Manicure Monday!

Hello world. Sorry for my lack of posting lately… I was busy living it up with “Johnny Depp”

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter

But more about my fabulous life later 😉

Today is Monday and Mondays call for manicures! And yes, I am aware that I did not let you in on my manicured hands last week, but sometimes work has to be prioritized. And my wonderful job is what allows me to blog about manicures in the first place so I think we can let that come in between sometimes, just out of respect, no?

IMG_1126Today I bringt to you an Essie nail polish in purple.

IMG_1121Like always, I love their brushes… and colours… and names…


It was so easy to apply! I don’t think I’ve done my nails so precisely in a long time…


IMG_1128It’s really one of my favourite purples that I have ever had on my nails. Not only is it bright, it is also pastel and offers full coverage, all at the same time!



Isn’t it Sittin’ Pretty 😉


Have a beautiful Monday!

With attitude and nail polish, Cheshire Cat (stay tuned to find out why 😉 ) xoxo

2 thoughts on “Manicure Monday!

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