Herzlich willkuuume bi de zweite Lektion…

Ok so maybe that’s a bit much Swiss German to swallow this early in the morning. It means welcome to your second lesson. And after learning how to whip gummy bears …

My boyfriend gave me this. Isn't he the best? :) <3

My boyfriend gave me this. Isn’t he the best? 🙂 ❤

…it’s time for you to learn how to sit like an almond croissant! 😀

No joke. It’s a legitimate expression. Its actual translation would mean that ‘you should sit up straight/properly’ but where’s the fun in leading with that?!

So next time you feel like commenting on how someone is sitting there just tell them: “Du sitzisch da wienen Nussgipfel!” 😀

Or if you don’t feel like using Swiss German, how about Minion Language?

Source: 9Gag

Source: 9Gag

This was also sent to me by my boyfriend, along with a sentence using nothing but minion speak. He saw the movie before me so he’s slightly more fluent 😉


With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo