TOP 13 POSTS OF 2013

It’s the last Tuesday of 2013. This past year has gone by so quickly, and so much has happened in this short period of time. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers for supporting me and my blog. I really appreciate that there is SOMEONE out there reading this little bit of pink and sparkly web space 🙂

This post is a summary of all of your favourite blog posts. I was quite happy to see a mixture of all the things I enjoy writing about 🙂 My readers and I seem to have a lot in common, which is what writing and following a blog is all about! So here it is, the top 13 posts of 2013:

You all loved my very first manicure Monday post. I loved that one too – it was one of my closest friend’s wedding and the theme of “what nail polish would a bride wear” was great inspiration for a first blog post.

A close second was my post about Jazz Dance. It was a fun post to write as I looked back to what I expected Jazz dance to be like and compared it to the real thing – keyword: JAZZ HANDS

I was really excited about seeing this post among the top three. This was one of my favourite pre-dance snacks and I’m happy you guys liked it as much as I did! Let’s give a round of applause for cookie-dough oats everybody! 🙂

You guys were also very interested in reading about my life in New York, despite the frequency of my posts slowly decreasing. I wrote here about how college life, at the beginning, took a massive toll on my writing and time-management capabilities, and how I was coping by frequently using face masks to relax 🙂

You guys didn’t just want to know about New York though. Zurich was luckily also a point of interest, especially when I wrote about one of our bigger outdoor parties here, the Zürifäscht. 

Yet another post about SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE among the top 13! I’m glad you enjoyed reading about it more than I enjoyed actually living it 😉 Here I also highlighted some of my favourite mascaras, which I also mentioned here!

I was very pleased to see two more dance posts among the reader’s favourites. I really hope to spend more time writing about dance in the New Year, as my writing has become slightly more concentrated on beauty products lately. How about making “more dance” a New Year’s resolution, eh? 🙂 I definitely want to expand on my “Funky Friday” posts!

This post was a great experience. I started going back to Ballet, and was discovered by a really nice fellow dance blogger who suggested doing a link-up about “what’s in our ballet bags”. Wonderful!

This is one of my favourite breakfast smoothies. Despite its name, it’s also super healthy!

Yaaaaay you guys also liked learning some Swiss German! I guess I must also resolve to write a few more of these, huh 😉

Oh, and funny enough, you also seemed to enjoy my attempt to attract more men to my pink and sparkly blog. I wonder what the gender distribution on this post was like 🙂

Top post number 13 was when I wrote about my yoga experience.

Seeing all the posts you enjoyed, I feel much more reassured about the mix of topics I include on this blog. Sure, my blog was originally going to be about dance and makeup, but then life got in the way, and this blog became a great outlet to talk about things beyond pirouettes and lip gloss. Especially now that I am more interested in finding out about how muscles work and how to push my fitness to the next level, I haven’t been attending as many dance classes anymore. I do however plan on getting back into dance, now that I am back in Zurich, and look forward to seeing how better fitness might influence my dancing. Also, I hope to become more vegan in 2014, and would really like to share that experience with you guys!

Thank you again for all your love and support!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

I should be reading Wordsworth..

Itinerary Sunday Oct 13 (So far):

  • Return home early morning after unsuccessfully trying to study French Grammar while others were watching “This is the End”
  • Wake up 10:30 planning to study Literature
  • Get hungry
  • Eat yoghurt while starting to watch The Kardashians
  • Stop watching the Kardashians for obvious reasons
  • Weigh the importance of ordering Lancome Idole Ultra 24 h now
  • Check Sephora for Sales
  • Check Lancome for Sales
  • Make tea
  • Start reading The Prelude (Wordsworth)
  • Look for Summary of Prelude online
  • Restart the read
  • Write Manicure Monday Blog post
  • Check phone for new messages
  • make coffee
  • Face mask
  • IMG_0316
  • Order laundry detergent off of Amazon
  • Get sidetracked trying to find out whether Liquid or Sheet fabric softener is better
  • Mask is dryIMG_0317
  • Can’t move face
  • Wash face
  • Take vitamins
  • …and commence this current blog post and realise why I’ve  gotten nothing done thus far..

