quickly lead to disastrous no-gos if you aren’t an expert in this ever-changing field, and I have a tip below that can help you forgo simple faux-pas..



While I may not be as dogmatic as described above when it comes to how you dress, I do believe you should find a style that suits you and slowly start varying your looks from there on out. When entering the world of an amateur fashionista, a little certainty that what you’re wearing looks good on you definitely helps build confidence – especially if you are new at this fashion thing!. Before you know it, you will gradually find yourself playing with different clothes, accessories and make-up, and start receiving positive stares from passer-byers. I do not wish a fashion faux-pas – with its all-inclusive pointing and whispering – on anyone! So take things slow and learn what works. For example, I steer clear of baggy boyfriend jeans and overalls because I know that I’m just too short to pull that look off!



When it comes to nail polish however, I am a true practicer of out-of-the-box mentalities. Remain a true free spirit and wear that yellow nail polish with your fair complexion and pair it with those pale blue shoes, if you like. What’s the worst that could happen?!

Not having matching nail polish is not the end of the world – It actually does not make or break the outfit, regardless of what any of your fashion icons might say! What’s more, someone might see your rad nails and find them sooooooooooo cooooool that weird colors become a new trend!

So if you are feeling experimental one day, but don’t have the courage to pull off an outrageous outfit and walk out on the street just yet, try building confidence with some striking nail polish, and see how it feels! 🙂

Catrice: Lucky in Lilac

Catrice: Lucky in Lilac

This week’s color is not as striking as say an orange tone with a pink cardigan, but it is far from the security of a French manicure. Today I’m talking Lilac!

Catrice Nail polish

Catrice Nail polish

As usual, I started with a base coat to help support my peeled nails. Then I applied a double coat of color, let it dry, and topped it off with some shine…


Et Voilà, purple nails!

Lilac Nails!

Lilac Nails!

A bit delayed, but still with Attitude and nail polish (duh!), Anoushé xoxox