Manicure Monday – Haute in the Heat

Summer has arrived!


Blue skies, sunshine, ice cream and down-time at the lake pre-occupy my weekends now that the temperatures are constantly above 23 degrees (Celsius). Last week, in Munich, I could’ve used a bit of wind though… it was HAWT! Like New York hot – like non-stop humidity and electric fans whirring out of control in the lack of AC buildings hot… and when it gets too warm and humid I don’t particularly feel to hot myself.

Enter the nail polish that made my day a little bit “cooler”

IMG_1240Essie – The amount I blog about you should hopefully lead me to the top of your marketing team (future job maybe?) 😉

Jokes aside, Essie does deserve a gold medal when it comes to their (new) nail polish names. I always preferred OPI or Catrice over Essie, as I found the names a tad bit uncreative a few months back… but now they have stepped up to the play and are sending out polish after polish, with each summery colour (actually mainly the names) attracting my attention more and more.


Haute Couture for my nails – yup, I am in love again…


Monogamy and nail polish just don’t go together in my books… I am constantly practicing the “wait until you get bored and toss it” mentality with my favorite colours… 😉


Raspberry Red, looking Haute in the Heat


Even Paris Hilton would say: “That’s hot” (that quote is SOOO OLD now)


This colour matches most outfits and shines bright in the sun 🙂 Maybe I’ll not cheat on this colour too often this Summer!

Have a great Monday 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


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