Also, I’m thinking of getting dressed and going to get Froyo from Swizzles for lunch, like I did after dinner on Friday with my friends, including the adorable Hannah who has one of the most beautiful blogs, and yesterday after another girls night 🙂

IMG_0311Pumpkin Froyo! 🙂

Snacks this Week

Dance came slightly short this week. It’s the summer holidays, so classes aren’t very regular anymore. Also it was the last week of my internship, so leaving earlier for dance wasn’t a priority. Next week I will be taking stretch classes daily while also trying to catch up on my ballet.

Before the couple of classes I did take this past week  (Ballet on Wednesday and Kickbox Cardio on Thursday) I made sure to keep up my snacking 🙂

IMG_0035FroYo and Green Power juice.



Peanut Butter Oats made in an almost empty peanut butter jar.



IMG_0041Another green power juice to keep my vitamin intake high after a ‘cheat day’.

IMG_0040Chocolate Brioche and blueberries

IMG_0042Sour Cherry Crumb cake

I also ate some carrots, with two dogs watching every bite..

IMG_0038Next week I’m going back on my clean eating schedule.. but I did very much enjoy the yummy food I ate on the cheat day. Especially this salted caramel truffle:





With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo







Funky Friday

Today is Saturday which means that yesterday was Funky Friday!



So far we have looked at music and what choreography means to me. Today we will take one step away from my personal affiliation and dive more into the stone cold facts. Let’s take up music one more time..

So let’s say you’ve done the grueling task of finding your music. That’s checked off your list; vital part number one is done. So now what..? Well, it’s time to create! And depending on how you wish to perform your piece there are various ways of setting forth…


1. You are choreographing a solo for yourself. You must know the choreography, no one else matters.
2. You are choreographing for others

OK so choreographing for yourself doesn’t take much more than your brain and great memory, and maybe some pens and paper to help you out. You decide how it should be and can adjust your moves accordingly. No one will be around to contradict or criticize – you are your own boss.




But most choreographers don’t work that way. Most choreographers wish to create for the masses, i.e. get amazing dancers to learn the routine and dance, dance, dance the night away in front of thousands and thousands of people. They want their name known, not so much as a dancer, but more as a choreographer! I am different that way, I’d rather do both, create and perform, but that’s just cause I MUST be in the spotlight… which we will deal with another time…;)



Let’s assume you are trying to choreograph for others. Your students must be able to understand and translate your vision into their own moves and display what you want to see to the pointe (tihiii 🙂 )

You shrug and think that’s simple, cause all you have to do is stand in front and show them what to do, right? Well maybe you’re right, but in my experience it is tough! I don’t think that’s just me…

Teaching a Tango/HipHop

Teaching a Tango/HipHop

I’ve been told that I’m a total fuzzle head. My brain goes haywire when it comes to dance-creating and I’m always 5 steps ahead rather than being at the actual move. That’s not very productive when trying to explain what my choreography is. So working with me is..well..difficult.

Oozing with ideas which is technically good, can easily backfire. These random thoughts don’t always go down well with normal human beings. Somehow they are unable to understand the craziness of what is also known as my brain. When they don’t get what I want and they aren’t performing what I had envisioned I get frustrated. Painstakingly so..

..meltdowns might happen..



Impatience and unorganized thoughts do not go together, so in my experience of my previous choreographic conundrums, I have learned some vital old-man wisdom: write down your thoughts and organize them before even considering to teach other people. Sure, if you get a spontaneous idea during a class, be my guest and incorporate it into the existing choreography. Just make sure the base of the choreography is well prepared and ORGANISED! Don’t keep wanting more and more and more, the others don’t have that wide an attention span to take in all your creative info..

Exactly how to organise your thoughts we will look at next time 🙂 Until then,

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

This is it!

Michael Jackson, Moon walk.

Madonna, Vogue.

Beyoncé, Bootylicious Booty-Shake.

PSY, Gangnam-Style horse dance thingy.


Ecarté derrière

Ecarté derrière

Whirling Dervish

Whirling Dervish

Tango meets HipHop

Tango meets HipHop


Contemporary, prop: chair. Interpretive dance





…in the making!

It’s finally here, the day we thought would never come, the moment we were not waiting for, and certainly never expecting..

It’s time for me to spread my wings and leave the comfort of my old dance studio. Gone are the familiar warm-up and strength training routines, the friends (now like family) standing in the same spots on the floor ever since I’ve been there, the familiarity of being known as the ‘bouncy ball’, always filled with energy, always one to help bring the stage to life. Tonight, I hung my baggy jeans up for good, as tonight meant good-bye (for now) to the Funky Crew I’ve grown to love.

