I finished a Product!

Remember when almost a year ago (oh god time flies…) I shared with you my evening routine (which is in dire need of being updated!) ?

And remember I said I used this product?


Well let me talk to you a little about it.

This is a Dr. Hauschka toner. I used to use it in the morning and in the evening, but switched to just evening when I started this morning routine (again, grave necessity to update this.. I think I need a secretary..). I was introduced to this toner when my mom gave me the most fabulous birthday present any 14-year-old could wish for: A makeup session. My mom chose a natural makeup line (Couleur Caramel, which I also fell in love with and will talk about eventually.. when will we have 36 h days?) and its makeup artist was also an expert on Dr. Hauschka.

Now my teenage-self was not as beauty-crazy as now. No, actually I was the exact opposite. My father was actually the one who told me, I needed to start washing my face because I was of a certain age where I had to start looking out for myself. I didn’t want wrinkles, right? I think we can all say that was where the manic-addiction might have started.. with that innocent tube of Nivea Face Wash and a fun makeup session. Although my mom claims to be the root of all evil when it comes to my “issues” because she was the one to give me my first Barbie Makeup case when I was a mere toddler.. knowing me, I must’ve smeared lipstick onto my cheeks and eyelids and got nail polish on to everything making my parents pull out their hair (so that could be why my dad is bald?) thinking: what have we done?!

Yup.. makeup and me.. it was always meant to go downhill…

Back to the point: The toner was recommended to me when I claimed I basically did nothing for my skin. The artist mentioned I should start lightly, with natural, organic care and use a cleanser, toner and cream in the morning, and a lotion and the same toner in the evening (Hauschka doesn’t believe in creams at night). (Mental note: I still have most of these products collecting dust in my cabinet and will be sure to write a post about them as soon as I get back home!) My mom ended up purchasing the products to aid my skin care routine and when those ran out, I didn’t think to use different ones and kept on buying them year in and year out.

I then proceeded to use these products for well over three years until my best friend introduced me to Clarins and my cosmetics-addiction reached a whole other peak; I entered the zone of never return: Expensive, luxury products.

Dr. Hauschka then became a minor part of my skin care routine; as mentioned before I still have some from my last purchase a year or so ago, but only use them when I run out of whatever else I am using or want a quick change (did you guys know I tend to change my products weekly, because I hoard way too many and am never patient enough to use them up? Maybe that’s why I never know if a product works for me or not… tragic really..)

The one product that remained part of my life was this toner/ Gesichtswasser in German. I used it every night after removing my makeup and remembered not to use a cream after (although I am currently researching the pros and cons of using night cream..).


I finally finished my last glass bottle last week, and am now in search of a new toner for the evening. I am using one from Garnier (product review and pictures coming soon), but am simultaneously looking for a new, high quality toner to replace the Hauschka one. I was very pleased with it, but cannot really tell you if it did wonders for my skin or not. My normal to combination skin is relatively unproblematic and took well to this toner, but it is also feeling fine with the Garnier one. I find the spray nicely scented and it hydrates quickly, but requires 2 + squirts to get my whole face (the one my Peter Thomas Roth that I am also using in Zürich is better with getting my whole face with one squirt). I’m not sure if I really will end up replacing it because I kind of like having a natural toner in the evening to really soothe my skin. I think I will definitely wait (for once) until I have finished all of the different toners I now have, and will then try to make a decision… anyone want to bet I will not last that long? 😉

Question of the Day:

Do you have a favourite toner you would like to recommend?

Have a wonderful Saturday!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


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