Sephora Ban


It’s raining… I feel uninspired and can’t seem to concentrate on the article I need to write. I also just ate my last Quest bar. Depressing…

Of course my mind would thus unintentionally direct its thoughts to Sephora.. I mean, seriously it’s not like I have to work or anything..

So my mind drifts.. and I think about the eye cream that I’ve nearly finished.. maybe I should replenish it.. I don’t think the ones I have are night-time appropriate… I don’t want wrinkles.. Do I need anti-ageing?.. oh and look at all these lovely new Dior Addict lip glosses and mascaras.. and ohhhhhh Marc Jacobs you are a god I want all the lipstick (and I barely ever even wear lipstick).. Buy it all..


Yes folks, it is a vicious circle. The longing of wanting what one doesn’t have – what one doesn’t really need, but wouldn’t hurt if we owned it. Mindless clicks, oohs and awwwwws have led to too many, frequent purchases.. I mean it’s on sale, so it’s ok, am I right?


Hello, my name is Anoushé and I am a Sephora-holic. I’ve long graduated from conceal-a-holic and have entered mental asylum territory. Self help groups won’t cure the state that I am in. I have forever been a lost cause, longing for exfoliators and lipstains, mascaras and oils, and don’t get me started on nail polishes and eyeshadows…it has reached a peak of no return..

The insanity must end… if it isn’t too late

It’s time for an intervention!

I have decided to do what has thus far been an unattainable myth.. I will go where no beauty-freak beauty blogger has yet to go..

I will ban any new purchases until I’ve actually finished all that I already have! That’s right folks.. I am going to go cold turkey and resist the urge to purchase the newest body butters and face cleansers until I am really, really, REALLY in need of them. And to help keep myself accountable, I will mention all the empties and all the recently opened.. I will also make myself a mental list and write on here when the list states I must replenish (read: hoard) new products.

Let the fun begin – I guess! Wish me luck 🙂 #springcleaning #reinvented #Iamabeautyhamster

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Fasching, Day 2

Picture the scene: I leave for the office around 9, which in Swiss working hours is extremely leisurely, and get to Beauty bright and “early”; only to find myself locked out! No one else was there yet… I didn’t know where they kept the key to the door so I ended up camping outside the door until the Editor in Chief of the WHOLE MAGAZINE finds me like a lost puppy scratching at the door trying to find a way to get it open – not a pretty sight.

Upon discovering my predicament she sent me down to the main floor along with another intern to pick up the “krapfen”, which were specially ordered for today. Might as well do something useful, I guess… For those of you how don’t know, Krapfen are basically doughnuts filled with a multitude of delicious things, varying from Nutella, to applesauce – little bites of yum, terrible for my diet.

1958501_10153916281170245_1501715758_nNot really being able to get a grip on the concept that people working for a fashion magazine actually ATE anything, let alone a Krapfen, I walked back to my office in a haze without realising the door was magically opened in the short time I had left my guarding post. I left the other intern to deliver the doughnuts to the non-dieting employees and went to my desk.

OOTD :D (yesterday)

OOTD 😀 (yesterday)

One of my many tasks today was to try and test the JAWBONE Up tracking device. One of the many things I’ve been wanting to try lately was the FitBit flex, so you cannot believe how hard it was to contain my excitement when my boss dropped the bracelet off at my desk and asked me to test it for a week! You guys will definitely be hearing from me 😉

Another highlight today was calling a Swiss company to ask for the press release information of a sunscreen coming out in April. The reason I was enticed by the phone call was that I got to speak Swiss German again! You can’t imagine how much you start to miss your dialect when you have to speak “high German” all day – it’s weirdly exhausting!

I had the afternoon off because of Fasching – also the reason for the Krapfen this morning.  Fasching, also known as Karneval in Germany or Fasnacht in Switzerland, is a festival season that leads up to Lent where people dress up in funny costumes and parade around town. There is singing, dancing and plenty of partying. I, unaware of the celebration, didn’t realise I would only be working in the morning and leaving the office at one with confetti in my hair… thanks to one of our coworkers walking around with oversized glasses throwing the little itsy bits of colourful paper everywhere. Not knowing what to do, I tagged along with the other interns who wanted to avoid the festivities and joined them for chai tea lattes at the cute Barer 61 on the other side of town. I was really happy to see they could make everything with soy milk 🙂 It’s the little things..

After sipping the last dregs of frothy milk from our mugs we decided to walk to café Jasmin – apparently the oldest café in Munich! The interior was a gentle mix of light green and gold; comfy, cozy yet slightly majestic. Here I had some green tea and enjoyed an hour of people watching while gossiping with the girls about life 🙂

I have to say, while it might have been fun to see the people all dressed up in their craziest gear, it was nice to get to know the people I’m working with for the next month while enjoying a bit of the city I have yet to discover entirely!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Tuesday 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Current Craze – Foundation

Wake up in the morning – not feeling like P. Diddy. That’s what happens most days, no matter what Ke$ha might have told us. Lifeless skin, a red chin and nose, a few ugly blackheads making their big debut… our skin doesn’t always want to bless us with the feeling we look immaculate. Glowing, clear skin can of course be boosted with proper skin care, enough sleep and healthy eating, but sometimes it just might need a little more TLC…

IMG_1098..and a little extra coverage to give yourself that “I look and feel amazing” confidence boost, bright and early in the morning. I’ve spoken to you already about BB Creams and my favourite picks, and today I will brief you on foundations – a product that gives you slightly more coverage than the lighter BB cream that comes in a mega array of various options.

What is Foundation?

Foundation is usually a skin-colored product used to even out your complexion. Matching your skin tone, it covers flaws and blemishes, and creates a uniform skin-colouring.

What does it do?

As mentioned above, foundation is used primarily to leave your skin looking flawless. On the one hand it can cover up imperfections and blemishes, on the other it could even slightly alter your skin tone and decrease signs of ageing. Generally you select a colour that matches your skin. It is the simplest and least time-consuming way of finding the right amount of coverage. Makeup artists however, sometimes intentionally choose a mismatch for the desired result. As with concealers, using different coloured tones can help minimise the appearance of what you wish to cover; for example a complexion that is generally red can be minimised by using a clear, beige-toned foundation. This proves also that the colour in the bottle will look differently once applied to your face.

There are three basic tones in the cosmetic world: Warm (yellowish), Cool (Blueish) and Neutral (Redish). I found a few sites online that help determine what your skin tone is. Knowing this is crucial for selecting the correct coloured foundation.

Lovelyish: Extensive information about warm/cool skin tones

Quiz: Popsugar created a quiz to find out what skin tone you are

Video: How to determine neutral/warm/cool

When selecting your foundation, it is also important to know what kind of coverage you wish to have. There are four different kinds:

  • Sheer: very transparent, contains least amount of pigment. It won’t hide discolorations but it will minimise the appearance
  • Light: enough coverage to conceal blotchiness and unevenness, but not freckles
  • Medium: covers most things like freckles, pimples, redness and blotchiness
  • Full: most opaque; conceals things like birthmarks and scars. Also known as camouflage “makeup”

After you have the coverage and tint figured out, you also have to know what type of foundation suits you the most.

There are various different kinds on the market, like oil/emollient based, powder based, silicone based, water based and mineral makeup. I will speak about my favourites and the advantages/disadvantages in my next Beauty to the Pointe post.

How do I use it?

Using a sponge (powder based), brush (liquid) or fingers, apply your foundation beginning at the nose and spreading all over your face. Don’t forget to cover areas like under your chin for a flawless transition! Seal the makeup with a (slightly tinted) loose or compact powder and a big powder brush.


Even looking skin with the desired result of reduced redness, less wrinkles or more freshness!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Monday: LE SMOKING and LEADING LADY

IMG_1034Everyone enjoys a beautiful ruby-red from time to time.

IMG_1031I’ve always respected the colour red. It has always been a colour associated with being a grown up, and I never felt comfortable wearing it. Pink, coral, maybe even a dark magenta – but never red!

IMG_1033Even today, I can’t wear the classic colour without mixing it up in some funky way. This time, I went with two different shades on both hands – Estée Lauder Le Smoking on one, and a sparkly Essie number called Leading Lady on the other.


The colours were selected primarily by shade, but looking at their names, they really do fit together. The gorgeous “Leading Lady” accompanied by a dashing “Le Smoking” is a match made in heaven. 😉 Imagine that…

IMG_1027One day, maybe, I’ll feel “grown-up” enough to wear just red. But until then I’ll leave the colour to my mom, who always chooses a nice, classical red over any other colour – in typical grown-up, ladylike fashion – and I’ll stick with the funky blues, greens and lilacs for the time being.

