What I ate Wednesday – Rest Day

I was STARVING yesterday.. all day! Every two hours I felt the need to eat.. I don’t really think the feeling was hunger, but I was receiving queues that I needed to consume food. And not just any food: I wanted CARBS! All the carbs!

I have heard of people generally being more hunger the day after a long run (marathon), but I didn’t run. I did however burn all that I had eaten the day before in my Les Mills classes, which could explain the extreme hunger leading me to eat twice as much as I did the day before. But I embraced it (you are so right, Arman!), despite trying to generally leave more hours between my meals lately…

Today I am feeling a bit “meh”. I’m craving fresh fruit and movement. I’m so grateful I’ve come to a point where I can rely on my “gut” to tell me what I need and what is good for me when it comes to food…

I wish it were more reliable when it comes to people though.. that’s where my “gut feeling” is still letting me down a little, but you live and learn (And that’s another story for another time anyways! 😉 )

So this WIAW is dedicated to finally listening to my cravings, and being proud of being able to do so 😀

Thank you Jenn for hosting this fun weekly link-up!




When I woke up I was craving carbs. I didn’t want to open up a new almond milk because I would be back in Zürich for the long weekend, so I didn’t make overnight oats. Big mistake.. I need to get my priorities straight…


I was REALLY craving oat clusters (sadly still haven’t made your delicious-looking recipe (or yours come to think of it)… so I was having an oat-cluster-emergency 😉 )

I ran into the organic store on my way to work and picked up some “KRUNCHY PUR” Oat clusters, chocolate soy milk and cashew nut butter, and happily munched away at my desk. Craving: satisfied!


I later also drank this Carrot Mango juice (my fav combo!)



After my “higher-carb” breakfast, my body was honestly telling my I needed some protein.. and I was craving goat’s cheese! I only get that craving once every few weeks – as I do tend to eat mostly vegan – but when I do really want some goat’s cheese, I generally enjoy every last bit of it 🙂


I was also craving fresh vegetables and tofu so I made a big salad out of carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, mini peppers, fresh goat’s cheese (Chavroux) and Taifun Curry Mango Tofu. I topped it all with Creme of Balsamico and EVOO. YUMM!


My salad held me over for about 2 hours before it had me longing for something sweet. I had a few apricots in my bag which I was grateful to find and also finished off the leftover cherry tomatoes.

About an hour later I still wanted more and polished off the rest of the goat’s cheese with some unsweetened, whole grain, spelt animal crackers that I had also bought in the morning. I really needed carbs…

Right before leaving the office I also had 2 handfuls of honey roasted cashew nuts.. my sweet tooth hit again 🙂

(and yes I appear to have snacked every hour of the afternoon… something I’ve been trying to stop, but embraced as necessary yesterday)


After a PR meeting in the evening I met up with a co-worker for froyo. I wasn’t really hungry anymore and was (for the first time ever) happy that my favorite froyo place was closed… shocker I know.

So we went to my favorite café instead.. where they were out of matcha! In protest I ordered a SMALL (not large) rooibos latte with soy milk.


It was ok, and the cute barista (he was there again 🙂 ) agreed with me that matcha tasted better…


See we are meant to be 😉

I was slightly peckish after and got a small vegetable curry with some avocado on top for dinner and finished off the evening with two squares of Lindt Salted chocolate and some Kamut Crackers. Again with the carbs!

As mentioned before I am super happy to be able to say that I had a successful day of intuitive eating, even though I ate way more than I normally would on a rest day (I generally try to keep those high protein, but that’s not how my body wanted to roll yesterday apparently) 🙂

Now let’s just see what happens today, as 4.5 hours on a train always mean I NEED food. Funny how being trapped in a train makes you think you will starve…!

Have a great Wednesday! 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


9 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday – Rest Day

  1. Oat cluster emergy first thing in the morning?! Rough times. They might not be mine but I like Mr. Reen’s Krunchy, too. Though I was the one picking out the large clusters at home then leavings the crumbles for the rest of the family. Needless to say they were not amused. Know that I’m expecting to see my clusters here next week ;). Kidding.
    On another note it’s great you’ve been feeling more intuitive in your eating lately. Eating more than you’d usually do on a rest day or even eating more on rest days compared to those days you workout is totally fine. In fact, I always eat more on rest days – maybe because we intuitively know we need to power up for the next day?! (:

    • Yeah, that was me too 😉 I haven’t eaten the clusters in FOREVER so I was happy they still exist 🙂 aaaaand since I am home over the weekend, I might manage to actually make your granola 😀
      Thanks, I am happy too that for once it worked… today however I still have my massive sweet tooth and am not hungry and don’t know if I can thus justify why I really really want a lemon meringue pie xD although, lemon merinque is always justified, on any grounds 😀

      • If you’re craving it: yes, absolutely. I got ice cream a few days ago though I wasn’t hungry at all but I’d scheduled a date with a friend and ice cream is just too good to pass. I know what you mean, though, because I feel we – absolutely including myself here – tend to overanalyze our reasons and question hunger when we start out eating intuitively again.

      • Definitely.. you are so right! The good thing is that you know that you aren’t exposed to foods you crave every single day so when you once walk by that amazing bakery and you’ve been dreaming of something from there for a while, then it is always a good idea to enjoy it 🙂 I learned you tend to regret it later and try to compensate your cravings by eating “a lot” of other things that just don’T fit the bill…

      • This is so very true. The whole concept of trying to quash a craving for, say, chocolate, by eating fruit. Then eating yogurt with cocoa powder mixed in, then … All kinds of ‘healthy’ foods until you finally give in and eat what you’d been craving the whole time – on top of 394598 other ‘replacement’ snacks. We’re really best of going with our cravings in the first place. (:

  2. That is AWESOME you listened to your body and what it was craving! I’m getting better with that, but I still struggle with having multiple snacks a day. All the meals look so delicious! And that salad seriously looks like it came from a restaurant!

    • Thank you Leigha! I also had a really hard time with eating multiple snacks (still do as now I tend to over eat….) but it is important to learn that your body is what is keeping you going and in order to fuel it you must listen to its signals.. Believe me I know it’s hard!
      If you ever need any salad inspiration, feel free to ask 🙂 my coworkers always make fun of my combos but secretly envy my massive, overflowing bowl 😋

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