Manicure Monday – Wonderland

A few days ago, my father sent an email out inviting friends and family to an Alice in Wonderland themed costume party. I immediately started weighing my options as to who I should go as… The Queen of Hearts? Well, I only found inappropriately skimpy pin-up costumes… The Cheshire Cat? Could be awesome, but only found a pyjama onesie.. The White Rabbit? Could also appear slightly too “tarty” if not done right … Alice? Nope, too plain..

I think I might just go as Tweedle Dee and hope my best friend will tag along as Tweedle Dum.. or I’ll go as the “Eat Me Cookie” or a playing card. Ideas, Ideas…


Sarah Lawrence College, Alice in Wonderland themed party


With the search for the perfect costume leaving me slightly frustrated, I turned to the makeup cupboard at work looking for inspiration. Lo and behold, guess what nail polish name caught my eye…

IMG_1497It’s becoming Spring’s theme..

IMG_1498I am in love with this nail polish, as mentioned here. The brush is thick and wide, which ensures a perfect and even application. The colour is bright and highly pigmented, and it shines and glistens even without a top coat..


IMG_1507Absolute perfection.

IMG_1503My nails have vanished down the rabbit hole and entered wonderland 😉


IMG_1508Have a happy Monday, loves!


With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo






Thinking out Loud Thursday – Norouz



YAY! It’s Thursday and it’s the first day of SPRIIIIIING! Very excited for today’s Thinking out Loud. Thank You Amanda for hosting!

1. I jumped over fire on Tuesday for Charshambe Soori.

IMG_1523Charshambe Soori is during the night of the last Tuesday/ morning of the last Wednesday before Persian New Year (Norouz, also the beginning of Spring). It is an old Zoroastrian tradition. By jumping over fire, you purify yourself from all the terrible things of the past year and replace them with warmth, energy and light for the next year brought forth by the fire. While jumping you chant: “Sorkhi-ye to az man; Zardi-ye man az to (Give me your beautiful red colour; And take back my sickly pallor)” (source).


This is the first time I partook in this beautiful tradition.

2. Today is Persian New Year, Norouz. Happy 1393 everyone! 😀


For Norouz we set up a table called Haft Sin, seven S. The spread includes things that start with the letter “seen” of the Persian Alphabet. Some things always included are: Sib (apple) symbolizing beauty and health, Sabzeh (lentil sprouts) symbolizing rebirth, Samanu (sweet pudding) symbolizing affluence, Senjed (dried olive fruit) symbolizing love, Sir (garlic) symbolizing medicine, Somaq (sumac fruit) symbolizing the colour of sunrise, Serkeh (vinegar) symbolizing old age and patience.

We also add more things on to our table like a mirror, a book, painted eggs (symbolizing fertilization), an orange in water (symbolizing Earth in the Universe), old Persian coins and gold-fish.

We also cook a wonderful meal of Sabzi Polow (Rice with green herbs) and Mahi (fish). Dessert is always my favourite where we eat loads and loads of Persian treats 🙂 I’ll post a few pictures of tonight’s meal tomorrow!

This is my first Norouz without my parents… I’ll be celebrating tonight with my aunt and tomorrow with a wonderfully fun family friend! Nevertheless, their place will be empty (Persian Proverb)

3. I’ve got the cutest cousin

IMG_1518His name is Felix and he is turning 10 next week!

4. I’ve been in Munich for three weeks now! Time really flies! I’m hoping to stay longer if I can lengthen my internship! Fingers crossed 😀

5. IMG_1471I ordered myself a massive, double cappuccino on Saturday (hangover cure ;)) and it was so big that they served it in a bowl! I technically only wanted an extra shot of espresso and not two cappuccinos, but it was yummy! I couldn’t stop twitching until late into the night though! So perhaps never again?!

6. Now that I’ve been living in Munich, I only get to see my friends on the weekends, i.e barely any sleep and too much partying. I really need to detox again…

7. I have a new favourite nail polish.

IMG_1498It’s called Wonderland! Dior’s brushes are AMAZINGLY soft and the colours are great!

8. I’m unsuccessfully trying to follow the Whole30 Diet. I can’t get away from rice and chocolate, but I’ve been able to dump soy and milk products relatively well!


9. I’ve started jogging! (But haven’t gone to the gym or to dance class in forever) 😦

10. It’s so beautiful and sunny! I’m so happy spring has sprung! 😀

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

What I ate Wednesday

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Today you get to see how I eat during a (Persian Holiday) work day, with little sports, plenty of good intentions (I’ve been trying to follow a whole food, low dairy diet) and a few cravings… 😉 Thank you Jenn for hosting!

I went for a short jog with my Aunt this morning and completed a short all body circuit afterwards. Then I jumped into the shower and ran to work ( legs are still getting accustomed to jogging frequently as I was always a dancer, not a runner).

As soon as I got to work I wished I had packed something protein-y.. All I had with me was a Quest bar that I didn’t feel like eating and some raw carrots and clementines. Not living in my own home really dampens my passion for cooking, which is a major bummer when all you want to eat is an egg white omelette.

Breakfast: Ended up being 4 clementines and 2 raw carrots, but I was craving an egg white omelette and a chai tea latte

Lunch: Salad from City Salad with egg, kidney beans, chickpeas, raw mushroom slices, cucumbers and shredded carrots. Good but not satisfying enough.. there wasn’t enough dressing and I need salads to be drenched with vinaigrette.. and I was still craving a chai tea latte 😦


Snack: A few yoghurt covered cashews and a totally delicious yet extremely unhealthy chocolate Powerbar that tastes like chocolate mousse in bar form and finally satiated my cravings. I try to reduce my sugar and processed food intake but sometimes, when on the go, you have to make do with what you can get and this definitely hit the spot!

IMG_1514Dinner: It was a Persian Holiday (stay tuned for more) so I had a big bowl of Ash reshteh, some dried fruits and nuts and later on an apple 🙂

IMG_1520Have a great rest of your evening! 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Manicure Monday – Azure

I know, I know.. I’ve been abandoning you guys lately. It’s not entirely my fault though; working at a fashion magazine in the beauty department seems to have taken up my blogging neurons in my brain. For some reason writing and researching for cosmetics is not an unlimited resource – I can’t seem to do it 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my job and my blog. I mean, I get all excited at the magazine when I discover new products in the mail that haven’t been released yet and immediately start drafting a post in my head with an overenthusiastic grin on my face because I just cannot contain all this acquired knowledge and absolutely MUST share it with you beautiful people before my heart and head explode from all the new things I want to purchase. But then, sadly, I realize that technically I can’t tell you about all the gorgeous, amazing things until they are actually on the market – this really dampens my joy 😦

Thus, me = unhappy = no blog posts about beauty.. and because I’m currently not in Zurich and am always working into the evenings, I don’t have any dance classes = no dance posts. Can you feel my frustration?

Trying out products on my hand :D

Trying out products on my hand 😀

Anyhoo, I keep on trying to remind myself that I can still write the posts, but can’t publish them until late April/May. This somehow cheers me up slightly and keeps my spirits on the higher side, because I can at least share my excitement with you eventually 😉 So be prepared for plenty of posts being bombarded your way!

Now, onwards with a manicure that made me want to leave Germany and head for the Tropics (or just to the South of France)!


(Short note on the side, I am in LOVE with Lindsey Kelk. Her book “The Single Girl’s To -Do List” was my trusted companion in my long train travels from Munich to Zurich and back last weekend. A really fun read, perfect for the beach, and it matches the nail polish 😉 )


Turquoise. Shiny turquoise. Like the ocean. Summer must be around the corner…

IMG_1465This is my first polish by Chanel. I’m not too fond of the brush, but the quality of the colour makes up for the slightly difficult application (I prefer wider brushes). Also, depending on how many coats you apply and how the light hits you nails, the turquoise will either appear more grey or more shiny blue; it’s like two colours in one – what a bargain! 😉

IMG_1459What’s more, its name calls for the beach: Azuré. Côte d’Azur. Ahhh… France… Cannes.. sunshine..

*Dreaming again*

A little drop of the Mediterranean on your nails 😉

Have a beautiful and sunny Monday, loves! I promise my next post won’t take ages to appear!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo




Therapy for the Conceal-a-Holic

  • For the very first time, I will attempt to make my own nut milk by following this recipe 
  • I have become a chia seed eater. It’s a great breakfast before work and keeps me more or less satisfied until my lunch break.. that doesn’t keep me from snacking on things before then though 😉 (and yes, I am aware that it looks a lot like baby food..)IMG_1453
  • I REALLY want to get this perfume as soon as it hits the storesIMG_1454
  • I also wouldn’t mind trying and testing this BB Cream 🙂IMG_1452
  • I’ve become a big fan of “detox” water. Simply add lemon, peppermint, other citrusy fruit and maybe also some cucumber – and voilà: perfect refreshmentIMG_1450
  • I desperately want to try making this
  • This is my favourite quote of the week. It’s hanging outside one of the doors at the office.IMG_1456
  • Speaking of the office, this is outside my door:IMG_1449
  • This is one of my favourite advantages from spending a month in Germany: Katjes Yoghurt Gums! I was so excited I nearly ate the whole bag.. now I don’t want to see a single sweet again 😉IMG_1451With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

I miss my Puppy

Dear Blog World,


With a heavy heart I regret to share this devastating news with you. A week ago today, our precious best friend, cuddle bear and pillow-hogger found her way to doggy heaven. Her passing came as an extreme shock to me – it wasn’t necessary, nor expected. Now, seven days later, still with tears streaming down my face, I’m typing this post in loving memory of Bala, the ever-hungry princess who always managed to cheer me up with her naughty yet loving personality. Sadly, her hungry nature led to the two operations that caused her fleeting strength to live. She chewed and swallowed some sticks on one of our walks and needed immediate care – the first operation left us with high hopes, but after three days an infection was traced and she needed to be treated again. It was all too much for her.

IMG_1445My heart is broken and will forever be missing a large and important chunk. I miss her greatly and wish her sister Seti all the strength to cope without her “partner in crime”

2012-08-15 19.17.55Sleep is not the same without having to shove a big, furry teddy bear off your pillows in order to get comfortable.



Forever in my memory ❤



Fasching, Day 2

Picture the scene: I leave for the office around 9, which in Swiss working hours is extremely leisurely, and get to Beauty bright and “early”; only to find myself locked out! No one else was there yet… I didn’t know where they kept the key to the door so I ended up camping outside the door until the Editor in Chief of the WHOLE MAGAZINE finds me like a lost puppy scratching at the door trying to find a way to get it open – not a pretty sight.

Upon discovering my predicament she sent me down to the main floor along with another intern to pick up the “krapfen”, which were specially ordered for today. Might as well do something useful, I guess… For those of you how don’t know, Krapfen are basically doughnuts filled with a multitude of delicious things, varying from Nutella, to applesauce – little bites of yum, terrible for my diet.

1958501_10153916281170245_1501715758_nNot really being able to get a grip on the concept that people working for a fashion magazine actually ATE anything, let alone a Krapfen, I walked back to my office in a haze without realising the door was magically opened in the short time I had left my guarding post. I left the other intern to deliver the doughnuts to the non-dieting employees and went to my desk.

OOTD :D (yesterday)

OOTD 😀 (yesterday)

One of my many tasks today was to try and test the JAWBONE Up tracking device. One of the many things I’ve been wanting to try lately was the FitBit flex, so you cannot believe how hard it was to contain my excitement when my boss dropped the bracelet off at my desk and asked me to test it for a week! You guys will definitely be hearing from me 😉

Another highlight today was calling a Swiss company to ask for the press release information of a sunscreen coming out in April. The reason I was enticed by the phone call was that I got to speak Swiss German again! You can’t imagine how much you start to miss your dialect when you have to speak “high German” all day – it’s weirdly exhausting!

I had the afternoon off because of Fasching – also the reason for the Krapfen this morning.  Fasching, also known as Karneval in Germany or Fasnacht in Switzerland, is a festival season that leads up to Lent where people dress up in funny costumes and parade around town. There is singing, dancing and plenty of partying. I, unaware of the celebration, didn’t realise I would only be working in the morning and leaving the office at one with confetti in my hair… thanks to one of our coworkers walking around with oversized glasses throwing the little itsy bits of colourful paper everywhere. Not knowing what to do, I tagged along with the other interns who wanted to avoid the festivities and joined them for chai tea lattes at the cute Barer 61 on the other side of town. I was really happy to see they could make everything with soy milk 🙂 It’s the little things..

After sipping the last dregs of frothy milk from our mugs we decided to walk to café Jasmin – apparently the oldest café in Munich! The interior was a gentle mix of light green and gold; comfy, cozy yet slightly majestic. Here I had some green tea and enjoyed an hour of people watching while gossiping with the girls about life 🙂

I have to say, while it might have been fun to see the people all dressed up in their craziest gear, it was nice to get to know the people I’m working with for the next month while enjoying a bit of the city I have yet to discover entirely!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Tuesday 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo