And suddenly it’s June 23rd

You know that feeling you get while reconnecting with relatives, friends or acquaintances at regular intervals – let’s say at an annual family gathering. That annoyed, rolly-eyed reaction to the ever-lingering question on everyone’s minds upon seeing you among the crowd, making you cringe at the very thought of them casually making their way over to you, waiting for them to mutter the same thing they asked you the last time you met?

“So what have you been up to since we last spoke?”

Yeah, we’ve all been there. It’s a weird feeling, being put on the spot to talk about your accomplishments and failures, goals you’ve achieved and ones you’ve let slip away, because a lot has most definitely happened since you last spoke, but remembering it all on demand makes you stutter and maybe even freak out little.

It’s a similar feeling to how fluent multi-linguals (or maybe just me) react when asked to immediately translate a word out of context, and not being able to give a desirable answer. You know you know, but aren’t able to deliver … And you start to second-guess yourself.

A simple “What HAVE you done since…?” turns in to all that you have NOT, and in a matter of seconds all the things you wanted to achieve flash before your eyes, leaving you a mess, at a loss for words, and possibly full of disappointment, merely able to mutter “oh the usual, how about you?”

It’s the exact feeling I got a few days ago remembering my three-year-blogiversary being today – and all the high-hopes I had had for this little space of wide web that didn’t end up happening.

The things I had blogged about were not only a promise to you readers but also a commitment to myself. And with this anniversary looming ever so near I was reminded of how I didn’t stick to it, didn’t build it, didn’t create a brand, didn’t expand in content – nor did I even manage to blog regularly. Despite being asked rather frequently (I am honestly quite flattered) when a new blog post might be up!

It’s quite like myself to zero in on the negative, the things I could’ve done differently, should’ve done better, could have changed …  It’s not often for me to to look back and think of all the amazing things I experienced, learned, and achieved.

So I’m taking today’s annual reminder of creating an outlet for all things pink and sparkly as the day to, rather than focus on the things I didn’t do for this blog, reminisce about some of the amazing things I got to do instead. The valuable life-lessons, the minutes well spent and others things that kept me busy. The wonderful moments spent away from the things I had had planned for of pirouettes and concealers (not counting the “meh” days of binge watching Real Housewives and wrapping myself up in my blanket like a burrito.. because there were a few of those)IMG_7025

  • I successfully passed my first year at university, studying a degree I am really enjoying
  • I snagged the internship of my dreams, that also turned in to a (short-term) employment as Junior Online Editor, keeping me on my toes for 10 months
  • I got to travel to new places in Europe and visit some old favourites
  • I spent 3 weeks in London working and got to reconnect with friends from kindergarten
  • I visited Hong Kong and got to spend quality time with my aunty and beautiful cousins

Another thing I have learned: “Adulting”, while still TREMENDOUSLY daunting at times, is something I could perhaps, eventually, actually wrap my head around. But until that day is upon us, I have become ever the more grateful for supportive parents and friends when I need “adultier adults” to help deal with things at times when I “cannot even”

Now where do we go from here? I don’t quite know. But I am inspired and can’t wait to share my ideas with you all!



To another three years dearest blog!

Anoushé xoxo