Thinking out Loud Thursday

Yaaaay for Thursday! A day where even when I don’t know what to write I’m able to keep my posts frequent, thanks to the lovely Amanda! I think this week has been a very successful week in terms of post frequency (and general happiness 😉 ) and much of this success has to do with fun, hosted blog themes like these. So, yaaay again! 😀 (I think I’m going to go ahead and dedicate this post to over-excitement due to hyperactivity a.k.a yaaaaaay seeing as I just wrote yay an obsessive amount of times…)



1. I just ate my bodyweight in strawberries. Yaaaay for summer! 😀

2. Yaay for my computer screen background at work


Oscar Wilde was such a genius. I actually just bought a book full of all the witty things he has ever said!

Yaay for fabulous people 😉

3. IMG_1039I got my hair cut for free on Monday at a press event and they were serving these juices. Now I really want to go on a juice cleanse and see how strong my will-power is. Anyone with me? This company apparently delivers fresh juice every morning… now that’s my kind of thing 😉 YAAAAAAY for convenience 😉

4. I love Sheldon, the Dinosaur who thinks he is a turtle (his shell is an acorn)


I also love Cyanide and Happiness. My group chats (parents, sometimes best friends (yes, they suffer from to my excessive picture sending 😉 )) have been receiving loooooooads of those recently…. yaaaay for internet and time on the bus to check it all out 😉


beside myself5. yaaaaaaaay for Aunties.

I’m trying to move into an apartment this weekend but am having absolute trouble with the moving companies… so I probably won’t be able to move in this weekend after all 😦 Such a stress when they cancel because “Saturday doesn’t work after all because they don’t work then and that had slipped their minds” -.-

But my auntie saved the day and is constantly thinking of ways to help! I’m so thankful she is here and is trying to do everything she can! I don’t know how I will ever be able to return the favor…

6. IMG_1027Yaaay for sushi on train rides (well that is maybe not so good because I definitely always eat waaaay too much on a train.. but at least it is a deeeeeeelicious way to pass the time)

7. IMG_1014Yaay for weird stalker goats as my neighbors… they always make me laugh at the way they stare at me when I’m out with Seti 🙂



8. IMG_1022

Rivella has reinvented themselves. Yaay for new flavors of my fav Swiss drink! 🙂

9. I had another Matcha Latte today and discovered a pretty cute barista working there……. so, uhm.. YAAAAAY for new favorite Cafés 😉


10. Yaaay for my first weekend in Munich, where I get to celebrate my twin cousins’ 8th birthday! I’m so happy I finally get to spend quality time with my family. I even played soccer last night and shamefully wasn’t able to successfully pass the ball to my 10-year-old cousin/soccer champ.. It was fun though!

Have a beautiful Thursday 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


9 thoughts on “Thinking out Loud Thursday

  1. Confession: I just ate my weight in [frozen] blueberries because they’re my favourite and I can’t wait for them to -finally- come into season here. Those and watermelons. Omigosh. I foresee many melon bellies in my very near future 😀

    • That was me yesterday! I adore blueberries as well, but strawberries were on sale 😋 back home in Zurich though, my mom and I go crazy and eat them with every single meal! And don’t even get me started on watermelon… Step one: eat until you feel sick, step 2 wait 30 min and step 3 proceed to eat more watermelon 😉

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