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo




Favourite Products of 2013

2013 is nearly over. It’s been an interesting year, full of new beauty finds, interesting experiences and finding time to understand more about me, myself and I. To end the year, I thought I would highlight some of my favourite and most-used beauty purchases of the year. Let’s see if 2014 can top them (I’m sure I’ll be spending enough time in stores looking for better 😉 )!


Holding the prestigious number 1 position is the GIVENCHY PHENOMEN EYES mascara.
IMG_1094It’s an amazing product and the only one I’ve found to date that really gives me the “fake lash effect” (I must confess that I use more than just this mascara, but more about that later 😉 )

IMG_1054Spot number 2 goes to the BRAZIL NUT BODY MIST by the Body Shop.

IMG_1097It leaves me smelling like caramel, which leaves me happy with every spritz. Also, it is not very expensive (unlike other delicious perfumes), so you don’t feel guilty when applying it liberally, frequently 🙂

Number 3 this year is this ORIGINS Charcoal MaskIMG_1102This was an impulse buy and I immediately went back to Sephora to purchase a second. The mask works wonders to my skin!

IMG_0866Ready for number 4?

IMG_1108The Body Shop’s Vanilla Shimmer Body Lotion has been a favourite for many years now, and it has not once disappointed me. It leaves a soft, lightly-lingering vanilla scent, which pairs well with the Brazil Nut Mist mentioned above. More importantly however, my skin is covered in glitter after using it. WIN/WIN 🙂

For number 5 I chose SEPHORA SCENTED NAIL POLISHIMG_1111The colour is a beautiful, barbie, bubblegum pink and stayed scratch free for much longer than most of my other polishes. This could very much have something to do with the fact that it is SCENTED and smells like STRAWBERRIES! 🙂 I also own the shade “Grapefruit”

Number 6IMG_1109

and also number 7 actually

IMG_1110I love the GUERLAIN Meteorites Perles Illuminating Powder for the reasons stated here and many many more. This paired with the oh so soft BRUSH that I bought at the Body Shop leaves me excited to apply, and let alone wear, makeup every day!


Onwards to the next product!IMG_1100Number 8 is another oldie but goodie. CLARINS Gel Contour des Yeux has been part of my morning routine for a while now, and I’m not planning on betraying it any time soon 🙂 It definitely leaves my eyes feeling “de-puffed” in the morning, lending me the “fresh and awake” look I am constantly striving for.

It works even better when paired with number 9 CLARINS Wake Up Booster

IMG_1096It’s name says it all.

Number 10 is the newest addition to my makeup repertoire

IMG_1095This SMASHBOX BROWTECH TO GO was a bit of an impulse buy at Sephora in Paris, where I was suckered into believing making my eyebrows darker was easier and less time-consuming than plucking them every few days.. hmm interesting theory. Needless to say, I use the “wax” part of it much more now than the “pencil” part. I learned my “brow-drawing lesson” the hard way (super dark eyebrows.. scary times)… but it’s still a great, all-round product!

With all this mascara I’ve been wearing lately, number 11 has become even more important than usual.


I decided to try the Body Shop’s CAMOMILE Waterproof Makeup Remover after reading about their more “gentle” line. I’ve always found eye makeup removers to be very irritating (also extremely natural ones, like the one by LUSH!) and wasn’t expecting this one to be any better, but was positively astonished by the results!

Number 12 is what I put on after a long night, or after removing really tricky, waterproof eye makeup.

IMG_1104It’s another oldie but goodie, but I haven’t researched a possible replacement enough yet to give up the BOBBY BROWN HYDRATING EYE CREAMI must admit, it does sting slightly when applying it after removing tough makeup, but other than that it definitely helps me look fresher the morning after a party night!

When I don’t have much eye makeup to remove, I stick with number 13: FRESH SOY FACE CLEANSER

IMG_1107It gets the job done. I’ve only been using this interchangeably with my other products for a short while now, but so far I’m preferring this one to my usual suspects..I also love other products by FRESH and hope to try more some day!

Number 14 is another evening product


Pantene Pro V Intensive Night Spray Care is great on days where you didn’t have time to deeply condition your hair. Simply spray a bit into your mane before going to bed, and you wake up with a head of soft, luscious hair!

Lancome Teint Miracle holds place 15. I’ve been using this for over 2 years now, and have not found any other colour that really matches my complexion.


I’m thinking about trying out their Teint Idole Ultra 24 h next, as this bottle is nearly empty and I sometimes want a bit more cover than this gives.

Number 16 absolutely had to be this face mask.


