365 Days later

Here we are, one more trip around the sun. And all I can say is, this 4-year Blogiversary came a few days too soon!IMG_1684

These days tend to creep up on us …

While patience is a virtue, it took me a tad bit too long to figure out a) whether I should maintain my little space of cyberweb and b) if yes, what do I do with it?

However, this uncertainty is diminishing. With school out for the summer, I have time to think, brainstorm and mind-map my way to a make-over. The long-awaited revamp will finally take place. FINALLY. Get ready for a new look, new name, new content, but same me. The exact day TBD but it is coming. I promise!

*cue sigh of relief*

Happy Blogiversary dearest blog. This officially will become your year to shine.

xoxo, me



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