My Signature Thang

I have always adored women who appear to have their lives under control. It is a trait I hope to one day master.


Sometimes I seem to associate this effortless elegance with Paris: Whenever I hear about graceful women my mind wanders to Café de Flore, and envision a naturally beautiful woman wearing pearls, a classic Chanel jacket, cigarette pants and kitten heels. I picture a mix of Audrey Tautou, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and all of the French designer’s muses sitting at a table with red lipstick that doesn’t stain her glass filled with sparkling rosé, a plate of exquisite food before her, attracting the attention of any person to ever lay eyes on her.

I also imagine this lady to have the class and etiquette of a generous and timeless Iranian woman, with a brain and who knows very well who she wishes to be and that she is in control of her life.

I hope to one day be that kind of woman. Every day I meet people and see things that inspire me to become that envisioned woman sitting in Café de Flore. Whether it is my Aunt who naturally set a glass of water and a bowl of raw nuts by my bed just in case I was hungry, my mom who stayed true to her beloved skinny jeans and cowboy boots, owning her outfit because it is timeless, and who always reminded me that a woman should always be classy (yes, these comments were generally made when I was younger and begged to wear short shorts or mini skirts) and taught me the art of entertaining – Persian style, my other Auntie who inspires me with her positive outlook and love for the power of yoga, or my grandmother who looks more glamorous than Elizabeth Taylor and was even recently described as extremely elegant at the Sarah Lawrence Admitted Students Day that she accompanied me to.

109663-Nice+happiness+happy+quotes+thAs you see, I have a lot of dreams and plans as to who I wish to become and how I hope to be perceived. I have already started to plan certain things like to start writing a journal, to send thank you letters and hand written cards, to finally get my room organised and to make it look more grown up… and to finally have a signature look/character trait/inspiring way of life. A way people can remember me by. I long ago established my bouncy and talkative personality for which many people know and appreciate me, but sometimes I wish to recreate old ways… I want to be known for who I am and no longer for who I am meant to/trying to be, for sometimes, once my spunkiness was established, I felt I could no longer be any different and was even introduced as “that girl who I once told you about”. It puts you under a lot of pressure when you know you absolutely must be happy 24/7…

And that is why I started to express myself through dance, and let myself get inspired by the Evil Eye and dramatic eyeliner. I adore what the Hamsa Hand and the Evil Eye represent and choose to wear it every day. Wearing bracelets has always been a thing people have known me for, and now I have established it further by adding meaning to it. I also love to wear the Om symbol – it reminds me to stay calm and collected throughout the day (not always successful, but at least I’m trying ;))

Me at 15 - wearing bracelets

Me at 15 – wearing bracelets

me at 16 - wearing bracelets

me at 16 – wearing bracelets

And recently, the winged eyeliner has become my thing. Sometimes I keep it discreet, sometimes I tune it up with colours and mascara… but it is always there! And slowly I am creating my own look…





With eyeliner wings distinguishing me and the Evil Eye protecting me, Anoushé xoxo

Thinking out Loud Thursday



Big shout out to Amanda (like always) for hosting my favourite Thursday post when inspiration fails to enrich me 🙂

1. It’s official: I’m going to be in Munich until the end of August working for MADAME. The reason I decided to deem it official now is that I finally have a room I can call mine 🙂 I found a small place near the office and will have two adorable roommates. I am so excited and cannot wait to discover more of Munich by actually living with students!

2. My skin is breaking out for the first time in forever. My diet has been wacky and I’m not doing any sports. I’ve been trying to detox, but am failing miserably… all goes well until 3pm when I NEED chocolate, or nuts, or rice.. anything but fruit/veg… I don’t know what to do. Someone help? I blame cheesecake. There is a Michael Jackson memorial here in Munich.



4. I saw Klangkarussel live last Friday with my best friend. You guys know Sonnentanz, right?


5. Speaking of best friend, I mentioned I might be eating sushi without him (“I might be having sushi without u”). His response: sshi


I was in hysterics (note: this is in Swiss German 😉 )

6. two words: THEY’RE REAL


That’s right my friends, I’ve finally tried out Benefit’s famous lash product. And let me tell you, I am one happy beauty-freak 🙂


I’m not sure if it was the mascara itself or the fact that it was just opened and therefore not yet clumpy, but my lashes looked noticeably different!

Here’s what they looked like at New Year


All clumpy and stuff 😦 I guess I really shouldn’t still use 4-year-old mascara (I only use it when I go out).

7. I have found the most delicious raw chocolate bar.



It’s made with coconut butter! Again.. in love 🙂

8. I pass by this view on my train drive to and from Zurich.





9. I may not have eaten much chocolate over Easter, but I did enjoy this bunny filled with dark chocolate truffle.


The ears are always first to go…


I don’t know what it is, but I cannot travel without food… and for some reason I prefer foods I generally never eat! Generally I don’t travel often, so it is ok to make exceptions, but now I’m “eating not-clean” more often than I should…

10. I am in love with driving…


This car is my new soul mate! It’s got seat warmers and everything.. what more could a girl want? 😉

That’s all for now! Have a lovely Thursday 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Monday

Happy Easter Monday!

Was the Easter Bunny good to you this year? 🙂


Living as a jet setter and traveling between Munich and Zurich is turning me into an adult. I start to miss traditions I once adored as a child, one of which was waking up Easter morning in my nighty, grabbing a basket, pulling on some boots but forgetting a coat in the mild, mostly rainy weather and running about in the garden and all through the house in search for chocolate eggs, the dogs hot on my tail.

The Easter Bunny took its job super-seriously when it came to me, the only child chocoholic. It didn’t bring me plain Swiss chocolate my parents could’ve easily bought and hidden for me, oh no: Everyone’s favourite bunny brought me Cadbury Creme Eggs, Aero Chocolates and Starburst Jelly Beans… my English-born self oozing with happiness upon the first bite of artificial heaven before 9am.

There were few days my nutritionist-mom would allow such behaviour, and having a sweet-tooth herself, Easter (and Christmas too for that matter) was a free pass to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I ask myself now why I have portion-control problems 😉


Life was good when you had Creme Eggs to devour. I bask in these memories now while I’m jiggling my slightly too bootylicious behind into my skin-tight blue jeans, not even daring to leave the house in nothing but immaculate clothes and glowing makeup.

I reminisced those good old days of munching on chocolaty goodness in my rose-studded nighty while I was at the Lindt Factory this weekend, purchasing chocolates for my parents and closest friends. I was excited to find their favourite chocolates, looking forward to seeing the surprised looks on their faces and couldn’t wait to see if they liked the new “limited edition” chocolates I found that weren’t in stores yet. Only when I jumped back into the car, my pride and glory chocolates in the back, did I realise I was the grown-up buying chocolate now, the one dreading the Easter weight-gain, the one hoping to have purchased enough for everyone… It dawned on me that I have changed.


I used to not be able to fall asleep at night in wake of the chocolaty morning ahead, imagining all that I was going to eat, not a single worry about whether I should or should not have that 5th egg or second handful of jelly beans. Whatever wasn’t eaten would either be melted into a chocolate fondue or brought to school the next Tuesday…


And suddenly, I was scared; I have officially entered the “Easter bunny Undercover agent” territory where the joy of giving outweighs the childish longing to receive. Where Easter doesn’t just happen, it has to be planned otherwise no one gets any chocolate (yes, I know it isn’t about the chocolate, but for me it was THE sweet holiday). I’ve been having similar sudden “panic” moments the past few months and I could never explain why. I always thought it was my fear of being alone in Munich, not wanting to lose touch with my home base, but now I think it’s more than just that. I think I’m scared of letting go of my childhood.. with every train ride back to a city where no one knows my name I’m becoming a tad bit more independent – and it’s freaky how that just happens without me really realising it! I got myself this job, I’m looking for an apartment on my own and I’m doing all of my own shopping and cooking.. not really a big deal, but it is.


