Manicure Monday – Wonderland

A few days ago, my father sent an email out inviting friends and family to an Alice in Wonderland themed costume party. I immediately started weighing my options as to who I should go as… The Queen of Hearts? Well, I only found inappropriately skimpy pin-up costumes… The Cheshire Cat? Could be awesome, but only found a pyjama onesie.. The White Rabbit? Could also appear slightly too “tarty” if not done right … Alice? Nope, too plain..

I think I might just go as Tweedle Dee and hope my best friend will tag along as Tweedle Dum.. or I’ll go as the “Eat Me Cookie” or a playing card. Ideas, Ideas…


Sarah Lawrence College, Alice in Wonderland themed party


With the search for the perfect costume leaving me slightly frustrated, I turned to the makeup cupboard at work looking for inspiration. Lo and behold, guess what nail polish name caught my eye…

IMG_1497It’s becoming Spring’s theme..

IMG_1498I am in love with this nail polish, as mentioned here. The brush is thick and wide, which ensures a perfect and even application. The colour is bright and highly pigmented, and it shines and glistens even without a top coat..


IMG_1507Absolute perfection.

IMG_1503My nails have vanished down the rabbit hole and entered wonderland 😉


IMG_1508Have a happy Monday, loves!


With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo






3 thoughts on “Manicure Monday – Wonderland

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