My performance crew...! Going to miss them soo much!

My performance crew…! Going to miss them soo much!

With a heavy heart I shut the door behind me, giving the studio one last look before walking off in my hot pink heels. My security net has been taken away from me; it is time to make a name for myself on my own; a choreographer.

I say security net because our teacher was my mentor; the person I went to with questions on choreography, shows, dance routines and music choices. She gave me opportunities to work with children as a substitute dance teacher. and taught me most of what I now know about being a choreographer. Most importantly she helped me pull my senior dissertation together back when I was such an amateur and too overwhelmed to think straight enough to teach my dancers. Choreography is not as simple as putting steps together and telling other people what to do. No, there is much more to it than that. Exactly what that “much more” entails, I will now be figuring out – on my own two feet, in the real world!

As I mentioned yesterday, good-byes at the studio mean one thing: sugar, and lots of it! I had originally wanted to bake something special, but due to lack of time, energy, and motivation to later clean up the kitchen, I chose the easiest way out: a bakery. It couldn’t be just any bakery though.. it had to be a bakery worthy of baking a dessert divine enough to symbolise my nearly 9 years of dancing with that group (jeez that’s a long time..). I decided that I wanted the most decadent and delicious cake I know everyone adores, and set off to purchase the little luxury before my class…

mhmhhhhhm :)

mhmhhhhhm 🙂

They didn’t have it in the right size though so I ended up buying something else as well (being Persian and all, I’d rather have an abundance of food). We had a great line-up for class today, in celebration of the last lesson before the holidays; first we warmed up with a fun old school choreography, and then we got to do some acrobatics on this thing called ‘Tissue’.




more splits

more splits


something amazing

something amazing


......and me.

……and me.


I'm just oozing gracefulness !

I’m just oozing gracefulness !

When the class wrapped up (or rather unwrapped ha ha ), we head out to the table and chairs and dug in to the desserts!


Two more of the girls are also heading off in to the real world, so we had a cake-overload!

Now you can also see what I brought! The special bakery I went to was Sprüngli. It is a traditional, Swiss confiserie and café, with stores all over the country. They use high quality ingredients and have some of the most divine desserts, with the all-time favourite Truffe-Cake being the biggest hit! I was told it was for 4 people, so I decided to purchase two more small cakes: a Lemony Creamy Torte and a Sour Cherry Crumb Cake.





Streusel (Crumb)

Streusel (Crumb)

This is it. The end of and old chapter, and the beginning of a new one; my life, my dance, my all starts now!

goofing off after class, saying our good-byes...

goofing off after class, saying our good-byes…(you can see the ’tissue’ in the background :))

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Funky Friday

Funky Fridays

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s Friday, it’s Friday, it’s Friday, it’s Friday!

Finally! The long awaited, way overdue, but extremely short weekend! We missed you old friend!

Now..I can catch up on the sleep I've missed because I was sleeping..

Now..I can catch up on the sleep I’ve missed because I was sleeping..

Being a working girl who needs her beauty sleep, I am suffering from a major sleep deficiency! I honestly don’t know how I did it all those years at school.. How was I able to study until 1 (which happened more often in my last year), wake up at 6.30, go to school without any caffeine – other than a tumbler of earl grey tea – and manage to go to dance afterwards? It must be the old age creeping up on me… 😉

Today, my days are more like hitting snooze 10 times, rolling out of bed, getting dressed half asleep and then gradually waking up over the course of the day. I do end up with hyperactive spurts of energy right before my dance class, which is great for my progress there, but it doesn’t help being a walking zombie at work! It’s a vicious circle…

Yaaaaaawn, you are boring me!

Yaaaaaawn, you are boring me! I just want to watch So You Think You Can Dance and sleep!

Anyhoo…todays post is all about choreography, and over the course of the next couple of weeks, whenever you see a Funky Friday post, it will mean choreography..yaaaaaaaaay!! 😉

Teaching a class..

Teaching a class..

As an aspiring choreographer/dancer/writer/publisher/PR and Marketing person (yes I am very confused..), I absorb all the tips and tricks I can find, to hopefully one day master the beautiful art of dance making (among all other interests..). So guys, if you’ve got any tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to let me know! I’d love to hear about your insights.
In these posts I will try to bring you closer to my knowledge of how the process of choreography works. Step by step, I’ll walk you through the various stages I have personally always found necessary in order to create a successful and appealing dance .

Dance outfit!

Dance outfit!

So let’s hop to it. I said, a hip hop the hippie the hippie, To the hip hip hop, a you don’t stop (This just fit..didn’t it? 🙂 Do you know this song?)

On that note, let me reveal what we will focus on today: Music.

What part of my current Dance playlist looks like

What part of my current Dance playlist looks like

If asked for an estimate, I’d probably say I’ve got about 50 songs saved under the playlist ‘dance’, that I could imagine making up a choreography too. But as with my food preferences, I tend to go through various music phases and feel more drawn to a certain song, certain style or even certain singer, depending on my mood. I’ve had cases where I’d start a choreography, only to abandon it for the creation of a new, completely different one as soon as the going get’s tough and I’m lacking creativity. I’m so terribly fickle, that if songs were people, they’d probably hate me! (Don’t hate the player hate the game! Not my fault I don’t have oozles of ideas..)

Personal music tendencies aside, I do honestly think having a couple of songs at the ready could always come in handy, for when you are needed to choreographically create a masterpiece with limited prep time… But for larger projects, where you are not under time pressure, you probably can – and need to – focus on one song at a time. So how do I pick that song..?



There is no right or wrong answer here. Some like to start choreographing when they have found the perfect song, others choreograph to their own beat and then start searching for a song that embodies their vision. You might even begin something to one song but find a cooler one later on and decide to switch to that instead! Basically, there is no limit when it comes to creative possibilities! You just have to feel that the song fits, and when it does, the choreography-juices will just start flowing! If creating the dance becomes more of a chore than a pleasure, 80 % of the time it means you’ve got the wrong song! Pushing yourself to stick to one song in particular, rather than choosing a song that is more suitable for the dance you envision, does not make help the process!. So if a couple of weeks you find you are stuck at 3 counts of eight and cannot think of anything…switch! Find a better, more fitting song that speaks to you! If you don’t feel it, don’t choreograph it! Music is what inspires most dances…

Dancing in my people clothes :)

Dancing in my people clothes 🙂

So in a nutshell, try and find a couple of songs you think you could choreograph something to. If you know what style of dance, it will help narrow down the music selection (but that doesn’t mean you can’t dance hiphop to tango!

HipHop meets Tango..

HipHop meets Tango..

(I did that, but more about that some other time..)). Once you’ve started and find it doesn’t fit, then keep on searching. Use YouTube for inspiration or iTunes Genius to find a similar song, if that’s what you are after..options are endless! And don’t forget, in a worst case scenario you can always make a remix of the various songs you have been able to create short dances to, and make one huge mega mash-up of all that!

Until next time…with attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxox

Count from one to eight ..and let’s go!

Heeeellooooooooo cyber space, dear blog world and friends and family I’ve forced to follow me 🙂 It’s official; I have joined the world of blogging! Something I have been talking about for ages, researching for days… But now I have taken the plunge and can’t wait to get this blog going! I have to say, it wasn’t easy. I mean, who can think of a catchy domain name that will really encompass what you want to say in a matter of minutes?! I know I couldn’t..but that’s just me.. I researched the whole name thing too much and spent hours hacking my brain and that of others for something interesting and appealing. But then, people tell me: “Why don’t you just use the translation of your last name? That’s kind of funny..” Yes guys, I did actually think of calling my blog the “steel handkerchief” (loose interpretation)..but seriously?! What would that tell YOU readers about me? Not very I much rather use Kleenex than re-washable hankies so it would be hypocritical of me to dub my blog something I don’t even support!

Anyhow welcome to ..of pirouettes and concealers! The blog about dance, choreography and all things beauty! And by beauty I mean nail polish..and concealers..and leg-waxing..and.., oh you get the picture! I hope to be the answer to all your dance- and beauty- info needs, while giving you a little insight into my life in Zurich with two currently napping dogs , my love for reading and watching too many TV shows online (but I can’t be the only one..right?) and testing cool restaurants and recipes I hear about on other blogs! So, I’ll try to give you a little bit of all my interests with the focus mainly on my passion for dance-sion (see what I did there? 🙂 ) and how to conceal a sweaty face after said dance-session, which I do with products I also will be speaking about frequently.

I think this sums up my first post to the pointe (ha ha ha I crack myself up)!

So sit back, relax, and let the show begin.

Anoushé xoxoIMG_0139