KIEHL’S RARE EARTH DEEP POR CLEANSING MASQUE won my heart the second I tested it. It cools my skin and clears it perfectly enough, so that I don’t feel a need to pick around at the “barely there pores” on my nose.

And finally, number 17 and 18. Both are used more when I go out to parties and want to highlight aspects of my face, or just feel the need to shine a bit more than usual 😉

IMG_1099The Body Shop’s SPARKLER  is used primarily to glitz up my hair and décolleté, and BENEFIT’S HIGH BEAM is painted onto my cheekbones when I wish to highlight the contours of my face, or don’t feel like using a powder blush.


And there you have it. My top picks for the year 2013. Some have been in use for more than just this year, others only made the cut a few weeks ago, but all in all, I love each and every one of these products, as they enhance each other perfectly and help me take the utmost care of myself, whether by cleansing my face properly or by making me happy, simply by enjoying the scent.

It’s been a good year. I’ve really learned what works for my skin and where I still need to work a little more on figuring out the know-how. 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Monday

Finally I’m back on schedule with my Manicure Monday Posts!

IMG_0989This was my nail look for my birthday.

IMG_0996I decided to embellish my nails even more, graduating from leathery nails to beaded nails in under 24 hours. Reasons? Hmmm..

I’m still asking myself why I now have over 4 layers of polish on my nails. Maybe my constant nail polish application is a reflection of my character? Or maybe more of my character flaws… 😉

IMG_0992Whatever the reason (how about laziness?) I now have beaded nails! They’re fun to touch, but not too appealing to the eye

IMG_1014I paired them with a pink, fluffy, sparkly dress, clunky shoes and a shoulder-padded jeans jacket

IMG_1018Nothing screams “I’m no longer a teenager” like a bright pink dress and beaded nails. Nothing.

IMG_1016Looks different without the accessories. Almost fit for a little girl’s princess-themed birthday party. Almost.

I’ll always be a little girl running around in a fluffy dress and a tiara at heart.


I’m luckily not too old for decorated birthday cakes

IMG_1019..with a warm welcome from the dogs in my life 🙂

IMG_1021In case you were wondering, decorated cakes are kind of a thing at my birthday.

282837_10152370688695245_854448118_n19th Birthday

393435_10151107757150245_1702280871_n18th Birthday

68152_10150345765280245_6026321_n17th Birthday (see the pink present-shaped one?!)

My parents get super creative 🙂

This year, I went out to a restaurant that specialises in molecular cuisine. After that I went to drinks and dancing with my friends

IMG_1003Glass of Prosecco

IMG_1002Christmas lights

My makeup-highlight for the night was mascara

IMG_1017..and lots and lots of glitter 🙂

IMG_1015I also received a little gift from Sephora!

After getting home late and sleeping very little, my mom and I went out for some final shopping and roasted chestnuts


And later on we decorated the tree


Here’s to the Roaring Twenties 😉

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo










Pre-Birthday Manicure Touch Up

As you may have read here, I got my nails done in Bronxville last week. The colour was IMG_0897

and I’ve really been enjoying it! It’s a refreshing, minty blue that brings a bit of pastel into the dark and gloomy rainy days of Zurich.

IMG_0873Since this was a week ago, and I generally pick at my nails too much (a habit that I must stop!), my manicure has begun to chip in some places. Overall it still looks nice, but there are some spaces that could use some refilling..

IMG_0876Now, tomorrow is my birthday (ahhh FREAK OUT)  and I did not want to remove a perfectly good manicure to then apply polish half-heartedly, and imperfectly, myself.

Good thing I’m obsessed with polish and have nearly the exact same colour by Nails Inc.! 😉

IMG_0972This nail polish is meant to give off a “leathery effect” which in other words is very… forgiving. Yes, my nails might look like I did them right before sleeping and the polish has now been squished ever so slightly by my endless tossing and turning during the night (which oftentimes is really the case), but feel the polish. Go on, feel it! It’s leathery… ouuuuuuuuuuu nice

IMG_0976This is my first Nails Inc. purchase. The polishes don’t carry spectacular names or fluffy brushes, but the selection of colours is endless AND they have super cool effects that I haven’t seen very many other polish makers create!

Me = dazzled! (and sold..they’re not very expensive!)

IMG_0978Here you can see the little “touch up”. Not too shabby, eh?

IMG_0984Light Leathery Blue

IMG_0982Manicure… Friday? I promise to become a bit more consistent again! Let me settle in a little 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo