Manicure Monday

Happy Easter Monday!

Was the Easter Bunny good to you this year? 🙂


Living as a jet setter and traveling between Munich and Zurich is turning me into an adult. I start to miss traditions I once adored as a child, one of which was waking up Easter morning in my nighty, grabbing a basket, pulling on some boots but forgetting a coat in the mild, mostly rainy weather and running about in the garden and all through the house in search for chocolate eggs, the dogs hot on my tail.

The Easter Bunny took its job super-seriously when it came to me, the only child chocoholic. It didn’t bring me plain Swiss chocolate my parents could’ve easily bought and hidden for me, oh no: Everyone’s favourite bunny brought me Cadbury Creme Eggs, Aero Chocolates and Starburst Jelly Beans… my English-born self oozing with happiness upon the first bite of artificial heaven before 9am.

There were few days my nutritionist-mom would allow such behaviour, and having a sweet-tooth herself, Easter (and Christmas too for that matter) was a free pass to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I ask myself now why I have portion-control problems 😉


Life was good when you had Creme Eggs to devour. I bask in these memories now while I’m jiggling my slightly too bootylicious behind into my skin-tight blue jeans, not even daring to leave the house in nothing but immaculate clothes and glowing makeup.

I reminisced those good old days of munching on chocolaty goodness in my rose-studded nighty while I was at the Lindt Factory this weekend, purchasing chocolates for my parents and closest friends. I was excited to find their favourite chocolates, looking forward to seeing the surprised looks on their faces and couldn’t wait to see if they liked the new “limited edition” chocolates I found that weren’t in stores yet. Only when I jumped back into the car, my pride and glory chocolates in the back, did I realise I was the grown-up buying chocolate now, the one dreading the Easter weight-gain, the one hoping to have purchased enough for everyone… It dawned on me that I have changed.


I used to not be able to fall asleep at night in wake of the chocolaty morning ahead, imagining all that I was going to eat, not a single worry about whether I should or should not have that 5th egg or second handful of jelly beans. Whatever wasn’t eaten would either be melted into a chocolate fondue or brought to school the next Tuesday…


And suddenly, I was scared; I have officially entered the “Easter bunny Undercover agent” territory where the joy of giving outweighs the childish longing to receive. Where Easter doesn’t just happen, it has to be planned otherwise no one gets any chocolate (yes, I know it isn’t about the chocolate, but for me it was THE sweet holiday). I’ve been having similar sudden “panic” moments the past few months and I could never explain why. I always thought it was my fear of being alone in Munich, not wanting to lose touch with my home base, but now I think it’s more than just that. I think I’m scared of letting go of my childhood.. with every train ride back to a city where no one knows my name I’m becoming a tad bit more independent – and it’s freaky how that just happens without me really realising it! I got myself this job, I’m looking for an apartment on my own and I’m doing all of my own shopping and cooking.. not really a big deal, but it is.


Anyhow, my slight panic soon was calmed when my father presented me with this cute race car bunny:



I was really excited because I got him the exact same bunny in green when that chocolatier opened a few years ago. It was a present that linked my new-found adulthood (I received one Easter bunny that is more of a work of art than something to eat) to my fond, lingering teenage memories and really helped calm my worries… for now 🙂

Now, enough about me and more about nails!

Remember last week’s polish? Well I Easterified it up by adding some pink sparkles and glitter 🙂


The brand is called GOSH, and I do believe these nails are a bit.. OH MY GAWWWSH.

IMG_1561They made me think of speckled Easter Eggs.. the Cadbury ones that I also devoured happily as a child 😉

Hope you had a great weekend and talk soon!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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