Thinking out Loud Thursday

Thanks to May 1st being a day off, my week has been a whirlwind of confusion.. so much so that I actually thought yesterday was Thursday and I honestly have no explanation why.. weird things are happening people, weird things. Thanks to the wonderful Amanda for providing a place on the internet for me to share these weird things with you all



1. My skin. I can’t.. I just can’t. My forehead has decided to enter super-puberty-teen mode and is breaking out in the most unattractive zits. I’m not using any new products, nor am I eating any new things. The universe is against me and has decided to punish me for not having acne and co. during those awkward teenage years. Never, ever claim to have perfect skin. EVER! It will bite you in the butt. Karma, people… I believe in it now…

2. On a different note: I am wearing my glasses again. I wanted to give my eyes a rest, and given that I am currently not doing much sports, I didn’t see a reason to always be sticking my fingers into my eyes so that I can move around without the nerd-stamp…


I may have forgotten how to wear them though 😉

Nerd glasses should be sold with a disclaimer: Smart brain not included….

3. I found a cute Café on my way to work. I had missed the bus and used the extra time to get a Soy Matcha Lattee. It was amazing – not even sweetened and dare I say better than Starbucks – and I cannot wait to try their Bounty Cappuccino!





4. I have a pweety picture of Lindau to share with you from my trip back to Zurich last week.


Note my reflection in the window 😉


I worked on these issues of InStyle Magazine


I am beside myself 😀 It was such an honor to be able to work for such a well-known magazine. I am even more grateful now to be working for MADAME, which was all thanks to InStyle. I wonder where else my life will take me next…

6. Louxembourglis. Better than Ladurée and melt-in-your-mouth-divine.

IMG_1646These are my go-to presents when I visit relatives. They seem to be appreciated 😉

7. Whenever I go out clubbing, I seem to crave either poached eggs or curries the next morning. Last Sunday a curry-craving hit me… most likely because I haven’t tasted the delicious food of either Tiffins or Nagasui in forever. Anyhooo, for exactly such moments I have ready-made Thai Kitchen Panaeng Curry packets stored in the basement, my “emergency panaeng curry pouches” for when I just really need it. My mom found it rather amusing that I referred to them as my emergency curry packets… and in retrospect so do I… code red, code red, I need curry

I have my moments

8. I always get all excited when products I order for the magazine are sent in my name. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling…


9. It’s nice to be home. It’s also wonderful to wake up to this munchkin again..


I definitely miss having dogs around in Munich.. Life just isn’t the same without a paw to squeeze.

10. I’m in love with lemon meringue pies… I just can’t get enough.. So I am going to try to make a healthy version this weekend. Oh, and I also want to make these, and these. The Sweet tooth approacheth…


Happy Thursday, May 1st!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé


5 thoughts on “Thinking out Loud Thursday

  1. You worked on InStyle? I would DIE! That’s so amazing, lady 😀 You’re basically a celeb in my eyes now. And you know what’s weird? I’ve always been a chocolate girl and never thought I’d enjoy lemon in desserts, but I kind of fell in love with lemon meringue over the Easter holidays to the point where I prefer it to chocolate sometimes. Shhh. Don’t tell 😉

    • Yes, but only as an intern, so not to famous just yet 🙂 one day though, keep your fingers crossed 🙂 oh I can’t blame you – chocolate is great and all but sometimes you do need the tangy, lemony goodness to balance it out. Your secret is safe with me 🙂 thank you for the comment!

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