Failed Brownie Baking and Pink Flowers

Heeeelloooo World, how was your week?

I had a pretty awesome time these past few days; extremely sporty as well for a school that is not praised for its teams…

IMG_0320The basketball team introduced themselves to us at this event called Midnight Madness last Monday. We also got to know our mascot – the Gryphon (which is still unnamed. Any ideas for a name?)

I have also been to a couple of soccer games.


Go me and showing school spirit! 😉

Speaking of cheer, look at these cupcakes:

IMG_0344I MUST make them for Halloween, but so far my baking attempts have not succeeded in any way.. hence my blog post title.. The photo I took of the Protein Brownies I tried to make didn’t even come out. It turns pitch black whenever I try to open it; that’s how bad they were. Note to self: try the protein powder before attempting to incorporate it in to brownies. The result might taste better – maybe. I tried to follow a mixture of this and this recipe, and their’s came out well…let me know if one of you have better results? Maybe it was because I didn’t add any cocoa..

In better food news, there is this place here in Bronxville called Dumpling and Noodle that I have been frequenting on many a girl’s night. This past visit I had a great tasting red basil tofu dish with brown rice.



IMG_0346Very satisfactory and healthy! 🙂

In dance news, one of my friends was wearing the cutest shirt ever in improv the other day!



IMG_0352It says I love you to the moon and back! I absolutely love the book “Guess how much I love you”. I grew up with it and know it by heart, so I really enjoyed her shirt with the quote on it 🙂 Also Sarah is one of the nicest people ever and I think the shirt and her go well together 🙂 Adorable!

I also got be the inspiration for a few spontaneous dance shots:



IMG_0348…and received some of the most beautiful flowers from a secret admirer 😉




I can’t believe it’s already the end of the week! But you know what that means…Tomorrow will be Manicure Monday! Here is a taste of the polish I will be speaking admirably of:


It’ll be my first Butter London manicure post! Exciting 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo




Therapy for the Conceal-a-Holic

You guuuuuuuuuuuuuuys! I have found some new things to be completely excited by! It’s been a sad time on the make-up/cosmetics front due to the lack of shopping I’ve been exposed to lately, so I am absolutely thrilled to share my latest discoveries with you today!

20131005_162443Marc Jacobs has released his makeup line! Can we please just take a moment and relish in this fantastic occurrence. I have been counting down the minutes for aaaaaages and last week I was finally able to hold his masterpieces in my own two hands.


I cannot get over the beauty of the design! Oh and guess what this polish is called.. LE CHARME! ahhhh it’s too cute! I literally dragged my dad into Sephora last Saturday just to show him the amazingness of MJ’s new line! I don’t think he was as excited as I was though.. hmmmm

This has gone on my immediate wish list, along with this mascara. It’s my favorite one, only times 3! Oh the excitement! (tried and tested too! MUST BUY SOON..!)

I am also seriously considering a Butter London purchase of their shade Bossy Boots. Any thoughts on the colour? You can tell it’s mainly awesome and appealing because of its name…

Also, I appreciated the fruit and veg at Union Square. I need to go back and purchase some things!




I have also discovered a love for African Dance that I will be pursuing next semester to the max! Here is the short impromptu improv flash mob formation that occurred after the workshop last Tuesday..

Also currently in love with: Cycle 20 of America’s next top Model.. scaaary stuff people. What is happening to me??!

Ohhhh and this oatmeal recipe.. I have to start making breakfast again!

Have fun exploring Marc Jacobs you guys! I’m leaving you with his excellence and will bring more amazing things in the next post 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Obsession Alert!

I know.. I know.. you were all excitedly awaiting day 3 of Paris today..

But… I did something today.. something I do too often.. something I can’t stay away from.

I went shopping!

But not for clothes, shoes or handbags. I had that phase a while back and enjoy individual pieces from afar now rather than being all “oooooh myyy gaaaaaawd I MUUUUUST POSSESS THAT!”

No, I no longer cherish the feeling of Italian leather shoes. I don’t go wild for super soft fuzzy sweaters (…very often.) No..

The only time I’m stricken by that ohhh myy feeling is when I walk into a windowless store full of various perfume scents, each molecule of fragrance individually engulfing me, puling me to the nearest counter, only to be distracted by glitter and powder and pink glossy shine near by.. I can spend hours on end in a department store, and today I actually had the excuse to do so. I pursued by passion in great conscience!

A close friend of mine sought my advise on proper skin care and I jumped at the chance to show her my favorite products and how to use them properly. Now, being the obsessed conceal-a-holic that I am (okay, cosmetics-a-holic in general..) I let one too many products catch my eye while helping out. I will not tell you if I did or did not purchase the things I was pulled towards, however, I will share with you my latest tried and tested finds you will almost definitely also go crazy for 🙂

This summer lip gloss in shade Squeeze. Just look at how pretty the product is! And the name! Squeeeze 😀

Chubby Stick in Whoppin Watermelon! It’s so shiny!!! And I think it has two colours when it hits the light!

Smashbox products. Ohhh myyy. I have found heaven and will sacrifice all products for this primer! They have various types, depending on your skin.

Also by Smashbox: CC Cream. Soft, brightening and covers well… need I say more?!

L’oréal BB Blush. My oh my what an invention!

I love LEO!! The best frozen yoghurt in Zurich (review coming soon!)

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. Tried and tested anew, and I find it a nice alternative to the pricier Kiehl’s one.

This is totally 90’s of me, but: I have bought a lip liner!! It will never ever ever leave my beauty essentials again!

Same goes for the eyebrow pencil I have just started using. Trying to keep up with the trend of dark(er) and extremely prominent eyebrows!

What about you? Any new finds you would like to share? I’d love to check them out! 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Obsession Alert!

IMG_0104This is me. I own nearly 5 shades of coral. (Source: Pinterest)


Source: Pinterest

This is also me. But seriously, those people are CREATIVE and I would be proud to have thought of a super-awesome nail polish name 🙂

In other news…

I’m currently super crushing on this lip stick:



IMG_0117I’ve never been a red anything kinda girl. I think there is a time and a place for red lips and nails and that has definitely not yet arrived for me just yet. I feel like pink is more age appropriate, I feel less grown up with sparkly Barbie colours…

This lipstick got me to change me mind. The outside is chapsticky and the inside is a lipstick. Purely the aesthetics of how it is designed drove me to purchasing this lipstick. It was love at first sight! Application is smooth and doesn’t feel dry like many lipsticks have in the past (I rarely use lipstick anyways..lip gloss olé!) and works as a balm, while being glossy as well. Clarins did a good job on this summer special! It’s definitely got me to rock the va-va-voom look and put down the pink 😉

..except for this pink:

IMG_0118It’s a sparkly almost nude/pink-hued balm that I use throughout the day. It’s great combined with a barely made-up face as it really underlines the whole “nude and natural” look. I carry Bebe’s chapstick with me wherever I go.

Moving on; I finally bought new earrings!


Dangly earrings.



IMG_0109I love dangly earrings in the summer and can’t wait to show them round town 🙂

I also bring to you a cuteness update from my dogs. They haven’t been mentioned on the blog for a while and have been missing the spotlight 😉

IMG_0108I am taking them on long walks through the forest now that I am on holiday. It is scorching and humid here so miss Bala never passed up a chance to jump into the river…

IMG_0105The three of us really love our walks in the fresh, summer air.. but they also enjoy their afternoon naps immediately after..



IMG_0100They are sooooo cute..

IMG_0098With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xox












Therapy for the Conceal-a-Holic

Obsession Alert

This eyeliner by Guerlain in Brun Cendré. It’s soooo preeeeetty!

Artliner by Lancome. Yes, I have (yet another) problem with a beauty product. But I also have an excuse: I’m running out of liquid eyeliner!

Summer = Bronzer = Glitter = Yaay!

Caramel scented perfume? Don’t mind if I do…

Nut butter, again. I’m nuts for nuts! But this isn’t just any kind of nut butter…It’s cookie dough nut butter! YUUMM!

Vegan Homemade White Chocolate Chips… need I say more?

OPI. Liquid. Sand. Nail polish! One even in the same color as my most recent Manicure Monday Post! Me = Trend. Setter 😉

A major round of awwwwwww. These pups are cute, but not as cute as my two doggies. Seeing the video did bring back old memories of when the two were puppies though 🙂

As you can see I have more than one obsession.. I’m a girl with many issues favorite things, and will often share with you what I am currently obsessing about 😀

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Therapy for the Conceal-a-holic

1. I will not admit I have a problem
2. I will not tell you how many concealers I have at home
3. I (unsuccessfully) distract myself from buying more by enjoying the following, divine things…

Figuring out when I will ever bake (or actually not bake) these amazing looking desserts

Deciding I simply NEED these shoes (and thus support another one of my addicitons…)

And these

On second thought, can I just buy the whole website?!

Ohhhhh and I’m loving this MAC  – Chilled on Ice – paint pot

I also definitely need to add a whole closet full one of the layered high low dresses to my collection

Nut Butter, my number 1 favorite food, and most frequent purchase…I should really consider making my own

Grilled Artichokes – need I say more?

These hors d’oevres.. why don’t I cook more often?!

As you can see I have more than one addiction.. I’m a girl with many issues favorite things, and will often share with you what I am currently obsessing about 😀

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo