People say that I’m a Dreamer…

..but I am not the only one.

That was proven once again last Thursday, when one of my childhood dreams came true.


And you betcha that’s my tone-deaf voice singing along as loud as I can.


Now I am not saying I am a hardcore fan… Yeeeeers I did buy the tshirt and filmed nearly every. single. song, and yes, I may or might not have known all of said songs by heart (I have a great memory and don’t forget things easily), but well.. what else was I meant to do.. it was the Backstreet Boys and I grew up listening to their songs and dancing along to their video clips (by the way, they still have the same choreographies and boy band moves).

I am still not a hardcore fan. I was not among the 35 + year olds swooning at Nick Carter when he waved in their direction, nor do I own all of their CD’s. My fascination of their music is purely nostalgic (I never got to see them when they were the, and I wanted to enjoy  them while they were still relatively young and hunky and able to “shake what their mama’s gave them” (Howie’s words, not mine 😉 ). I guess I kinda saw this as a once in a lifetime experience that I had to enjoy to the max.

Oh and another fairly legitimate argument for why I am definitely no hard-core groupie: I also adored NSYNC*. Oh the horror…liking rival boy bands?! How could I…


The concert was held at Live at Sunset, which is my mom and my favourite venue. The atmosphere is relaxed and genuine –  it’s not overly packed and the spectators go there to enjoy a nice evening outside with great food (from Hiltl, Yoji’s and Nooba to name a few) and close to their favourite musicians – even the one or two random husbands/boyfriends who were most likely dragged there against their will were having a fantastic time by the looks of it.


I went there last year to see Sting and Natalie Cole as you may recall.


This was the first time I couldn’t go with my mom and it was hard not to share my first “boyband” concert experience with her. She is always up for a good performance, even if she isn’t the biggest fan, so I made sure to send her all the videos I made that night.


They really knew how to rock the stage. I had such a fantastic time, I am kind of glad I got to see them at an age where I can appreciate old memories of them being “the next big thing” and of myself annoying my parents by always wanting to listen to them in the car… although it was kinda freaky to be able to say: Ohhh that was my favourite song 10 years ago. 


I am officially growing up. Music is changing. Boy bands should be a thing of the past and I fully embrace that. Buuuuuuuut first take me to the next S Club 7 reunion…. Cause there are somethings I will never give up on #foreveryoung 🙂

IMG_2496Oh Nick Carter, you are simply MARVELOUS

With attitude and nailpolish, Anoushé xoxo

3 thoughts on “People say that I’m a Dreamer…

  1. I am one of those aforementioned hardcore fans. I do own every CD and have seen them in concert 5 times. I missed their latest tour as I was off in Europe. I’m not hard core enough to cancel a vacation over them at least!
    Glad you had a great time.

    • Thank you for your comment! Wow 5 times, that’s commitment! While I may not be a Backstreet hardcore fan, I wouldn’t skip Ed Sheeran or Beyoncé EVER (unless as you said I were away 🙂 but I guess there are people who travel after the band to see all their shows?) have a great week!

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