365 Days later

Here we are, one more trip around the sun. And all I can say is, this 4-year Blogiversary came a few days too soon!IMG_1684

These days tend to creep up on us …

While patience is a virtue, it took me a tad bit too long to figure out a) whether I should maintain my little space of cyberweb and b) if yes, what do I do with it?

However, this uncertainty is diminishing. With school out for the summer, I have time to think, brainstorm and mind-map my way to a make-over. The long-awaited revamp will finally take place. FINALLY. Get ready for a new look, new name, new content, but same me. The exact day TBD but it is coming. I promise!

*cue sigh of relief*

Happy Blogiversary dearest blog. This officially will become your year to shine.

xoxo, me



Spill it Sunday Fun

I generally don’t post on Sundays. Especially not since living in Munich… I never find inspiration during the 2 short days I get to spend in Zurich (if I come home) and also tend to be running around most of the time trying to get laundry done, get to my favourite dance classes and eat foods I miss when I’m not at home. I also try to soak up as much quality time with my friends and family as I can (read: turn night in to day) before leaving on the last train back to Munich.

So after reading Arman’s Spill it Sunday post while munching on my (paleo – it’s becoming a regular thing now) brunch, having finished most of my laundry and begun procrastinating the packing process, I thought it was high time I post on a Sunday. So here are 5 x 5 answers to this week’s fun questions 🙂


Five facts about….your family!

1. Like Arman I am also Iranian (but we prefer to say Persian… like the cat… meooow). I’m also 1/4 American and 1/4 Austrian, was born in London, grew up in Zurich, currently live in Munich and hope to live in Paris one day, New York again, and Seattle maybe too 🙂

2. For a very long time, I was the only girl among my cousins – a princess if you will (Insert Ecard that I am in love with and will not add again here). When I was 14 though I gave my “sole-princess” title up (happily) and got to share being a princess with the cutest little girl ever (who now also has a sister, so we are three girls all together now 🙂 ) All in all I have 4 cousins on my Mom’s side and 6 on my Dad’s

The oldest of all the cousins :)

The oldest of all the cousins 🙂


Candid shot of the girls

Candid shot of the girls

All the boys on my Dad's side

All the boys on my Dad’s side

3. Facebook is a thing in my family. My father comments, my Aunt likes his comment and my Grandmother comments on his comment… my friends think they are “cool” for exactly this reason. I not so much.. the dorky comments do make me laugh though and I appreciate that they take time out of their day to stay in touch with me somehow 🙂

4. I have family all over the world. Must be an awesome Persian thing 😉

5. I’m an only child but always wanted to have an older brother.. I was never able to accept that it isn’t biologically possible.

Five facts about…your childhood!

1. I started with Ballet at a very young age and never stopped! I also forced my friends to dance to my choreographies…(still do)

2. I had every child’s dream: My own pony! Her name was Pebbles and I loved her to bits.. she lived an amazingly long life thanks to my mother’s love and care. I stopped riding when I was about 15 in favour of more dance.

3. Growing up in London gave me a British accent. When I met up with my kindergarten friends for the first time after 10 years the first thing I was told was: Oh my god, you are American now! At least I didn’t have a Swiss accent…

4. I played soccer for a short time during primary school – I was goalie. We had tournaments at school and my dad would help me train.

5. I had extreeeeeeeeeeeemely long hair until I decided to cut them “short” (Read: past shoulder-length) when I was 13. My mother still has heart-attacks when I go to the hairdressers… (my hair have never been shorter than past shoulder-length…)

Five facts about…you + school!

1. I didn’t trust myself to speak fluent German until I went to high school because all my friends knew me as the “English” girl. I learned German perfectly well, but only used it either in class or with my friends at after-school activities. It is still weird to speak German to my friends from primary.

2. I went to a maths and science high school. Imagine the disappointment around me when I decided not to pursue a biology or maths degree but a job in beauty.

3. I was a nerd. I had amazing grades and studied hard to get them – I’m proud of it. I lost a bit of that discipline in my last year of school and hope to find it again at Uni.

4. School lunches were the most social activity ever. When we had 2 hours we would go sit by the lake as soon as it was warm enough. I miss those days.

5. I really loved History and Economics, but didn’t enjoy Economics when I attempted to study it for a semester. I started to despise Maths towards the end although I loved it the other few years of school. I blame this on the teachers… either they inspired me or bored me…

Five facts about...you + travel!

1. I love Paris. It is currently my favourite city.



2. I have yet to visit much of Asia or Africa. I have also never set foot on Australian or Canadian soil.

3. I really hope to backpack through Europe with some friends soon.

4. Going to Thailand to eat an authentic Panaeng curry would be a dream come true 😉

5. Despite my family living all over the world, I don’t get out of Zurich often. This must change…

Five facts about…your eating style!

1. I was raised vegetarian. I also went vegan shortly because I thought I could then eat more (I am a major volume eater). Lately I’ve been testing the whole Paleo diet and I find it works quite well. I’ve also started to enjoy fish.

2. I’ve been putting bananas in my smoothies and calling it ice cream before it was cool… #hipstermoment #nanaicecream


3. I could eat tofu curries all day err day

Panaeng Curry

Panaeng Curry #foodporn

4. A week should not pass without eating rice at least once. In true Persian fashion, a meal is NEVER complete without rice.

5. I have recently discovered a love for lemon meringue pie, and I really want to paleofy it so I can enjoy it more often (I try to avoid wheat)

Thanks Arman for hosting! Have a beautiful Sunday everyone.

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

I am “very inspirational” ? YEEEHAAAAW


When I woke up in the middle of the night (read Monday morning 3 AM) due to lack of space in my tiny bed (I fell asleep with my laptop playing Two and a Half Men and sub-consciously managed to not push it onto the floor while tossing and turning) and checked my phone, I didn’t really get what was happening. Me? Nominated? For the Very Inspiring Blogger award? “That’s nice” I thought to myself and drifted back off into la la land…

It wasn’t until I was awake, fully dressed and at the office that I finally realized what had happened – and that it wasn’t all just a dream. The adorable Rosie, from A Red Lip and a Nude Shoe had nominated me for this honorable award! I was speechless and started to feel all warm and fuzzy – people wuuv my blog, guys.. and I seem to inspire them too.. This just made my day 🙂

Hugs to you Rosie for thinking of me 🙂 Jumping for joy describes only a fraction of my excitement and gratitude!

Now, this is what happens when nominated for this award:

  1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know how they’ve been nominated
  5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Seeing as I can’t seem to thank Rosie enough, I might as well do it again before letting you in on 7 facts about MOI! 🙂 So cheers to you Rosie!


First things first, I LUUUURV to dance.


In heels… on the dance floor.. at dance class.. at the bus stop.. Nothing can stop these dancing feet!


IMG_0622 IMG_0605

I wish I had blue or green eyes…


I have a terrible crush on Nelly. Anything from Hot in Here to Party People.. I know all his songs by heart!

I have started to always wear an Evil Eye and truly have started believing in karma…


I love to read trashy chick-lit. It’s no longer “just a phase” – Totally superseded that a year ago.. I just can’t stop reading things that will turn my brain into mush

IMG_0549My first name means happiness. Part of my last name means handkerchief. Yup, I’ve been laughed at by people smart enough to ask the meaning of my name…

me at 16 - wearing bracelets

I hope to one day perfect my French and live in Paris for a while


So not quite “new” facts about me, but whatcha gonna do 😉

Here are my 15 nominations:

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You guys are awesome… and inspire me each and every day with your posts, no matter what they are about! 🙂 Have fun writing 7 facts about yourselves!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo




What I Ate Wednesday

I’ve been seeing posts like these all over the blogosphere, and never came around to creating one myself. I never fully understood why someone would really want to know what I was eating, but then again, whenever I tried out a new diet or fitness regime – following someone’s newest trend – I always asked myself: Is this REALLY what they are eating?!

So here is my “really” eating day. I don’t claim to be anyone who knows much about nutrition (I have a mother who does ), but I am searching for the best way to fuel my life and to reach my goals, and this is just one of those days on that path to balanced health. Also, it was kind of fun to take pictures of everything I ate, thinking someone might actually want to see this! 🙂

Thanks to Jenn (add link to  current what I ate Wednesday) for hosting!



Raw Cinnamon Protein Smoothie



4 clementines


2 massive bowls of Salad with Miso Vinaigrette



Note: I was recovering from a weird stomach bug and a major lack of appetite on this day. Stay tuned for next What I ate Wednesday to see how I normally eat

Note 2: This was two weeks ago 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Body Pump!

Merry Christmas everyone!


I wish you all happy holidays full of love, friends and family, delicious food and the odd, beautiful presents! I just kicked my butt in my very first body pump class (recap coming soon) and am now totally prepared for a massive feast later today 😉

See you after Christmas!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxox