My Signature Thang

I have always adored women who appear to have their lives under control. It is a trait I hope to one day master.


Sometimes I seem to associate this effortless elegance with Paris: Whenever I hear about graceful women my mind wanders to Café de Flore, and envision a naturally beautiful woman wearing pearls, a classic Chanel jacket, cigarette pants and kitten heels. I picture a mix of Audrey Tautou, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and all of the French designer’s muses sitting at a table with red lipstick that doesn’t stain her glass filled with sparkling rosé, a plate of exquisite food before her, attracting the attention of any person to ever lay eyes on her.

I also imagine this lady to have the class and etiquette of a generous and timeless Iranian woman, with a brain and who knows very well who she wishes to be and that she is in control of her life.

I hope to one day be that kind of woman. Every day I meet people and see things that inspire me to become that envisioned woman sitting in Café de Flore. Whether it is my Aunt who naturally set a glass of water and a bowl of raw nuts by my bed just in case I was hungry, my mom who stayed true to her beloved skinny jeans and cowboy boots, owning her outfit because it is timeless, and who always reminded me that a woman should always be classy (yes, these comments were generally made when I was younger and begged to wear short shorts or mini skirts) and taught me the art of entertaining – Persian style, my other Auntie who inspires me with her positive outlook and love for the power of yoga, or my grandmother who looks more glamorous than Elizabeth Taylor and was even recently described as extremely elegant at the Sarah Lawrence Admitted Students Day that she accompanied me to.

109663-Nice+happiness+happy+quotes+thAs you see, I have a lot of dreams and plans as to who I wish to become and how I hope to be perceived. I have already started to plan certain things like to start writing a journal, to send thank you letters and hand written cards, to finally get my room organised and to make it look more grown up… and to finally have a signature look/character trait/inspiring way of life. A way people can remember me by. I long ago established my bouncy and talkative personality for which many people know and appreciate me, but sometimes I wish to recreate old ways… I want to be known for who I am and no longer for who I am meant to/trying to be, for sometimes, once my spunkiness was established, I felt I could no longer be any different and was even introduced as “that girl who I once told you about”. It puts you under a lot of pressure when you know you absolutely must be happy 24/7…

And that is why I started to express myself through dance, and let myself get inspired by the Evil Eye and dramatic eyeliner. I adore what the Hamsa Hand and the Evil Eye represent and choose to wear it every day. Wearing bracelets has always been a thing people have known me for, and now I have established it further by adding meaning to it. I also love to wear the Om symbol – it reminds me to stay calm and collected throughout the day (not always successful, but at least I’m trying ;))

Me at 15 - wearing bracelets

Me at 15 – wearing bracelets

me at 16 - wearing bracelets

me at 16 – wearing bracelets

And recently, the winged eyeliner has become my thing. Sometimes I keep it discreet, sometimes I tune it up with colours and mascara… but it is always there! And slowly I am creating my own look…





With eyeliner wings distinguishing me and the Evil Eye protecting me, Anoushé xoxo

Paris Day 3

Sunday morning beauty routine is in session, and while I await my nasal strip to complete its work, why not finish up my trip down short-term memory lane.

Day 3

We started off day three with a trip to the Invalides to visit Napoleon’s tomb. We also looked at the military museum before heading down Boulevard Saint Germain for lunch at Café de Flore.


As it is one of the oldest cafés, it has become a Parisian Institution, visited often by prestigious clientele. It is situated next to Les deux Magots, an equally famous café in name, but much less hip and trendy in my opinion 🙂

Les deux Magots, not to completely put it down as untrendy,  has however been associated with famous French thinkers of the 1940s and 50s like Sartre and Camus, just to name a few, so it is definitely also worth a drink or a meal.


IMG_0182I had a delicious omelette, while the croque monsieur also looked great.

After lunch we continued our walk to Jardins de Luxembourg.


IMG_0185We also walked up to see the Panthéon and the Sorbonne, before heading to the Notre Dame.

IMG_0188We also paid a visit to Love Lock Bridge.

IMG_0187We chose to lock our relationship on Pont de l’Archevêché, as it is not known for committed, eternal love (that is Pont des Arts). It symbolises more the bridge for your “lover”. Being as young as we are, and knowing that I will be leaving for New York in now 9 days, I planned to make this lock our “eternal friendship lock”, but thought the symbol of Pont de l’Archevêché could work as a combination of both being friends and in a relationship, depending on how you want to look at it.  It is a beautiful memento to take abroad, a memory that might be bittersweet, but not heart-breaking as it also displays true friendship.

As tradition goes, you lock it on the bridge and throw the key in to the river Seine. One is also told to choose the bridge wisely, as broken-hearted people have been seen trying to desperately remove their lock from Pont des Arts, while the locks at l’Archevêché endure no such dramatic end.




IMG_0217After walking over the bridge and bidding our lock farewell, we walked up to Place des Vosges and Le Marais. Place des Vosges is the oldest square in Paris and we enjoyed the beauty while eating delicious Gelato.

IMG_0206We also had dinner in the Marais area, and I also treated myself to a small shopping spree in the Makeup Forever store.

After dinner we proceeded with our walk back to the hotel, clocking in more than 17.9 kilometres by the time we had reached our room. We hadn’t taken the metro once that day.

IMG_0194With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo