Sephora Ban


It’s raining… I feel uninspired and can’t seem to concentrate on the article I need to write. I also just ate my last Quest bar. Depressing…

Of course my mind would thus unintentionally direct its thoughts to Sephora.. I mean, seriously it’s not like I have to work or anything..

So my mind drifts.. and I think about the eye cream that I’ve nearly finished.. maybe I should replenish it.. I don’t think the ones I have are night-time appropriate… I don’t want wrinkles.. Do I need anti-ageing?.. oh and look at all these lovely new Dior Addict lip glosses and mascaras.. and ohhhhhh Marc Jacobs you are a god I want all the lipstick (and I barely ever even wear lipstick).. Buy it all..


Yes folks, it is a vicious circle. The longing of wanting what one doesn’t have – what one doesn’t really need, but wouldn’t hurt if we owned it. Mindless clicks, oohs and awwwwws have led to too many, frequent purchases.. I mean it’s on sale, so it’s ok, am I right?


Hello, my name is Anoushé and I am a Sephora-holic. I’ve long graduated from conceal-a-holic and have entered mental asylum territory. Self help groups won’t cure the state that I am in. I have forever been a lost cause, longing for exfoliators and lipstains, mascaras and oils, and don’t get me started on nail polishes and eyeshadows…it has reached a peak of no return..

The insanity must end… if it isn’t too late

It’s time for an intervention!

I have decided to do what has thus far been an unattainable myth.. I will go where no beauty-freak beauty blogger has yet to go..

I will ban any new purchases until I’ve actually finished all that I already have! That’s right folks.. I am going to go cold turkey and resist the urge to purchase the newest body butters and face cleansers until I am really, really, REALLY in need of them. And to help keep myself accountable, I will mention all the empties and all the recently opened.. I will also make myself a mental list and write on here when the list states I must replenish (read: hoard) new products.

Let the fun begin – I guess! Wish me luck 🙂 #springcleaning #reinvented #Iamabeautyhamster

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


9 thoughts on “Sephora Ban

  1. I try these all the time and I do pretty well for a while. Then silly Revlon needs to release those must have matte balms and it begins again 😦 Good luck! I am rooting for you!

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