Gone, going, gone

Hello world, hope your listening..

Do you guys know that One Republic song? For some reason, every single time I start a blog post with “hello world” I can’t get that song out of my head.

GREAT – now I can’t stop thinking of Kylie Minogue in that white leotard singing na na na, na na na na na…

Wow; look at the jumps I just made (all while also listening to this song). Multitasking #forthewin !

Before I move on to the actual topic of the day, let me jump back to the first song I mentioned. I just looked it up as I only ever knew the first two lines and found the second verse sooooo pweeeeetty:

“I get lost in the beauty
Of everything I see
The world ain’t half as bad
As they paint it to be”

Oh and a quick quote I am currently loving before officially moving on:

Definitely something I am trying to live by…

Now on to more superficial things: I HAVE USED UP MY FAVOURITE CHAPSTICKS


I wore these daily – they were the perfect pink hue… natural, yet visibly shiny and creamy as can be.


Now the Bebe chapstick I can easily replace (I just haven’t gotten round to it yet as I have a “pearly white” version of it to use up for the time being). The one I am really mourning is the Labello “Love Therapy” chapstick, as it has been discontinued. When I bought it 3 (!) years ago, I left it in my purse among 50 000000000 others and barely ever touched it. But when I decided to limit my opened products and cleaned out 90 % of my bathroom (extremely necessary again!!) I finally started to use it more (interchangeably with Bebe) and fell in absolute love.

It was slightly less creamy than Bebe, a darker pink and a bit more sparkly – I especially liked its sweet raspberry flavour.

IMG_1873I’ve always been a big fan of milky white/pink lip colours. For some reason I haven’t really ventured out into the realm of bold, “out there” shades yet, because I generally prefer heavier eye makeup. I try to live by the unwritten rule of less is more (so choose either or)… unless I ever learn to cool it with the mascara when I go out (doubt it), my lips will generally stay a creamy, pinkish, nude, sparkly colour at night.

I have however tested darker colours during the day, as I only ever wear discreet winged eye makeup* and can thus legitimize a bolder lip



(*It’s still somehow enough eyeliner to receive witty remarks from my dad like: “You look like Amy Winehouse today”. Seiously? This is how Amy Winehouse did her eyes… this is how I do mine. Spot the difference? Yeah I thought so…)

Anyhow, this is not meant to be yet another winged eyeliner post, but one about a favourite “empty product”… I drift off too much sometimes…



I really hope Labello starts selling Love Therapy again. It’s reasons like this that taught me to buy 5 of everything, if I find something I really like (even though it takes me foreeeeever to finish anything), because you never know when they could be gone, going, gone… (I’m on a roll with including lyrics today. GO ME :))

Have a great Thursday!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo



6 thoughts on “Gone, going, gone

    • You are the cutest! Thank you so much! Too bad you guys didn’t come out afterwards.. But I’m sure you still had a great time 🙂
      Found and stalked your blog too – ADORE it 🙂 have a great week xoxo

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  2. I love the eos lip balms. They really nourish my lips. Haven’t really had great experiences with the Labellos. Feel like the dry up my lips too much, or I’m constantly re-applying, where as the eos lasts really long. If I want some colour on my lips I just apply covergirls tinted lip balm with SPF. It was one of those that Taylor Swift modelled back in the day! Should have bought 5 of them though ;), ‘caus they’ve been discontinued aswell 😦

    • I’ve never tried eos. Something about that egg shape really puts me off.. but the ingredients do sound very nourishing! I personally find Bebe and The Body Shop to be top when it comes to lip care 🙂
      Dang, well at least we have learned from our mistakes, no? 😉

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