Anyhow, my slight panic soon was calmed when my father presented me with this cute race car bunny:



I was really excited because I got him the exact same bunny in green when that chocolatier opened a few years ago. It was a present that linked my new-found adulthood (I received one Easter bunny that is more of a work of art than something to eat) to my fond, lingering teenage memories and really helped calm my worries… for now 🙂

Now, enough about me and more about nails!

Remember last week’s polish? Well I Easterified it up by adding some pink sparkles and glitter 🙂


The brand is called GOSH, and I do believe these nails are a bit.. OH MY GAWWWSH.

IMG_1561They made me think of speckled Easter Eggs.. the Cadbury ones that I also devoured happily as a child 😉

Hope you had a great weekend and talk soon!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


Seeing as I have been living in Munich for nearly 2 months now, I thought it would be fun to see if I had forgotten my Swiss German – which of course is highly doubtable, as the first thing anyone I meet generally always says is: “Awww your Swiss accent is so cute”.


So I found this test online, and immediately took it. I did have to use a bit of imagination (que Spongebob), because I speak and write in “Züri-Dütsch” and the Swiss dialect isn’t a written language anyways.. so some of the words were hard to decipher. But I got a 9 out of 10, so think my Swissness is in no danger of being replaced.. I guess I’m stuck with this easily distinguishable accent FOREVER.

Having to speak “High-German” all the time, I’ve learned that some expressions us Swiss people use aren’t at all translatable…

Such as:

“Am wuchenänd gahni in usgang” = I will be going out this weekend, is not what zee Geeermans understand – nope. ” In den Ausgang gehen” to them is what a prisoner does when he has a few hours for himself…

Yeah.. I made a few people laugh..

Also I don’t know if I never learned this properly while growing up, but I use the word “backe” for cheek in Swiss German, which in High German apparently means butt cheek. Again: So many laughs when I said I used too much blush on my “backe”…

And the worst one that I keep catching myself doing is: “Ich lüt der ah” = I will call you, is not equal to “Ich leute dir an” (UHM WHAT?!) but to “Ich rufe dich an”… I always manage to melange the two and say “Ich rufe dir an” which, if you are a German-speaker you will know, is grammatically incorrect… this is where my English mother-tongue shines through 😉

So yes, I might be able to speak the language, but yet I am still very much a foreigner.. a legal alien in Munich.

I should rewrite the song for it to apply to me:

Don’t drink coffee I drink Rivella my dear, 

I like my Cheese burnt as Raclette on one side


Oh and I have some more Swiss German news: There is a song about all the Swiss dialects by the musician BLIGG called Mundart. I find it amusing, so check it out 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxox


Manicure Monday

IMG_9409I’ve professed my love for Dior Nail Polish before. This one was no exception.


A deep, poisonous looking purple. Very vamp – perfect for evening drinks with matching lipstick perhaps?

IMG_9227I love the natural glossy look Dior’s nail polishes give. So far I have yet to test them with a top coat, but I’m sure it would look even more miraculously hypnotic! 😉

Have a beautiful Monday!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

New Members to my Beauty Family a.k.a I just couldn’t resist

Working at a place where I am surrounded by products has a downside …

IMG_1581I see everything, I test everything, I want everything.

If only money grew on trees…

Even today, on the rainiest of rainy days, I stumble into a parfumerie and start testing YSL lipsticks, not because I am in need of one – nope, I’m actually all lipstick-ed out! It was more the beautiful packaging calling my name, “you know you want us”, “you know you need us”. No pretty lipsticks, not today! “But you don’t have one like us yet..”.. okay, but let me see how expensive… 50 SFR?!

I immediately left the store before too much damage was done. Proud of me? You should be! The YSL Volupté Sheer Candy Lipsticks are GORGEOUS! I fell in love with Dewy Papaya and Juicy Grapefruit.. hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink 😉


Anyhoo, less about what didn’t make it to my collection ( 😦 ) and more about what I actually did buy and is being used gleefully…


I’ve been reading on a couple of blogs that Cleansing Oil is the new way to go. Apparently L’Oréal makes a great one, but it doesn’t exist here. So I was more than pleased to find a similar product at the Body Shop! So far I’ve tested it on foundation and on last bits of mascara. It leaves my skin nice and smooth and is a great alternative to cleansing milk or just plain eye-makeup remover.


Another Body Shop purchase was this hand cream. My hands (and my feet) are the one part of my body that I always forget to use sun screen on. While at InStyle I overheard a discussion on the importance of using a cream with SPF to keep your hands from looking too old too quickly, so naturally I made it my mission to find and use a cream myself – future me would definitely be grateful! Surprisingly, not many creams include sun protection! This one has SPF 15, a delicate rose scent and is really light!


The Body Shop really inspired me this week… I’ve always been into “wake-up products” so I thought it would be interesting to try a vitamin C scrub. So far, so good…


Also, the sudden work stress I’m under has made my skin start to break out. I’ve never had this problem before, and it’s still only the odd blemish here and there, but still; I wanted to immediately nip it in the butt! Tea Tree is great for blemish treatment – it cools and dries the area and reduces the appearance almost immediately!

IMG_1588I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t buy a new nail polish, would it?


Even just buying two is completely and utterly normal for me… and just check out their names!


I also thought it was time to try a new Eye Cream. I like the ones I have from Bobby Brown and Clarins, but it’s always good to switch things up and keep things fun 😉

IMG_1585I’ve also fallen in love with this eye liner. It’s like a felt tip pen! I’m normally not really into jet black, but this one is so easy to apply that it doesn’t leave my eyes looking too dark!


Not too sure how I feel about this lipstick yet. It’s meant to adjust to your perfect lip color.. I’m not sure if it really works… only time will tell, but it is a cool idea!


And finally, my best friend convinced me to purchase this. Since I’m also in search of the perfect concealer, I welcomed it with open arms. It’s light-reflective, thus great for that fresh, beauty-sleep look 😉

Have a great weekend!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo



Ch ch ch ch CHEESECAKE

Most people spending a lot of time travelling from place to place tend to want to relax when they finally get to sleep in their own bed at home. With my internship ending, I almost expected myself to spend the next free week in bed, catching up with the Real Housewives, in a club, dancing my feet off, or at the gym/in ballet class, pirouetting and dreaming of choreographic possibilities…

But then I saw this recipe on Nichola’s Instagram, and I just couldn’t NOT make it. This started a series of cooking escapades, because for the first time ever since being interested in healthy cooking, I finally had hours to spare to actually test one of the many recipes I found on all of my favourite blogs! And so the cooking and baking began… and I couldn’t be stopped…



I first made this healthy cheesecake. I followed Nic’s recipe more or less, but added maple syrup into the cream cheese instead of granulated sweetener. It turned out marvelous.


I ate half of it immediately…


…with my best friend of course. But still – major cheesecake binge. Oh, why must I LUUURV cheesecake so much…WHY!


It was sort of healthy though, so I felt good about myself… and proceeded to eat the rest on Sunday!

*I will never learn*

The next thing I made was a vegan chocolate mousse/frosting shot that I pinned aaaaaages ago..


It was guuuuuuuuuud!

I have since made another one, and tweaked the original recipe quite a bit. Stay tuned for that delicious deliciousness 😉

Also eaten this weekend was quinoa and cheeze!  I had just seen this recipe last week and already it’s been tried and tested! Phewwww I cannot handle my efficiency 😉 I wonder what I’m going to do next! I’m unstoppable!


Served up with broccoli on the side 🙂

I honestly don’t know what’s gotten into me. Although, come to think of it, I am generally someone who strives more when everything is structured… and with an amazing internship to keep me ecstatic every day, no wonder I feel like I’m on cloud nine and walking on air!

Or maybe it’s the weather – I always get so much more done when the sun is out; I get to tank up on loads of vitamin D and thus exude happy endorphins! I also got to the gym twice the week and am going to dance nearly every night!


Have a fantabulous and fulfilled day!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo