A lake, a river, and a place that I call home!

Oh boy…you guys are in for a treat today. And guess why..!

By day...

By day…source: google

Come on…


Mountains..source: google

you know you want to..!

By night..

By night..source: google

Can you guess it? …No? Well let me give you a hint: This post has to do with one of the most beautiful cities in the world …

The Place to be!

The Place to be! Source: google


My plan is to give you restaurant reviews, creative ideas on how to enjoy this vibrant city, posts about the culture, an insider guide on who is who and what is what, and much much more. Also, I will be starting – yet another – regular post related to this beautiful city. No, not on cheese, chocolate or cows (although there might be one or two comments about the most amazing champagne truffles on Earth!); my next frequent blog topic will be on Swiss German words and phrases! Maybe you will pick up a little of our unique language 🙂

So let’s get things started with the first Zürich related post, my first attempt at writing as a food critic, dubbed the Hungry Ballerina Review