I miss my Puppy

Dear Blog World,


With a heavy heart I regret to share this devastating news with you. A week ago today, our precious best friend, cuddle bear and pillow-hogger found her way to doggy heaven. Her passing came as an extreme shock to me – it wasn’t necessary, nor expected. Now, seven days later, still with tears streaming down my face, I’m typing this post in loving memory of Bala, the ever-hungry princess who always managed to cheer me up with her naughty yet loving personality. Sadly, her hungry nature led to the two operations that caused her fleeting strength to live. She chewed and swallowed some sticks on one of our walks and needed immediate care – the first operation left us with high hopes, but after three days an infection was traced and she needed to be treated again. It was all too much for her.

IMG_1445My heart is broken and will forever be missing a large and important chunk. I miss her greatly and wish her sister Seti all the strength to cope without her “partner in crime”

2012-08-15 19.17.55Sleep is not the same without having to shove a big, furry teddy bear off your pillows in order to get comfortable.



Forever in my memory ❤



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